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  1. I like the look an concept of that machine........well build for sure RR
  2. Gentlemen i had the opportunity to see the v4 in action remotely via Viber on a cell phone and it was good fun i saw a few differences in the audio response and the 2.5 reactivity is really a plus my mate did the demo with a v3.2 9" coil and a deus and a V4 9" HF coil.The high frequency get you few extras cms and the XY line are also easy to understand.He compare on the same target all the detector available in the shop and none could get the coin at 22cm in highly mineralised soil(coin was an old french 10 centimes) https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces3.html Also he has the coil 1 week on loan from his boss so i should feed you with more infos soon Have a nice week end RR
  3. Thanks for sharing!!! RR
  4. My mate did more test today on nuggets of different size and shapes from Australia and changing frequency doesn't really affect the detection depth the V4 seems to turn the deus into a more capable gold prospecting machine but still it is not a GPZ.....France which was the market place where XP really took off in 2001 is is now under a new law regarding metal detecting and i won't be surprised if a ban is on his way. This guy has been using the deus since it came out and has been in close contact with the XP owner, i trust him 101% when it come to the deus and other machine.So far he isn't impress and it seems the sales of MD has dropped in the last few month due to the custom searching house confiscating coins collection and equipment. RR
  5. No i didn't check i am using the tiny Fisher elliptical coil mode FAST Sensitivy 65 GB 80 discrimination 7 all my gold came on those settings,silver and tiny non ferrous stuff too RR
  6. Excellent test i really enjoy reading it love the small coil!!!! RR
  7. Just spoke with my mate he had received the coil the propointer and the v4............and he is one of the reference regarding the deus....so far not impressed the propointer is a bit more powerful thant the garett ......i will keep u updated! RR
  8. Thanks Shelton will do!!! RR
  9. Good day did any of you on the otherside of the pond did try a Vista gold on gold nuggets?????25kgz I had a bit of success with it ,then I send it to be tested on hillfort (pounded spots..) RR
  10. Hopefully it will help users with the recovery for some of the artefact .I can t see myself looking at the screen every time I got a medium tone :) .I tried running the Goldbug pro on all metal using only the screen on nails carpet it drives me mad after 5 minutes and God knows my ears drum take a hit during my larking sessions as I am running the lowest discri as possible and all tones on the Deus...so discri on 0.Once again I can wait for the feedbacks . RR
  11. I agree with you Steve not too sure what s happening there one of my mate work in a shop in France and will test it all day tomorrow or Wednesday he is a skilled detectorist maybe the best i know and will feed me with some objective feedbacks. RR
  12. did you guys watch that one:???
  13. I met him at the XP rallye nice chap! Thanks for sharing the video!! RR