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  1. I just received back a repaired GPX-5000 from Detector Center/Minelab repair. The function select knob was failing. It was replaced very quickly and sent back in good working order. Good customer service! -Don
  2. Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    I look forward to seeing that special gold in person. I will be there on Saturday. -Don
  3. Gpz7000 Lost Audio

    Hello Dave, Did you already go over this area with your GPZ 7000 previously and it missed this gold? SDC only gold? (Looks like a big chunk that the GPZ would see.) -Don
  4. Nugget Finder Evo 24x12 Any Results?

    I was told by an experienced detectorist that it has similar depth as the 15" Round EVO coil but a lot more ground coverage. I might try one later this year. -Don
  5. Nugget Finder Evo 24x12 Any Results?

    Has anybody else tried this NEW 24x12 EVO coil? It seems like there are not a lot of people using it. (not much information out there) -Don
  6. Detector Mods

    The GPZ & SDC can see types of gold the 4500 & 5000 cannot detect. It would be interesting to know if your modified 4500 can see these types of gold. I read on Woody's site that the mod allows detection of this gold on the 4500/5000 by extending the frequency range. I have gold pieces that scream on the GPZ & SDC but don't make a peep on my standard unmodified GPX-5000 no matter what timing or coil is used. -Don
  7. Testers Needed - Hot Ground

    We have hot ground in Washington State. (Liberty Area Basalt, been detecting since 2008) Thanks, Don Newell
  8. GPZ Target Responses

    What settings do you guys use to hear the "missed beats" or pauses in tone on the GPZ? -Don
  9. Thanks for the coil tests Steve! I have the 6" smart coil for trashy areas. I am new to the CTX but I have found that maxing out the sensitivity at 30 gains a lot of depth compared to Auto +3. Using the 6" Smart coil, I get about 6 inches in Auto +3 but 10 inches in Sens 30 on a dime. -Don
  10. Hello Steve, Have you had a chance to compare the 6" Smart Coil to the Coiltek elliptical coil yet? Thanks, Don
  11. Minelab GPZ 7000 19" Coil

    I spoke to somebody that is involved with Minelab coil testing. He said there is a small GPZ coil in the works. We might get some details in the next 1-2 months. I hope this is true because in my terrain and inside the local mine tunnels a small coil is needed before the bigger ones.
  12. Hello Merton, I am a coin & jewelry hunter with the CTX. Relics are not really worth my time unless made of precious metals. (I don't live on the East Coast where there are good historical relics to dig.) I would buy the Deus for plucking old coins from the trash as you say. I will order Andy's book on the Deus and see what I can learn. I am looking at the 9" Deus Coil or waiting for the new elliptical coil. (V4) -Don
  13. Thanks for the response Steve. I might pick one up when the V4 9x5 coil comes out for those heavy trash situations. I know there are a lot of people out there that love the Deus. For now, I am still learning the CTX. (I bought Andy's book) -Don
  14. Steve, How is the XP Deus working for you? Is it really a worthwile addition for a CTX owner with small 6" smart coil for unmasking? I tried the Nokta Relic. I wanted to like it but too many false signals had me digging tons of trash. Some iron gives high signals even just 2 inches down in my dirt, out of the hole it goes low signal. I don't have time for that. Coins go into the upper nineties for target ID so a nail & coin look the same. I understand it's different in other States with milder soil. I finally bought a new CTX instead. These machines work here! I never seem to be able to get away from a Minelab. (Fisher has been good as well. Accurate target ID) -Don
  15. GPX Coil Opinion Request

    I would like to hear about how the field tests of the 14x9 Evo coil go. I saw 2 people on an Australian forum say they are noisy. One may have just had a bad coil. I have been thinking about picking one up over the 12" round.