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  1. Awesome gold coins and sheet. Great relics Steve. And WOW! Your Celtic gold is AMAZING! Good for you!
  2. That's what I was going to say Steve. Well, the part about listening for a good signal THEN using the screen. This has been a topic in detecting since visual meters/id have been an option, still, for some reason I never really thought about doing an experiment. I want to now though... cover my screen for like and hour and see how it goes! Then hunt silently with screen for a while and see how that goes. For fun. I think audio only will be fun. Visual only will be frustrating, and as Steve said, probably dangerous!
  3. 2010 Borrowed bounty hunter, immediately got an ACE 250, found clad for 6 months. fazed out on detecting for a couple years. 2014 got an MXT pro to find nuggets, maybe hunt relics. I found one nugget, then spent 1000's of hours relic hunting and loving every minute of it! Still want to find some more nuggets! ? Edit: I may get a Deus someday, or AT pro at least, change it up a bit.
  4. Crazy! I am not familiar with that website or the country or claims... is he using your photos to sell HIS claims?(100% pathetic) OR Is he actually selling claims that aren't even HIS?(200% pathetic) That sux man. Especially if he does like the California claim sellers and says "feel free to go sample the claim before it sells"...
  5. DANG! The XP Deus has been temping me with it's ability to seperate good items in TRASHY location better than about ANY machine out there! It was seeming like it was probably the BEST machine for me to get to find quality stuff in my HUNTED OUT, TRASHY locations. If the SAME DETECTOR is now possibly ALSO one of the better VLF gold detectors available, my goodness, might be time to sell a kidney! ?? 2 pounds and standard wireless is sweet too! I'm not really in the market for a new machine, but DANG I want a DEUS! ?
  6. Poor dude... "excited, but kinda disappointed, thought it was gonna be huge" only 20 grams! ?
  7. First photo is a beauty for sure. but those in field pics are what gives me butterflies! Dirty hands, dirty pants, green grass... I can imagine that being me taking that picture some day! ?
  8. Sweet! I never really searched for, and definitely never seen hat like that, I'm going to look into it! I may also check out some small supported ear speaker as you and Steve have shared.
  9. I have to figure out how to customize my hat to work with my headphones. I am a religious straw hat wearer, as I'm virtually albino ?. But I haven't found a way to work around the headphones... especially trying to get it all to stay put on my head for any amount of time. Yes, I switch to a ball cap for detecting. I'm thinking I can cut a couple holes and rig my phones into a straw wide brim.
  10. PCGS has the Photograde and Price Guide iPhone apps also. I've got the apps, I just need to find more coins so I can use them! ?
  11. Sweet! Some of those things are in great shape! I never imagined that would be a main objective for treasure hunting. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Man, what would you guys do if they didn't have the "over size" flags on the grille! ? Sweet pics of some insane equipment!
  13. I used a tiny shallow dish crucible from http://www.makeyourowngoldbars.com/2-58-crucible-dish-tong-set-gold-recovery-melting-silver-copper-lead I feel like a cheap ass buying the least expensive product they sell ?. BUT, i saw them at the gold show in Sonora a couple years back... I was not planning on or looking for melting supplies, I let $20 burn a hole in my pocket and I just couldn't help get the cruicible and a little anhydrous borax. Then I put a little pile of fine gold in the cup and used a "plumbers" MAPP gas torch for a few minutes. Turned out a 7.6 gram button. I'm not sure if it's possible or feasible to "smelt"(?) gold and purify it on that small of a scale of which I was operating. I didn't have any precious metal separation, but there was some dirt and black sand in the fine gold that I started with, that got separated off. Edit: I'm keeping that little thing... Coota, your bars are EPIC! ?
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