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  1. Somebody get them a virtual server with backups. Ha ha. I can't concieve a reason this would be intentional.....
  2. Didn't know that was a relative of the tdi...guess I've had my head in the sand. thank you and sorry. It has piqued my interest. I had already written that detector off....but not anymore.
  3. Where? Maybe I need to research more? Is it obvious and I have missed it?
  4. This is my go to detector forum. I rarely visit others! Too bad White's doesn't seem to maintain theirs. In my opinion, anybody that uses active server pages for a website (like White's) will have issues anyway. Ha ha.
  5. Harvest them from a non-functional laptop battery. There are some good articles online with instructions. In my experience ~50% of "dead" laptop lithium ion cells are still a-okay.
  6. Are the tones similar to what one hears with the BBS Excalibur or Sovereign? I remember being able to “hear” rings and multi-metallic objects. I assume maybe the tones might be even more telling with the advanced tech in the Equinox!?
  7. Great job. Would you be willing to share the file so others may print? Thank you!
  8. I too have resisted Facebook and other nonsense social media. Social media seems to fall short with meaningful information, unlike a forum. This forum is my mainstay detecting forum and hopefully sites like these continue when fad sites like Facebook wane.
  9. Very sad indeed. I doubt the threads are truly erased from the server, but they are not accessible; I tried. ?
  10. ....Depends on coil size and even the area in Oregon. Some spots are more mineralized than others!
  11. With the existence of a manual, a webpage and a video I’m of the opinion it’s not a lie; however, it is a puzzling marketing strategy.
  12. Well perhaps you are right. I tend to use these detectors in setting other than the beach and prospecting, so those features are not a staple to most. I definitely like the looks and have hopes White’s has hit a home run with this. Their detectors have served me well.
  13. I’ve been saving for an equinox, but might give this one a go instead. I’m a bit hesitant because of the battery type and lack of conductivity switch which allowed a means of some discrimination, however.
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