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    Mudlarking and gold
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    Modded Lobo ST 5.75 coil/F75DST snake coil/Deus/Modded SSabre2 with4"coil/ Modded Goldscan5c from Pulsepower with Custom coil,Goldbug pro 5"NELcoil ,CTX3030,xterra 705

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  1. Love it!!!it is a good idea gonna make myself one!!! Thanks RR
  2. I have to say it may be useful for me BUT i can't use mechanical aid on the Thames i can imagines all the little coins and artefacts............... RR
  3. Rivers rat

    Eqx Nuggets

    Nice one!!!Whats the pick model please?? Thanks RR
  4. Rivers rat

    Winter Season Wrap Up

    Well done hope you will have fun during your seasonal job.......... RR
  5. Rivers rat

    Todd Hoffman.. Pure Gold

    I watch most those gold program they tried to make something similar " A l Anglaise" with Steve Brooker and Johnny Vaughan about the Thames river finds They planned more season but there was a glitch someone had a criminal past or something like that..........we can not use mecanical aid on the Thames or i will dredge the s*$( of it :) RR
  6. Rivers rat

    NEL Coils

    RR Her
  7. Rivers rat

    NEL Coils

    The 5" from NEL is supposed to be a bit deeper on gold inc gold nugget there is a video on youtube on the beach i think. RR
  8. Rivers rat

    NEL Coils

    Got 3 and really like them!! RR
  9. Rivers rat

    Anderson Shaft / Rod For Minelab Gold Monster

    I made them myself i made so far 6 best arm cup is old school XP parts are imported from all over the world i got 530grams on the scale for a full carbon Shaft RR
  10. Pics are superbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RR
  11. Rivers rat

    A Couple Pounds

    A years of experience correct?????????? RR
  12. Rivers rat

    A Couple Pounds

    Can i ask the number of hours and the monetary value???if possible? just curious RR
  13. Rivers rat

    Excalibur At The Beach

    That s a lot of lead well done you can always flog them to fisherman or at the scrapyard:) RR
  14. Video and dredge are awesome!!!!I need a ride on that boat!Thanks for sharing RR
  15. I bought the lobo ones when it came out cost me 114 english pounds then when i got the f75 DST i thought lets get rid of it but the f75 isn't as sneaky as the lobo.........so i bought another one .On the GMP i am loving it too,found gold at the first session. 3 years ago we did an archeological survey at the Royal Maritime College in Greenwich(UK) we were 5 of us plus archeologist and on a small area day 1 i took my deus and 9" coil on all metal found few bits day 2 i took the vista gold with the 5" same few bits day 3 i thought well won't find much took the lobo +Snake and then i smashed the day!!!!!!!!! ,one of my mate was wondering what was happening with my machine i found tiny silver coins and 3 nuremberg token which aren't small on a area pounded by other machine for 3 days .Snake on a good machine is a deadly combo. RR