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  1. You are welcome, let us know how you get along with your new hobby and Detector!
  2. from Nokta one of the updates to the Simplex 4. Frequency Shift: Frequency shift channels have been optimized and dropped to 3 channels: F1-F2-F3. F2 is the center frequency.
  3. http://www.minelab.com/victoryunearthed October 2019 Edit - the Minelab Vanquish has been officially introduced. See this thread for the latest news and information.
  4. Scott, I received one of your ID cards today, will be very handy for a while. Thank you and I would also be willing to send some monetary help your way for postage and laminating. Thank you again, Brad
  5. Way to go Bryan! Awesome find still hoping for a find like that. Brad
  6. Patiently waiting for mine, I will agree with Terry up until the Equinox for fresh water hunting the Tiger Shark was about as good as you could get for small gold jewelry.
  7. That is great as I always wondered if he would ever admit another machine was close to being as good as the Tesoro's, it is nice to know he is honest and willing to talk up another brand. Nice to see the Equinox getting positive reviews.
  8. Yes, it does have an external speaker. You can also use Bluetooth earbuds on those hot days. Brad
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