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  1. I use a tactical backpack from Cabelas with the GPZ sliding harness attached room for 2 camel backs plus pick and a bunch of carabiners to attach anything else I want. Can send a picture later if you want to see. Chris
  2. Lol the other day I started at the head of a small but long wash. Within 5 ft picked up a nugget. Looked down the 50 yards of remaining wash, and thought "oh yeah, patch time" . Nothing else the rest of the way, or the day for that matter!! Lolol. Chris
  3. Geeze Jason, sorry to hear that. It's such bullshit. If there is anything we can do, let us know. Did you look at all the sale websites?
  4. Very educational thread, with that being said, if it wasn't for clipping the cord on the GPZ I probably would have already purchased a 10in x coil. Chris
  5. Dave was kind enough to say "we" put the video together, but that was all him!! Great job Dave. All I did was find more gold lol. Jk. Chris
  6. Best of luck, keep us posted on your adventure! Chris
  7. These were the test results on the scan
  8. Thanks Chris, it definitely looks like a copper mineral. I'll keep trying to figure out what it is.
  9. Hi Jim, thanks for your reply. Your specimens look great. I did a streak test, and it was black. Maybe it was the silver sulfide coating? My PI ,or the GPZ did pick it up from over a foot, so not sure. Also is there anything I should do the the specimen? To clean? Thank you Chris
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