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  1. Johnno481

    Least Expensive Pi

    Couldn’t agree more with Steve, you would be well served with a Minelab 4500. I have used many detectors over the past 39 years, up to the GPZ. If I was only able to have one detector it would be the 4500, and the coil of choice would be a 16” nugget finder mono. But depending where you will be detecting smaller coils may be more appropriate. Good luck.
  2. Sunray pro Gold are hard to beat. Koss UR 30’s are like listening through a wall. If you listen to both you will hear the difference. Your whole set up is only as good as the weakest part. Best wishes from down under.
  3. Johnno481

    Gpx 5000 Charging In The Bush???

    I use 3 solar panels to charge a heavy duty battery set up same as Nordic but position the panels in the sun turning them to face the sun several times during the day. I park the vehicle in the shade and use ordinary extension leads to run from the panels to the battery. Much more efficient use of panels if they are kept facing the sun and the food in the shaded vehicle stays cooler and lasts longer. We also have a 12v 50amp generator for when there are extended cloudy days.
  4. Johnno481

    Koss Headphones

    Mitchell, Koss ur30 headphones aren't worth $9, they will probably cost you gold. Buy yourself a set of Sunray Pro Gold headphones and you will be amazed. Your whole setup is only as good as the weakest part. Good luck out there. John
  5. Johnno481

    My 19 Inch Coil Arrived Today

    JW, good luck with the 19", my detecting mate and I recently sold ours having bought them when they first came out. To say we were disappointed in their performance and weight is an understatement. We had some ideal deep ground where we had found specimens with up to 2ozs in them and could only come up with a 14 Gm speci. Tests with the 19 showed no depth improvement on a 20gm nugget, over a 20" mono on a 4500 which is about a third the weight. The 19" did go around 30 percent deeper on that nugget than the 14". Having detected in your neck of the woods and knowing how shallow and inert the ground is and the expected size of the nuggets I sincerely hope you have better results with it than we did. I look forward to reading good reports from over the ditch. John
  6. Don't get me wrong the 19" coil showed us an improvement of around 30 percent over the 14" coil and the 14" coil showed around 30 percent improvement over the 4500 or 5000 with the standard 11" coil just as Minelab has claimed. But if you have already been thoroughly over a piece of ground with a 20" mono on the 4500 or 5000 our tests indicate the 19" coil may be disappointing. Next season I will continue to try and prove otherwise. From what we have found it's best performance is likely to be on specimens. Johnno
  7. Don't be in a rush, having used and tested it against a Nugget Finder 20" mono on the 4500, the NF 20"went deeper, has a better signal, is half the price and a third the weight! Those tests were done in Western Australia with 7 & 24 gm nuggets in the ground, using high yield and difficult on the 7000 and enhance on the 4500. Hopefully it can prove itself in some situations and conditions. The best thing about it so far is it makes the 14" coil seem light! :) Johnno481
  8. Johnno481

    Dead In The Scrub !!

    I had the same problems since the SD2000, so I cut a piece of stainless pipe which fitted over the shaft after I cut it down the middle and opened it up slightly. I then welded another piece of stainless pipe to the first mentioned at the correct angle and then pop riveted the sleeve onto the detector shaft in the appropriate position for my arm. When the handles came out with the button in the top I glued a drilled out piece of wooden dowel into the top of the handle for the button switch and ran the wiring down the inside of the handle and out through a hole I had made in the very bottom of the handle. Works a treat and will never break.
  9. Johnno481

    GPZ 19 Accessory Coil - Coming Soon!

    I did some measurements of the new 19" coil photo and converted the measurements and arrived at a width of 16.5 inches.