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  1. That would be premature to suppose. I agree with Chase it’s a case of poor version control, and demands a fix urgently. I’m glad I saw this thread I was planning to perform the update tonight, but definitely will not be until a fixed -authorized version is issued.
  2. I want to do the update but I don’t want any complications such as I’ve heard. Might do it tonight.
  3. On a different forum Some reported having an issue with the WS6 I think unpairing from remote when doing the update. Then “squirrel1” posted a short video about what was happening. Some when prompted by remote to press minus button pressed it on remote instead of WS6. I simply wanted to review the procedure outlined on XP website and all posted videos before i do the update so I get it right. Also, If anyone can screw up a simple update, it’s me.
  4. I like it but Im going to hold off a few days until the WS6 issue is resolved. Besides I have to do it on work laptop because I’m prehistoric. Has anything else been upgraded? Or is it just the giant TID numbers?
  5. I think XP is aware and will respond with action. This is what I hope anyway.
  6. I don’t have enough time to state with any certainty, but what I have seen so far leads me to a similar conclusion. The Deus II was designed to have an edge on the Deus original in terms of speed and sophistication of programs. I believe that was the goal of XP and I think they largely succeeded.
  7. Hi George Love to hear your initial impressions of the Deus II. Are you planning on also getting the 9” coil, or the 11” suits your needs?
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed your descriptive testing outings with the D2-11”. I would have preferred my first uses with the 9” coil, but I’m grateful to have m D2-11” now that the milder weather is breaking through ( I’m hearing the pleasant cacophony of peepers now). Hoping todays snowstorm is on the low side of forecast and melts quickly. I’ve been out with my D2 only 4 brief sessions and there’s so many programs I’ve yet to try- so far my favorite is P2 sensitive but I have many to try out yet. Your reports have been very helpful to me. I hope it’s not long before you get your own Deus 2.
  9. Why do you not like to post this ? Good response on a 16”quarter is great to hear. was the ID of the quarter accurate as well?
  10. I have a backpack that holds the primary gear including small shovel which is for quick detecting sessions. I also purchased the XP 280 backpack for all day outings and trips because you can fit everything you can conceivably need. It’s amazing how much fits. It’s a bit on the heavy side but you will not feel it because it’s so comfortable with the waist strap. They now have the XP 240 backpack which looks the same but is lighter, somewhat cheaper but not as deep. It’s not available here in U.S. yet. Because I have the lightweight backpack I use I prefer the 280. Do I recommend the XP 280? Yes
  11. Been contacting XP through their website to inquire about time frame for stand alone 9” coil availability. They have not responded. Hello XP ? Please put out an update on coils and other accessories as soon as possible, or at least reply to customer inquiries.
  12. I got a discount on my coil so the cost was $339. the bad side is unavailable still. I like very much the 11” but still want and will favor the niner. XP coils are pricey but remember when Deus 1 coils were $439?
  13. I’m not sure if the picture posted by Shelton is the one I got on eBay but very similar if not same. I know it’s made with 3 D printing. Just search Deus II stand it should come up.
  14. I don’t like this design. It looks like it might get in the way of your swing. I got the one on eBay that snaps under the original stand and widens it. It works well and still fits in backpack and doesn’t hit your hip when swinging. Sorry I don’t know how to attach a link.
  15. The unimpressive coil life is a secondary reason to have a second coil, as I will as soon as available. On the other hand and perhaps a reflection of my hunting style/ locations I rarely detect for more than a few hours. If I travel a distance to a site, however, I might outlast a single coils juice. I’d like a second coil in these cases.
  16. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any at least so far. I’d check those two screws in back of the armrest. If they were loose ( as some have complained and some have had fall out even) perhaps flexure could result. Some have noticed flexibility in diving use and a special lower rod is supposed to be made especially for diving, but as you say you notice it in the handle. Anyway, I myself haven’t noticed this.
  17. Thank you .. I’ve seen your finds,Jay ,and I’d be glad to trade hunting places, lol
  18. Those are finds most only dream of making. I have 5 hours use on my coil and 2 of 3 bars showing.
  19. If I’m not getting much by way of non ferrous targets, I go for the good sounding irons. I’ve got them hanging everywhere in my hangout. I don’t spent a lot of time on preserving irons as my quick method works just fine. They’re usually preserved within a day or two except for horseshoes and axe heads - they tend to sit a while.
  20. Finally had a day where the ground wasn’t frozen so I went to a creekside homesite I’ve hit so hard I have rarely of late found anything of interest but in past years found numerous large cents and relics. I have the 11” coil. I started in general program but switched to sensitive, not altering any settings. I am highly impressed with the speed and sensitivity of this program. I think I will use one familiar program and one new to me one each time out as I get used to the Deus II. I was impressed by when I had a decent signal, it was usually a decent find, not junk. I dug numerous lead shot beads. I dug some iron signals in order to try to differentiate between small and large because I really appreciate iron relics. Today I found several including the iron horse and the ankh. ( by the way does anybody know what purpose these served? I’ve found several over the years but this one is the nicest example I’ve ever seen. My best find by far was the 1853 holed trime which was found at a depth of 6” in a very polluted area. Very impressive with an 11” coil. It was a strong 79 signal. This is my first trime. Or I found a trime for the first time, lol. I left more than impressed with the Deus II’s ability to bring life back to old cherished sites and am very optimistic for this detecting season. I also left less upset by the lack of 9” coil. The irons were photographed after wire brush and coating with modge podge.
  21. I am enjoying your test postings very much. I wonder if in addition to testing Park, you can test it in open fields using deep HC and relic modes in the near future.
  22. What are you’re observations on separation and pinpointing ( using cross and drawback methods, with 11” coil. as compared to the 9” on the Orx? This weekend there will be no problem with frozen ground and will be my first opportunity to dig multiple targets and different programs using the Deus II.
  23. How is something magnetic or permanent not being detected by the coil messing with signal?
  24. While charging the light is steady on( but there is a faint blink I notice but for most part it’s steady on- never off while still charging. When fully charged, it goes to blink- 4 seconds on 4 seconds off 4 on 4 off forever when in charged standby status. When the detector is turned on, there is a different blink regiment I never paid attention to what it is.
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