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  1. I'm sorry if this topic has been already posted (I don't know yet)... Unluckily days ago I found a bad surprise on my BH-01 headphones. Apparently one of the two vibrating or pulsating bonepads isn't working and it appears like exploded for a pressure damage. Honestly I suppose that's a mechanical damage happened not underwater, or at least not at that depth where I usually dive, but I just can't say more. The point is...I want to build an easy diy headphone and I need to know the connector type and possibly the best components to make a good pair of old school's one... Thanks in advance to all of You... Pissed as usual Skull
  2. That's a good way to knock out some interference but pay attention with low reactivity and iron in the mix... It happens that with higher disc and low reactivity the masking action starts to appear clearly😬
  3. I found the P10 to be completely blind on small stuff🩸. Try the P11 and save as a new program to use it for test purpose. Disc 5 (trust me) Iron volume not over 3 Raise sens up to 95 (88 is really low for the game) Keep reactivity under 2 Salt sens 8 should be fine Pitch tone unless you wanna get crazy with multiple useless hits. Try GB tracking as I also found on red clay and hot rocks to be unworkable with manual. Blacksand accepted please. Let me know if it works😉
  4. Have you found the right combination already or still waiting for it? I'm done now after: Doodads remote clip, Anderson carbon scuba shaft, bh-01 since the first day and some minor mods in my mind just to keep it firm under the signal buoy when using the dpv to move away.
  5. I'm sharing my last experience during the end of a noisy dive... For those that hunts in saltwater like me, can be a gamechanger talking about noise to signals ratio.. I started with too demanding settings in P11, Sens.95 salt sens.8 audio resp.6 react. 0.5 no filters and notch at all, just trying to do the G.B. here and there where rocks sounded with a solid 25... There's no way to obtain a so low balance, so I just left it around 69 and so... After a couple hours of really annoying background noise (already reduced with pitch tones, but still too much for my taste), I just tried before leaving the area to turn the GB tracking... I also had the black sand accepted cause nothing blackish was around me... Miracle😎...All the noise canceled like it was mute and only good pitched signals above the thin audible treshold that even at 20 is still too low to sound over the bubbles and the hood... No gold to show, but some coins and less headache guys😉... Have someone experienced the same?
  6. I'm quite happy with the red clip for the remote...Actually I want another one for the original shaft cause if in the future I want to search on the wet instead to dive, I want to leave on the Anderson shaft the clip I'm using. I think "Doodads" needs just an hand for order's dispatching and customer's care and hope for them to improve. Will be a shame for a small business to close operations for easily solvable troubles. That red clip gives me peace of mind underwater, without being scared to lose the remote💀.
  7. Further tests will come with other programs...Until now I'd say that fully submerged the good compromise to have it quiet and still sensitive to small stuff is P11 with little mods... P12 OR P @40+kHz doesn't suit my needs in really salty areas...
  8. Early morning dive today and second time on the seabed with the D2. Nothing to say about the Anderson shaft...Just amazing. Talking about the D2,I found useful to use the pitch tone and the treshold to make it as similar as possible to the analog oldie in my hearth... I'd say that numbers are almost not relevant, cause with this machine I just dig it all now... Happy for the first piece with it, especially for the damn place where dozens of competitors already sucked dredging all the shines days ago...This actually means that with proper tuning and some luck, if there's something more,You can still pull it out with the D2. Really scarce time for me now and no video for today... Sorry... Cheers from Europe Skull 💀
  9. I'm finally done with all the mods to dive properly with the D2. Even if I've modified it deeply, I'm still not so satisfied, especially for the money I spent🤔. Almost 400$ and counting, cause the next mod will be an handmade layer between the Doodads clip and the remote to keep it firm once for all. I'm disgusted by the poor quality of the supposed "locking" tape which is leaving and falling in pieces. Only one dive and I can already see the transparent part of the remote to appear 🤐... This happened just removing and mounting the remote on the original clip for testing and program build. Without words now... Just for knowledge. And this is what it looks now, ready for the second dive before the winter (I hope).
  10. You're right Fabio, but talking about tired arms I consider the D2 11"like a feather😂... Last year I was diving with a Ctx3030 and a 14x9"
  11. I saw a little bigger hole than necessary for the D2 bolt, but once I closed It properly, no wobbling of any kind. I'm in love with the armcuff and handle position...It seems like tailor made for me and especially so short to dig finally in parallel with the free hand without to pull back the shaft❤️
  12. At the end of the story, I finally ended up to buy an Anderson dive shaft to use the D2 properly. Nothing to say about the thing and the lovely appearance of it, but just a bit expensive if shipping costs and importation tax added to the base price😬. As usual I'm pissed cause making a total of the money I spent for this unit I'm way over the old Ctx and not to mention that I still want the 9" not available when I bought the detector. I still want to approach the second dive with it😶. After the first attempt with the original shaft I just refused to do it again.
  13. It was a joke video on the web...Our stuff on the beach and banters with curious girls😎
  14. That's not the way to go. Here in Europe we are all potential thieves until counterproof now. So if I find a ring I need to declare the find and wait one Year for the owner's claim, but staying away from archeological sites... Many questions without a clear answer by the way. What If I dive in a beach between two archeological sites and accidentally I'm caught near one of them? How to keep trace of not allowed places without signals? How to have an idea of where to operate freely if the regional plan is 10years old and not updated? Meanwhile police and other corps, coastguards included are looking for detectorists without any instruction but to fine and take any instrument in your "unjustified" possession. What's the justified possession of a metal detector? What about a professional list of users?What about a national rule for operators? What about a state permission for salvagers? Archeologists are blind for an half and poor for the other. No one cares about recovery's expence but if You find something for them and declare the thing, You risk however the jail. W T F !!!
  15. Jeez...I've ordered and payed right now my clip🤐...I just hope they improved meanwhile cause this thing is costing me almost 50bucks due to expensive shipping costs.
  16. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfsJbj9DtOE/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 😜
  17. Sorry for not working link. I modified my channel contents for various reasons. Now the introduction is the only active content. I'll post more this winter...
  18. For anyone interested in underwater use of the Deus 2 here is a link of my test done for a dealer I'm partner with. I tried to push it to the limit with the P11 beach, slightly less blind to thin stuff, on a hot rock site plenty of weeds and trash of any kind. With a sensitivity over 90 and salt sens of 8, the keypoint was to raise immediately the reactivity up to 2 and stay for a good compromise among falsing and true signals. That's an extreme setting just for the purpose of a test. Pure sound, long video. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/r_pO7_Ckzbw
  19. I know what You mean and I found the pitch mode to work slightly better in terms of sound modulation from faint to solid. But the true threshold sound of an analog machine still is another thing. For disconnected treshold I mean an isolated sound not regarding the presence of an object and a sound variation but only a hum, telling you "I'm on"...
  20. I still own three analogs, one of them being a pulse. The "disconnected" treshold is a digital curse, making it useless for the purpose to hear a faint wisper. On the other hand, there's a screen to understand a little what's under. It just need some patience for people like Us which hunted by ears for at least a decade.
  21. I was wondering the same thing and the answer is bad. When I first tested the D2 it had the 0.5 version. After that, 0.6 was the only available in the updating software and still is the same, at least here in Europe. I updated again for the bigger numbers and I liked it so and so, due to the back and forth to the horseshoe screen. Right now, for the full 0.7 update we can only wait.
  22. Nice and clean setup.. I'm waiting for a straight shaft too, so for now I'll keep the original one like it is to avoid it soon as I can... For water and underwater use, I tested this morning with success the beach P11 with minor tweaks. Even if salt sensitivity was the right proposed factor to tune, I soon realized that higher reactivity up to 2.5 is mandatory to don't get crazy among noise. With 95 general sens., 9 salt sens. and 5.9 disc I was fine with it. Beach Sensitive in the water is just unusable, neither Beach P, unluckily.
  23. I think not...I tried with a slim and tiny gold ring an air test with fast 40 (not so sure but I changed frequency) and reducing to 14 and less it just disappeared... When in Beach P the ring sounds amazing 😜
  24. I'm not perceiving depth reduction at least air testing a small and thin gold ring at home... But the interesting thing is that with 99 sens I've not EMI inside my room ........................WTF is happened? I'll try underwater to check for real depth...Right now I can only suppose something related with interference correction.
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