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    Modded Lobo ST 5.75 coil/F75DST snake coil/Deus/Modded SSabre2 with4"coil/ Modded Goldscan5c from Pulsepower with Custom coil,Goldbug pro 5"NELcoil ,CTX3030,xterra 705

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  1. Weekend Gold And Night Beach Finds

    Well done !!!!!!!a few chaps i know scuba and that i think is the future....... RR
  2. Something New In The World Of PI Detectors?

    Here is mine Now much modded and with one of his coil,i just finish to make carbon stems can't wait to try RR
  3. Question On Bunk's Hermit Pick

    Thanks for all your answers that was quick:) RR
  4. Something New In The World Of PI Detectors?

    I may invest when they will be out !!!!!I got one of his most twisted Eric Foster PI G5c from the postman last week while I was on a road trip on the coast with the CTX,so I cant wait to try it...............................my only worry is once those machine will be out and after 2/3 years what will be left on the beaches...................more detectorist ,less loss and better machine= less finds but anyway result is the name of the game. RR
  5. Question On Bunk's Hermit Pick

    Where can i get the pick only??? Thanks RR
  6. Alexandre Tartar Joins First Texas

    Bought a deepstar ,wasn't working went to his workshop while visiting my Grandma,he fixed it in 5 min i left the machine there to be retune/moded and boosted fitted with a better coil (for sale :0) ,he has retuned lots of machine and is very precise .I wish him all the success he deserve. RR
  7. What I Saw Today - Stamper Battery

    Superb never saw one before more pics next time please Thanks RR
  8. Hi got a custom coil for whites TDI hand made in France by a top engineer ,i bought if for my deepstar but never used it. So whats more well this coil is the dog on the beach,less noises more stable and 2 to 4 inches deeper ,also a better ID of ferrous targets by a double bio easier to hear. The engineer is Alexandre Tartare owner of MANTA METAL DETECTORS http://www.mantametaldetectors.com Thanks RR
  9. What I Have Been Up To

    The pics are really good!!!Thanks for sharing!!!!!! RR
  10. That's why I didn't invest yet...................I am still in 3.2 and with the XP old 9"....................no way I am spending extra money now that I master my F75 DST with the tiny elliptical........ RR
  11. I think there is a minimum of 3 different chip and board version on the lobo ....... RR
  12. First Gold And Silver With The CTX

    So far still learning i had deep silver coins and all set of stuff broke my sand scoop shaft while digging on sunday well gutted hoped to do 2 season in 1 day after a 5am start with a spade a beach loaded with boulders ,i hit the road after a nice break and spot another beach decided to wait for the tide and around 6pm started 1 hour later at my 6th holes the drama a supposed Unbreakable shaft broke right in the socket while digging a massive hole i was well gutted........................went back to the hotel.....with scrap pieces in my pocket... RR
  13. Also I may test and do a video on the Thames with Gary from XP for the elliptical coil.............we are planning at the moment . I am not familiar with the V4 yet as I have been busy at work and I want to do it right when I am gonna do it! RR