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  1. Lol the other day I started at the head of a small but long wash. Within 5 ft picked up a nugget. Looked down the 50 yards of remaining wash, and thought "oh yeah, patch time" . Nothing else the rest of the way, or the day for that matter!! Lolol. Chris
  2. Geeze Jason, sorry to hear that. It's such bullshit. If there is anything we can do, let us know. Did you look at all the sale websites?
  3. Very educational thread, with that being said, if it wasn't for clipping the cord on the GPZ I probably would have already purchased a 10in x coil. Chris
  4. Dave was kind enough to say "we" put the video together, but that was all him!! Great job Dave. All I did was find more gold lol. Jk. Chris
  5. Best of luck, keep us posted on your adventure! Chris
  6. These were the test results on the scan
  7. Thanks Chris, it definitely looks like a copper mineral. I'll keep trying to figure out what it is.
  8. Hi Jim, thanks for your reply. Your specimens look great. I did a streak test, and it was black. Maybe it was the silver sulfide coating? My PI ,or the GPZ did pick it up from over a foot, so not sure. Also is there anything I should do the the specimen? To clean? Thank you Chris
  9. The more you find. The better you get!! Congratulations Chris
  10. Went out detecting with my buddy Dave today, looking for a new spot. He killed it with 7 grams of gold. I did get a signal on a slope. 2 or 3 inches down to bedrock. The signal improved, but a I chipped away the bedrock it got stronger and stronger. Finally over a foot deep I break out a piece of quartz with copper mineral. It is screaming on my GPZ and on Dave's GB 2 also on a pin pointer. We go back to the truck I smash it open and find a silvery metal inside. It is also heavy for its size. About the size of a small plum. I didn't think Galena was very reactive on a detector? Any ideas ? Chris
  11. So I was able to make it out for a half day yesterday of detecting. The plan was to start at an old wash I had found a few nuggets. Hit really low and slow, jamming the coil under all the bushes. I must have done a good job before...no luck. I did see a new wash I never hit before and thought I'd give it a try. Hit a 1 g nugget right of the bat and figured I was on a new patch. NOPE lol. My super power seems to be finding lone random nuggets, not patches. I had an hour and half left before I had to go, so I decided to hit an area that has trash, and most people assume has been pounded. Its below an area of scraping and full of drywasher piles. I tried to look at the area from a different perspective and not automatically go to the washes. The plan worked. I picked the 2 small species back to back and then had to work a little harder to find the last nugget of the year. 2.8g. It was a foot down and not a solid signal to start with. 2018 was a tough year, because 2017 I picked all the low lying fruit with my new then GPZ 7000. Now I have to work a little harder, think more, and explore more. But I figure this is what makes us better prospectors. My buddy Dave and I have tried to explore and expand new areas with very limited success lol. But we will keep trying. 2019 will be a tough year as well because I have a couple of surgeries scheduled, but I'm sure I'll make the most of it. Happy New Year everyone!! Chris
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