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  1. Looks like you had a full Adventure with some good gold! Congratulations, Chris
  2. Chris Ben

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Wow nice work!! I still have never detected Northern NV. That 3.9 grammer, looks bigger. Chris
  3. Chris Ben

    Short Day Out

    Thank you, I'm anxious to get back into that wash and check it out. Chris
  4. Chris Ben

    Short Day Out

    No I haven't. I don't have a meter. I'm trying to decide if I am going to crush and pan, or try to soak in acid. Chris
  5. Chris Ben

    Short Day Out

    Hi all, I had time for a half day hunt today, so I planned on going back to a couple spots we had found gold in the past, hoping to squeeze out another nugget or 2. Plan a was a bust so I made a beeline toward the truck. On the way walking over random ground perpendicular to all the washes I hit a nice smooth signal on a small ridge. Dug down about 6 inches and got it out of the hole. Turned out being a fist sized rock. Thought it was a hot rock at first, but the signal was too good, so I was hoping it was a possible meteorite. Washed it off and immediately saw quartz. So now I was hoping for a speci. (Which I have never seen from this area) I washed it off a little more and saw some gold!!! Not sure how much is in there, but when I got home and cleaned it better, I found more gold than I was expecting. I got back to the truck and was headed home when my girlfriend said they were running a couple of hours late, so I had a bit more time to detect. I decided to try a completely new area expanding a known gold district on my way home. I made my way into the hills to the place I wanted to check out. Looked promising, very similar geologic to the place I was just at. I only had time for about 20 minutes of detecting. So I headed up the nearest wash. Got a little way up and hit a nice mellow deep signal, dug down about a foot and half and found a 1961 nickel on bedrock, 3 feet away hit a similar signal let than a foot deep on bedrock again..another nickel 1984. Strange this was really out of the way and didn't find any trash. Only detected a small part of the wash when I had to head home. You can zoom in on the quartz and see a couple of spots of gold. Chris
  6. Chris Ben

    Finally Got To 100 Bits Today......

    Great looking gold!! I actually love those flattened out pieces, because all I find out here in the desert are chunky rough nuggets....(I'm not complaining lol) your nuggets look cool . Chris
  7. Chris Ben

    A Nice Afternoon With The Zed

    Great job, looks like you'll need to go back there. Chris
  8. Chris Ben

    A Little California Gold

    Great work on some interesting looking ground! Chris
  9. Chris Ben

    Good Day Out!

    Thanks, yes Dave and I both run GPZ's.
  10. Chris Ben

    Good Day Out!

    Got out with my buddy Dave today to do some detecting. We had the plan to try a new area, and if that didn't pan out we would go back to the area I had had some luck the last 2 outings. We struck out in the new area, and headed to the old one. I went out trying to expand on the new patch...no luck. Dave hung around the area where I found the patch 2 weeks ago. I started exploring a bit looking for good ground when Dave radioed me that he had found a couple nice nuggets. I made a beeline to meet up with him, still working my GPZ when I hit a great mellow signal. Turned out to be a 2+ gram nugget and the start of a 5 nugget patch. Biggest being 3g. We had lunch a made another run for no luck, but a great day nonetheless. My nuggets 6.4 grams Dave's score, with a nice big nugget. Chris
  11. Chris Ben

    Managed To Find A Small Patch

    Hi Mac, I appreciate your reply. I was finally able to speak to someone on the Authorization board of my insurance company. She actually seemed very helpful. She laid out a plan for me to follow in order to get this surgery done out of network. I should find out end of this week, early next week. If denied again I will definitely look you up. Thank you Chris
  12. Chris Ben

    Extension To The New Patch

    Thank you, will do. Keep sharing yours as well. Hopefully we'll find a big one to post!! When I'm in a rut and not finding anything. I can see a good post with some new nuggets and get inspired.
  13. Chris Ben

    Zed Gold Afternoon

    Great job! Nice work on the sheep trail. Chris
  14. Hi all, had a half day to go detecting today, so I went back to that new patch and was able to find one more small rough nugget. Searched a lot tried to expand the area or find source but no luck. So I want of searching for a new area, looking on a hillside next to a wash where I found a few nuggets. No luck, but I did notice a steep wash up ahead that I couldn't remember detecting. Found some nuggets nearby so I figured it was worth it. Ended up finding 4 more nuggets in a new patch. All small, but way better than a skunk. The darker nugget was from last weeks patch. Chris