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  1. That's why I didn't invest yet...................I am still in 3.2 and with the XP old 9"....................no way I am spending extra money now that I master my F75 DST with the tiny elliptical........ RR
  2. I think there is a minimum of 3 different chip and board version on the lobo ....... RR
  3. So far still learning i had deep silver coins and all set of stuff broke my sand scoop shaft while digging on sunday well gutted hoped to do 2 season in 1 day after a 5am start with a spade a beach loaded with boulders ,i hit the road after a nice break and spot another beach decided to wait for the tide and around 6pm started 1 hour later at my 6th holes the drama a supposed Unbreakable shaft broke right in the socket while digging a massive hole i was well gutted........................went back to the hotel.....with scrap pieces in my pocket... RR
  4. Also I may test and do a video on the Thames with Gary from XP for the elliptical coil.............we are planning at the moment . I am not familiar with the V4 yet as I have been busy at work and I want to do it right when I am gonna do it! RR
  5. So far he has been testing on silver tiny coins and the performances are pretty good,i will keep u updated when I got more "solid" news . RR
  6. Just finished to mount the 17" not really easy if you are in a hurry no wonder why some chaps got 2 CTX.............. RR
  7. Got a Deus for many years...but the F75DST found me more gold:) RR
  8. Thanks Fred and Steve I got the 17" but I was too sure of the beach...........also in UK the iron contamination is 2000 years old plus that may be difficult on some beaches but I am sure I will try it soon enough with a sand scoop as passed a certain depth I doubt the spade will do............regarding the depth reading I tjought they were accurate til now............................ RR
  9. Good day to all wife love the Seaside and so do I but with a detector so we did spend the week end on the coast i did 4 session (had to spend time to eat some Fisha and Chips too) So 2 night sessions 1 morning and 1 late afternoon before we hit the road back to London which was a good move because ewe had :NO TRAFFIC at all ,CTX on my Harness a S&F LOWEPRO with home made bungee and Voila i did put the machine on max out managed some deep stuff and quiet happy with the result ,i am enclosing some pics the silver 6 pence comme from the cracking layers of clay and was stuck in one crevasse .Impossible for objects to sink in...........few copper/brass shrapnells a rifle complete amo and then 5 min later the 9ct 1.8gr with 6 small diamonds ring.not much for 13/14 hours but i had fun and perfecting my digging technique I was happy because i was swinging super wide as the beach was HUGE....will i go back yes with my PI with i need to use for the first time Enjoy RR
  10. Thank for sharing some nice shots there!!!! RR
  11. Got the F75dst with the small fisher elliptical 6X3 and i detect in highly iron trash well i think i found my perfect machine for now it deep enough considering the size of coil....and fluffy ground or layer of pebble it is excellent i am not using my deus at all.......... https://www.joanallen.co.uk/fisher-6x3-elliptical-coil-p/10105.htm RR
  12. Steve i can't agree more imagine i always wondered what the first Sovereign owners must have found..........i know a guy who has killed 15 sovereign XS2 he has all of them in his garage rusting in piece he used to go out everyday ........8 hours i guess want we need now is a new tech to find what the other machines havent found .......... RR
  13. Thanks guys Beach isn't really my hunting ground I am more into the Thames but the wife love spending week ends on the coast so I had to find a way...on th elong run I may find bit and pieces but the competition is fierce so it is gonna be tough......but hey Fail trying but don't fail to try Have a good week all RR
  14. Aloha i decided to hit the beach again this week did 2 session 1 of 3 hours at night and 1 of 2 hours the day after i start to have fun with the CTX no gold yet but i found most of the fishing wet at 1 foot and more laying on a hard clay layer sand was mixide with large stone i think i would have struggled with a sand scoop big time ....i am gonna keep using spade till i find a sandy beach total 1 british pound and 2 pence i guess there was no fresh gold.... RR
  15. HARKILA GTX http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172391096923?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&var=471219486707&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT LOTS OF ABUSE AND NO maintenance mud water i leave them outside to dry they will last a few more month but they are quite old now....super comfortable. RR