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  1. Wow - great haul thanks n one night
  2. Cool - I had no idea as I've never hunted anywhere where one might find stuff like that. Cool find.
  3. I also hunt at a very old park (115 years). I've never seen so many pull tabs and shredded aluminum cans. I'm prone to digging nearly everything there because I always feel like eventually, I'll find that old silver. Best of luck to you.
  4. Hibby

    V3i Customizing Question

    Thanks @Steve Herschbach ! I had success this time.
  5. Hoping someone can help me out. I just need to know in basic terms what is the best way to customize a program? I spent an hour or so modifying the coins and jewelry program to be an exact copy of Magic's renowned program only to accidentally overwrite my changes in the last steps. So I just want to know what method (steps) I should use to modify the program and then rename it as "Magic". I'd like to retain the coins and jewelry program as well so ultimately I'd prefer to overwrite the 'common' program. thanks in advance, Hibby
  6. Found this large piece on my property in east-central Ohio. It looks much like petrified wood but not quite as slick as many specimens I have seen. It's also not very common to find in my part of Ohio (Licking County). Is there any way to test to see if it is indeed silicified or petrified wood?
  7. Hibby

    Couple Rocks

    Another Q - Do all ammonite fluoresce? I have a giant museum quality specimen and I am curious if it would glow like that.
  8. Hibby

    Couple Rocks

    Jim - thanks for such a thorough answer. You even answered questions I hadn't answered yet (but was going to).
  9. Hibby

    Couple Rocks

    2 questions: is shortwave light the the same as black light? is conglomerate the same as 'pudding rock'?
  10. Sure looks like mixed glass. I have heard of a meteorite causing similar formations by landing in a silica-rich environment. But they usually happen in deserts as opposed to beaches. Wish I could tell you more.
  11. Hibby

    White's Shovel Offering

    I also appreciate tboykin's honesty. I already have a Sampson but I haven't used it much yet. I'm over 6' so the Whites offering may be just up my alley.
  12. Steve, I think I've got you beat on the lowest common denominator detector. I had a radio shack orange detector when I was maybe 7 years old. This isn't mine - just a pic from the web. The only setting that detector had was a volume knob. It worked and I caught the bug that I've never been able to shake.