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  1. Thanks! The totals for 2 way targets is interesting also but not sure what to make of it. Is it that deus and legend discriminate better with the settings used?
  2. I love the real user feedback Here! I'm in no hurry to buy now but probably early spring unless my nox goes down. I used mine while working out of town mostly to keep me busy. But still want the best i can afford so appreciate every ones views.
  3. Decompress Chase, grab a glass of wine and kick back in your surround lounger with foot massager! Ease up on the battery drop switch practice for half an hour😉
  4. The PRO-FIND 35 is pretty good. I use it on vibrate only, ears need a break. Had the garret also and it's much handier but had to sell one and it's gone. The pro 35 is hard to find the button when grabbing it but it's worth it. I like the 9v battery, lasts long and can switch fast. I never had one die in mid hunt.
  5. I have of that but never seen it. Maybe wet them down good and step on the plug.
  6. Switched gears again! Found a barely used 5x10 coiltek online and bought it. Wont see it for a few days.
  7. You probably know this but i had to look that token up. Gilchrist's was considered one of the big three stores (along with Filene's and Jordan Marsh) that dominated Boston's shopping district for so long. Gilchrist's opened in 1842, one year after Jordan Marsh in downtown Boston. Gilchrist's was not considered as high-end as its neighbors, but did just as well.
  8. Nice finds! Owner is probably hitting the "buy it now" button on a go-find😄
  9. Waiting till Monday to see if he finds one. He had 3 but they were sold at a rally. I bought the nox from a Alaska dealer. But try to buy from local guy when i can. He's helped me out a few times.
  10. My local dealer cant get a EQ6 (back order) right now and no coiltek. Don't see many used equinox 6" ers, they go fast when i do. I still have an extra lower EQ rod from when they sent replacement non wiggle shaft. Never used it since i made a 1 piece CF shaft in the EQ dark ages and never switched. But i could use the tear drop washers and the bolt, don't think it came with new shaft..
  11. https://www.facebook.com/MohaveCountySheriffsOffice/posts/dolan-springs-special-detailduring-the-week-of-june-7th-13th-the-mohave-county-s/4277720035583087/
  12. Great to get all this feedback! Going with the 6" M/L. Mostly for separation in yards and older parks that have a lot of small non ferrous junk. The 11" is fine in most water i hunt, in the rougher creek bottoms I'm so slow coverage really doesn't matter. Should have bought that $600 legend but didn't feel like learning another machine just yet.
  13. Thanks for the replies, helps a lot. Either way gives me more options. Except for wading the sand bars the 6" sounds about right for what i need now. Separation and handy in the brush more then water hunting. Ridgerunner I'd buy both but waiting to see what happens with detectors for a year. Save up and buy a package deal or an extra coil.
  14. Searched around but still can't decide. Leaning coiltek for now. I mostly hunt for coins and small token type targets. Older parks that are slightly over grown and fresh water beaches and streams plus i can hunt some public ground that's huge. It's an old lead mine area that was active from 1830-1930 or so. Wooded/hilly with sink holes everywhere and has to have building sites that are long gone. From what I've read the coiltek is close but not as deep as the 6" M/L coil. But in water i would sure like the added coverage. Another thing i read here is the coiltek middle is not as receptive as the heel and toe. How would that effect swing pattern? Thanks.
  15. maybe half of a counterfeit die, whatever it is i like it.
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