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    I've had a lot of trouble with this lately but after a fair bit of experimenting I've found it does this most if there is discriminated out iron under the coil when you press the pinpoint button. If I am in all metal horse shoe mode and the ground is clear under the coil when I press the button it never seems to happen. Try it out.
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    Went to San Francisco and met my friend Joe. Next day we have been invited by Wes Dering to detect on one of his claims in the Iowa Hill area. On the way we stopped at Citrus Hills visiting Larry at Big Valley Metal detectors who let me try different headphones with my SDC2300. I settled for the Sunray Pro Gold which felt most comfortable and best sounding to me. Thank’s Larry it was a real pleasure to meet you! From there we went to meet Wes. He sold a very nice light and rugged pick to me before which he mailed to my friend’s house. Meeting him he showed us around the claim and off we went with lots of big dreams. I have to say that I come from Germany and have never found a square nail before. So I was wishing to find one square nail and lots of Gold. It seems like the Good Lord listened to just one part….I found a bunch of square nails but no Gold. I was lucky to assist Wes unearthing 3 nice nuggets from the same hole. He was using the GPZ7000 I was running my SDC2300. Putting 1 nugget (approx 2 grams) back in the hole and running the machines over there wasn’t any signal to be heard from the SDC but the 7000 sounded off real nice. Big difference between those 2 machines. Big difference in price also! Wes suggested to run the SDC in sensitivity 4 instead of 2 as the signals are more distinct. The machine kept stable so I ran it in 4. We had a great day and lots of fun. I was using my Equinox 800 as well. Gold 1 setting / Iron to 0 / swing speed 6-7 / sensitivity around 18-20 / nothing out -9-8-7 / ground tracking / small coil it was stable, ground balanced well but did not find gold either. Bits and pieces of lead and wire, 22 casings and square nails. With both machines I found some insane small stuff. Next day we went to a claim on the N Yuba and camped out for some days. Panning some nice flakes, snorkeling looking for crevices, using the vacuum cleaner on the bedrock and metal detector. My total take from panning is 1.2 grams. I finally found a good signal in bedrock. That had to be Gold – finally!!!!! Breaking the bedrock a small piece of very thin wire came to daylight…..grrrrrrr!!!!!! However it got in there???? Going to some other places finding many items including an old tobacco can (I was hoping for some gold coins or nuggets inside but there weren’t any) but no Gold. Second last day I finally got lucky. My SDC2300 rang up on two little pieces. They looked just like rock but weren’t magnetic. Checking them with my Equinox 800 in Gold 1 the smaller piece showed a clean +1 the bigger piece a +2. I did not believe it was Gold but took them home. Being at home now I checked them under the microscope and they are specimen containing Gold. Finally!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!! It is really sick how small of a gold these machines picked up. On my last day we went to Roaring Camp (if you haven’t been there you are missing something) where I panned a little bit of Gold from the day pile (just 10 pans or so) and found a .38 bullet which sounded off real nice with my SDC2300 – no nuggets (they are there for sure). I would like to thank my friend Joe who made all this possible, Larry from Big Valley Metal Detectors, Wes Dering for a very nice pick, a great day on his claim and some nice gold he gave to me as a present to take home, Gregg and Mike, Kim from Roaring Camp, Steve Herschbach for his advice how to run the Equinox on hot ground and some nice folks who’s names I forgot who made it possible to prospect on the N Yuba and Kanaka creek. One of the best pieces of Equipment I invested in is my 2 liter water bladder for my backpack (Camel bag) but for the next rip I will get me a 3 liter. 2 liters is just not enough fluid for a whole day in +100 F. Folks, don’t get dehydrated this is a very serious issue.
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    Today I had to go to the dentist, which I totally hate, and by the time I finally got back home I didn't have much time before company was to arrive. So I had about 25 minutes to kill and thought I would get rid of more trash from the back yard, so I can put in a test garden. First hole I dug looked like a freeze plug from the 1920's. Throw it away! Second hole I dug up a quarter down about 6 inches. KEEPER!!! Third hole I dug down about 5 inches and I think it came off a bicycle or something. Throw it away! Forth hole I dug I had to go down about 6 inches and found a penny. KEEPER!!!!!!!! Did I forget to mention that it is a 1889 Indian Head Penny!!! Then my company shows up and asks what am I so excited about as I run the penny under the faucet to get the mud off it. I simply dried it off and laid it on the table and he almost fell over. Now he wants to buy a metal detector and go with me. He asks where did I find the penny and I told him in the back yard. For 2 hours he kept asking me where did I go to find the penny and I kept telling him in the back yard. Before he left I showed him the hole that I found it in and then I filled it back in and only then he believed me. I knew that I had bought an old church, but the old grounds keeper who is a neighbor told me that it was the new church that we are now living in. So there has been 2 churches on this property plus an old house that was torn down over the past 125 years. I am going to have to check this place out more carefully every week and get rid of all the trash from the yard. Off to buy more grass seed just in case. I finally broke the 1900 mark and I couldn't be more excited. I wish to thank GB_Amateur for all his help and the settings that he shared with a novice like me. I would also like to thank this forum for all the help and input you have given me.
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    Thanks everyone, and thanks for letting this get some visibility. The sheriff went out there, and after speaking with him and learning some things he found, I have good reason to believe it's someone local, as in within a few miles or so. Also good reason to believe now that they were either prospectors or associated with prospectors. I think there were 2 or more people involved. This narrows it down considerably, plus since most people leave for the hot months there aren't a lot of people there to begin with so that cuts it down to an easily investigatable handful of people. As in, like maybe 10 people. The sheriff has some ideas, and I happen to be a pretty good detective sort myself too, not to mention I talk to a lot of people since I wander around so much exploring, and drug addicts tend to blab eventually, especially when reward money is involved. I'm going to find out who did it. If the thieves are reading this (and I'm pretty sure someone has told you about this post by now), you can gamble on your buddies staying quiet, or we can work something out to get my stuff returned in the next 2 days. Otherwise, it's prison and damages, which are already at $15k to my RV and Conex. Might also ask yourself who along the road in has a camera pointed at the road because you stole from them too. Hmm. 3 truckloads of stolen gear is pretty hard to hide.
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    Let me catch up on a couple of nugget pictures. That is the bigger one weighed. It is a nice little chunk and that is the other side of it. The second nugget I found was after traveling a few hundred miles, a couple of nights away and going back to the same general area where I found the first one. I got out of the car and walked about 40 feet and heard a target. It was this little nugget. I gridded this area for the next three hours before the wind got me and didn't find any more. That's it for the nuggets. I'll include more about this trip and I have a couple of other threads I want to start or add to. This is a little nugget of something I found. I'm going to get someone to shoot it with a XRF and see for sure. It was found at a site that had both gold and silver. I didn't find any gold.
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    😄 This is the crankshaft for a Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C engine, the largest reciprocating engine in the world, used in large container ships. It's a 1810-liter engine that generates 108,920 horsepower at 102 RPM, and it idles at 22 RPM... almost 3 seconds per rotation. This crankshaft weighs 300 tons (660,000 pounds) and each piston weighs 12,000 pounds and has a stroke length is 8.2 feet.
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    I am truly puzzled by people saying the Nox doesn't have a solid target ID, I'm constantly amazed by how rock solid it's target ID's are especially on coins even at extreme depth.... maybe it's just my mild soil although I've found the same thing on the beaches here too. I guess I'm lucky 🙂 I don't doubt people do have the issue I'm just surprised in comparison to my experience.
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    Well, I'm up to day 9 now at this spot and no sign of the coins drying up. It's pretty crazy really. I know I can go back over ground I've done and pull more silvers out too as I've been doing that already. I was originally being too fussy with the Target ID's. I arrived at 9am and started work. First up was a solid 13, more often than not 13 is an old style NZ 10 cent coin so I got digging It felt deep, but bugger, it was a big iron bit of junk, deeper than my carrot. This is one flaw I've found with the Nox and it is deep iron can come up in the non-ferrous range, like this thing... the most common number for me it comes up is 13 too, the unlucky number 🙂 there is a rumor of a version 2 firmware coming out for the Equinox that addresses this flaw, I hope it's true. This dirty great big iron target, once out on the ground it no longer comes up as a 13 and is blanked out as Iron. I encountered this twice today with deep iron junk. Moving along, as always there are finds of semi modern 1, 2 and 5 cent coins in between the good finds, I don't bother reporting on them, and only include them on the total. Next was a really nice 14/15 which can be either a old style pull tab..... or a threepence silver.... and it was Stupidly deep, a 1933 threepence. These things only weigh 1.41 grams and are 50% silver. It's hard to believe how deep the Nox can lock onto them. You'll see in the photo above I dug the depth of my shovel and used the pinpointer to keep going deeper to get to the coin. Almost straight away, another silver. This time a UK 1922 threepence.... before NZ had it's own version of a threepence. I accidentally murdered a worm digging this one up. Next was a solid 18, turned out to be a ring, just a junker by the looks of it. \ Looks like a skull. This next find was another silver. it's a One shilling, they come up a solid 21 on the VDI's, same as a modern $1 and $2 coin, I'll never miss one of these. 1934 One Shilling, I do like finding these, I know nothing about coin grading but they can have a bit of value like all of the silver coins. I assume the values below are USD 1934 New Zealand Shilling value VG F VF EF aUnc Unc $3.55 $7.40 $21 $77 $237 $497+ This is an example of a good value silver 1935 New Zealand Threepence value VG F VF EF aUnc Unc $120 $281 $444 $1,230 $1,820 $2,982+ \ I was on a real silver roll today, another one. 1933 threepence! It seems the most common date I find. Another old penny from 1908. it has a big green growth on it, not sure how to get rid of that. And another penny being guarded by a worm.... I could see this one before digging it up, the green tinge coming through under the worm Got it out, the worm didn't want to leave it. Next up was a 1949 Florin, I don't find too many of these Florins. I like they have a Kiwi on them. Another Sixpence! \ It was quite shallow for an old silver, usually they're much deeper. I guess being 1945 it wasn't in the ground as long as some of the others. And another, this one wasn't much deeper. Then I got this funny little old kids watch, the glass popped off the front when I touched it, it didn't have any way to attach a band. Time to head back to the car to go home for lunch, as per usual I detected on my walk back to the car and as always, right near the car, another coin, this time just a 1 cent. Mr and Mr's JW are in town today as they have purchased a house near me they're going to be renting out so they were doing a few things to it before dropping some tenants in there, I'd only just left for my lunch break when JW appeared and checked if I was at the field, he just arrived a few minutes after I left. I got a message from him so popped in to his house to see the JW's after my lunch break. He did well with the house, it's very nice. The mornings semi modern coinage, the only spendable one is the $1 which my daugher gets for her moneybox. The semi good old coins and ring The mornings silvers 🙂 After visiting JW at his house I only had about an hour and a half before I had to pick my daughter up at school so I went back for another quick hunt. An old penny It was a 1929 UK coin with the old girl in a wheelchair again, I should get around to looking up who she is one day. Another coin guarded by a worm, this time it was a threepence but no longer a silver one, so from the late 1940's onwards. It was quite deep. I think this is one of the oldest coins I've found, an 1866 UK penny It was really smooth, the image almost gone. Not a bad find when the first real European settlement was in 1840 and that was on the North Island, a long way from here at the bottom of the South Island. In 1840 Britain formally annexed the islands and established New Zealand's first permanent European settlement at Wellington. Another sixpence from the post-silver era, they were originally silver in colour like the older real silver coins but they go brown in the ground. The semi modern coins from the afternoon with only the gold NZ $1 coin still current currency. The good stuff, the key is pretty cool, from a Nissan ZX 280, I wasn't exactly sure what that was so I googled it, for an old 1983 model with a lot of miles on it the car is for sale for $12,000 AUD Sure holds it's value, I wonder if it's like a lot of old cars where the same key can open them all, my wife once owned an old Toyota Corolla, and I jumped in it and started it up and went to reverse at a shop and then realized I was in the wrong car when I saw a baby seat in the back and we didn't have a baby 🙂 And lucky last, the junk. I'll be back there tomorrow. This is the total coin weight, minus a few silver coins I sent to Jim Hemmingway as a little gift and all the modern $1 and $2 coins that I've given to my daughter, there must be at least 30 of them so far. 1693 grams, I am aiming for at least the 2KG mark, 2000 grams. I hope to get 1000 coins from this spot, I'm not sure what I'm up to so far. 55 Coins today, on par 🙂
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    Not sure where your from Irondigger but here in Australia we have "Jaycar" that sells all sorts of switches and electrical stuff. The green button on the handle is only a switch and Jaycar sell simular ones. A guy once said he replaced his handle switch from Jaycar. You may have to search for the correct sized one as the website has 3 pages of push button switches. You should be able to buy one for under $5 https://www.jaycar.com.au/components-electromechanical/switches/pushbutton-switches/c/2CB?q=%3Apopularity-desc&page=0
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    No worries, I dont care, but if you're wanting to gather general public viewers they wont know the 24k was just released and will assume it is old footage from 2013 😃
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    Not blowing my own horn but this area, within 9km of home has netted me over 6,000 bits of gold since 2014 and probably another 1,000 back in the 'good old days'. All off old digging heaps....
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    At 22 rpm it probably never wears out.
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    Sorry for the off topic post, I just wanted to get this out there quickly and please delete if this shouldn't be here. I had a ton of stuff stolen in Arizona, not sure what exactly yet as I have to drive down now to find out. They abandoned my RV on the road since I sabotaged the wheels to prevent theft (after they dragged it 1000ft ruining my axles and drums), but took everything inside, and took a 40ft Conex worth of tools and gold prospecting equipment. So much stuff I'm not even sure what all was in it until I can do a full inventory. So, if anyone sees someone in NW Arizona trying to offload a bunch of drywashers, crusher stuff, cleanup stuff, sluices, especially if they seem like tweakers, please let me know. Also, a Yamaha Grizzly ATV, green, 400cc. Tons of tools, most the battery powered stuff was Makita. Had a Troy Bilt gold vac, a smaller keene drywasher (is it the 141?), a bigger Keene drywasher (black), a puffer Keene drywasher. I'm forgetting a ton of stuff but, you get the idea, if some tweaker is going around trying to sell gold prospecting stuff for cheap to people, get a name if you can. Mohave county Sheriff is out there now, if anyone has heard anything at all, please let the sheriff know. Had all my detectors with me in Wyoming so none of them were stolen. If anyone hears anything, anyone mentioning anything about who did this, please let me or the sheriff know. The gates and the chain were cut, plus cut through 4 large boron carbide shackles. they had tools and it was planned. It wasn't in a place that someone randomly would have found, I suspect they are local and/or prospectors at this time. It sounds like some of my con buckets were stolen, which would look like dirt bucket to someone who didn't know it might be valuable so if they weren't prospectors, they must be familiar with it to take buckets of dirt. It may have happened a few weeks ago, I just now got someone track me down from some papers they found in my abandoned trailer and let me know about it sitting there in the middle of the road. It's been 110 or hotter out there so there weren't many prospectors around but one said he thought he saw my trailer moved at least a few weeks ago. If anyone has info leading to an arrest with at least some of my items found so I know it was them, I will give you $1000 cash. We can work it out anonymously if preferred. Thanks
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    I too have wanted that back button. That is why I choose a compatble "2nd" mode for whatever site I'm searching to plug into the user profile slot so I can quickly toggle between the two in the field. E.g. Field 2 and Park 1 or Beach 1 and Gold 1 (on dry sand), etc. for interrogating targets etc. A back button would be helpful navigating the settings menu also. Variable target ID is a strong indicator as to whether I am dealing with junk or not. Especially if I am using 50 tones, "flutey" sounding targets are a great audio cue of a bottlecap. If the target is a coin or ring, then I usually get a solid ID and it really says dig me unless it is a known junk target ID associated with a pull tab, etc.
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    Wow, you live in a place with lots of really shallow near surface gold, what a good time that'd be snagging all those bits. Well done.
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    I wonder what they do when its time to renew the crankshaft as most of these engines are put in place and then the hull is built around it.Perhaps they have a long service hatch that they use and lower it inside ??
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    1.2 grams is pretty impressive still... sounds like you've had a good time and that's all that matters. Great post.
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    First day out into the Golden Triangle, last day with decent internet for a while.. Always present my new machines to the mother of all nuggets memorial. 'Christened' at the golden alter so to speak... an old habit, just hoping the luck will rub off I guess.. The 'Welcome Stranger' was found at a depth of three inches.. The 16v pack is working well, no issues with heat or reliability. The TDI SL LE is super light and well balanced, very easy to swing for hours so I'm enjoying it. Great weather, the flies and ants are not an issue so far. Best time of year to get out into the goldfields and swing your thing.. all the best. Karelian.
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    Thanks Rob, if you could cross post this to your forum that would be great. I missed yours and others posts here at first as I was running around like a headless chicken packing stuff up to do the 12 hr drive down. I appreciate it, I'm on my phone and it doesnt have my login and password saved for your forum like my computer does, so I cant get in right now, if you could copy and paste I would appreciate it! There is definitely too much prowpecting stuff to sell in NW Arizona without suspicion, so if they try to get rid of it it very well may filter down to Phoenix area. Especially if someone is selling prospecting gear with a bunch of tools and off grid equipment, they took a homestead worth of stuff as I was building a base down there to live half the year.
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    I think I will stay with the E.Trac and Nox . The Vanquish is not going to beat them. Will keep an eye on it through.
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    I think that pretty well says it. It's not an Equinox and never was supposed to be. It's a new minelab entry level machine with the main thing that made the Equinox special....multi IQ. The ability of a machine to see coins others miss. Not necessarily deeper just better vision. It Will be very interesting to see it in action when it gets in the public's hands and goes through their test gardens. Segments and notching...25 segments on the 540...50 on the Equinox. So a segment will be more than 1 number. On the 540 perhaps it's 2 compared to the Equinox's 1 Deep? I expect respectable but it may be deep or the depth could varry depending on the model. It's not an Equinox. For people wanting into a fun hobby without breaking the bank and swing a machine with multi IQ. I think it could be an awesome little machine. But only time will tell!!! HH!! Tom
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    From Russia eh? Any mention to who they selected for the USA in 2020? I seriously wish the update will allow mode selection to backward and not 7 clicks to go back to previous mode. Wishful thinking. Solid target ID would be very helpful
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    Hey Jasong, Damn, that is disheartening. I will keep a ear and eye out for anyone looking to sell or trade stuff that might be linked back to you. Thank God you had all your detector stuff. Any chance you can share this on my forum, or I could copy/paste if anything to help get the word out in Arizona? My forums - https://forums.robsdetectors.com/ Let me know if I can help. Also, Doc spends a lot of time in the general area I believe, you might also want to inform him. Rob Allison
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    Hi Jin, I am in California, the button is fine its just that the part that plugs into the unit has broken...or has pulled apart exposing the 2 contacts...It may still work. I just want a replacement just in case it don't.
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    I had a handle break and I made a replacement out of PVC pipe! Phrunt: Big Brother is watching!
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    Hopefully, if this isn't a hoax, the update will also fix the flakey button pinpointing where the sound sometimes doesn't come on and requires turning pinpointing off then back on again before it works. Yes, I do pinpoint with the coil method, but there are instances where the button pinpointer helps.
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    Very nice job! I'd LOVE to have things like that available to find in my own yard! SUPER! Steve
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    I’m always for the underdog so I think I’ll order one plus the Simplex. It’s a great day when you can buy two for less than what I’ve paid for one . Chuck
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    There are signs that Whites is in trouble. For one, they've pulled back support of forums and rallies. It has been said that it's been more beneficial to concentrate on free social media platforms, and you do see them interacting on their Facebook page. Still, pulling back from all forums is a mistake and is either a sign of financial trouble or poor judgment. For another, you only have to look at the last several releases to get the sense that the same stubborn attitude toward integrating technology into their machines persists to this day. The lack of wireless, lithium ion, at home updates just for starters. The lack of any specificity of what they have in store for the near future has been disheartening. This is a mistake all US manufacturers seem to be making at the moment. When you're notably lagging behind competitors and have a loyal base of users waiting for you to make a showing, you owe it to them to keep them in some kind of a loop. The excuse that they don't want to give too much away to the competition is thin and wearing thinner when release after release the competition is outstripping them anyway. In this industry, with the limitations imposed by physics, when you're talking about companies like Whites, FTP, etc., you're not going to be entertaining anything the leading guys are not also entertaining. You're not going to be working on anything the leading guys are not also working on. To the extent that a product launch is imminent, throwing the user base a bone or two can be helpful and encouraging. Any anti-espionage benefit to radio silence is outweighed by the demoralization of users who are watching thier beloved companies get spanked time and again despite this curious strategy. It would be different if everything were kept under wraps and then out of nowhere comes this kick ass top of the line new flagship. That's not happening though. Users are left sitting in the dark, trying to be loyal, and watching others run away with all the advances while not being given the time of day by the company they love. It doesn't take a relationship specialist to tell you where this is headed. Users are going to cheat. I still love my V3i, and using it to this day, but I'm also seeing the Equinox on the side. Won't be long and I'll also be looking at a Pulsedive. A Mini-Horde could be in the cards for my kid as it seems to address a lot of the problems I see with kids machines. Either too heavy or no arm support and can't get wet.
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    25 minutes in the backyard and two excellent coin finds! You've made a lot of progress since you first posted here. Glad to have helped but obviously you've learned how to learn on your own. Nothing like a good find to bolster the confidence (and the enthusiasm). Hope your wife doesn't mind your yard looking like a mine field. Tell her it's those damn moles. 😁
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    Sage brush was there. Boise only started 150 years ago. We are a pretty young state. Prior to the gold rushes in the 1860s it was mostly only Indians. The outer areas of boise (not the old areas) were sage brush till irrigation enabled farming, then farms till the growing population caused the fields to be turned into subdivisions. There are some small townsites that have been absorbed, but they weren't where I'm located. On the east coast/older areas it can be a big mystery what was there before. Here it's a very boring answer.
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    You can believe me. The simple answer is the Fisher Impulse is a rumor, not a detector being made and for sale. You can’t but one yet. You will be able to get an Aquamanta someday, probably next year. Maybe sooner. Fisher does not care that anybody wants information and so asking them for it generally gets no response. My advice is just relax and not worry about it. It will appear someday or never, but no point in waiting around on companies. If I needed a detector now I would just buy something else personally. If you can afford to wait, then that’s all you can do.
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    Jim in Idaho those lithium cells are 1.8 volts + when fresh. I started with name brand disposable lithium cells for emergency use, always keeping a few packets handy. After a while I used them in radios and torches and finally the Tdi SL. Found a cheaper 'Wallaby' brand available from a local seller in Melbourne. A bit hotter to start with than the big brands. Too expensive to use on a regular basis but when a new machine arrives in the mail..... why not? Special occasions and for emergencies only because of cost. The new battery pack will save me a few dollars in the long run since I have lots of 18650 cells. That 12 x 8 MJ did well, should improve with the more powerful 16v pack on the SL and I have not jet mounted it on the PRO. Best time of year for Victorian goldfields, the flies have not hit peak numbers, the ants and snakes are still a bit slow from the cold. Looking forward to it. Karelian
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