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  1. old and only made for 23 years if wiki is correct, great find.
  2. I use a homemade 1 piece carbon fiber rod with the stock lower, factory is sloppy from day one. Anyway i think this looks well made and will be a big deal for a lot of people. Agree that its not a good choice for a water machine. People with small cars, apt dwellers and hunting remote spots where you have to buck brush to get to will like this. i have a gun rack that i keep my EQ on or would think about buying one just for the small storage aspect without having to dissemble it.
  3. Spend a couple hours on the back porch with the sensitivity turned down and practice all the basic moves. i still get confused exiting out of some settings.
  4. I agree, as a old tesoro knob twister I would be lost without this forum.
  5. Not sure what it will be. W.A.G. , water proof fbs/ Multi-IQ morphed Safari at about $750. the throwdown looks like a walmart special of some kind.
  6. Ordered the book too. Would love to attend one of his camps but for the Equinox. In eastern iowa so from Madison Wis to Des Moines IA And Peoria Ill to Rochester MN would work😉
  7. At one spot i hit park2 is noisy over sens 16-18 but park1 works much better and can up the sensitivity to 20-22 . Will try the N/C on the ground, some great tips here thanks.
  8. Nice find! Heard a story that con men would sell weighted sets of these to bartenders (one all ways landed on take) then a week or to later his partner would come it with his own set and clean house.
  9. never tried them but was wondering about the sound. looked these up but seem to be discontinued. Panasonic BTG S10 Bone Conduction Headset The Panasonic RP- BTGS10 Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones minimize eardrum strain and fatigue by delivering high-quality sound to the inner ear through the cheek bones. Wireless connectivity comes supported by the aptX™ Low Latency codec to ensure high quality audio with minimal delay. but spec's say-Bluetooth® system specificationVer.3.0
  10. Was there a bid yellow thing with 2 huge steel drums for wheels close by?
  11. Now your hitting close to home ,100 miles or so if that's the guy i read about. Wonder why Firestone made those, will check it out. Looks lie Firestone gave them to employee's heading to war. Cant make out the star except for sept. 17.
  12. found this about the 8th cav.. 1905–42 In 1905, the regiment was ordered to the Philippines with the assignment of defending the islands from guerrilla activity. In addition, they patrolled supply and communications lines and sources of water on the islands of Luzon and Jolo. The Regiment returned to the United States briefly in 1907, but in 1910, the 8th Regiment returned to the Philippines for their second tour of Pacific duty. This time the troopers fought the rebellious tribesmen on the island of Mindanao and in the Sulu Archipelago. In the battle of Bansak Mountain in June 1913, a total of 51 members of the 8th Cavalry's Troop "H" joined other soldiers in a violent battle with hundreds of Moro warriors on Jolo. In September 1914, the regiment was stationed at Camp Stotsenburg, Philippine Islands and performed the usual garrison duties. On 21 September, it joined with the 7th Cavalry Regiment to form a provisional cavalry brigade. Returning to the United States on 12 September 1915, the regiment was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, as part of the 15th Cavalry Division. Troops were dispatched along the border for the purpose of subduing the activity of Mexican bandits who were giving the ranchers a great deal of trouble. Responding to a border raid at Columbus, New Mexico, by Pancho Villa, an expedition led by John J. Pershing was launched into Mexico on 15 March 1916. First Lieutenant George Smith Patton, Jr. was one of Pershing's aides-de-camp.[7] On 31 July 1916 a US Customs officer and a private were killed and a sergeant wounded in a clash between the 8th Cavalry and Mexican bandits of whom five were killed.[8] "On April 7, 1918; there was a skirmish with Mexican bandits. In Commanding at Fort Hancock during this time from Dec 2, 1917 to May 10, 1918, was Capt. Thomas Henry Rees, Jr."[9] On 13 September 1921, with the initiation of the National Defense Act, the 1st Cavalry Division was formally activated at Fort Bliss, Texas. The first unit of the 1st Cavalry Division, the 1st Cavalry Regiment, had been preassigned to the 1st Division on 20 August 1921, nearly a month before the formal divisional activation date. Upon formal activation, the 7th, 8th, and 10th Cavalry Regiments were assigned to the new division. It served as a horse cavalry regiment until 1942, when it took part in amphibious training
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