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  1. Reduced to $400, $420 PayPal, if PayPal gift not used. Includes shipping.
  2. dbsmokey

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    ....Depends on coil size and even the area in Oregon. Some spots are more mineralized than others!
  3. dbsmokey

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    With the existence of a manual, a webpage and a video I’m of the opinion it’s not a lie; however, it is a puzzling marketing strategy.
  4. dbsmokey

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    Well perhaps you are right. I tend to use these detectors in setting other than the beach and prospecting, so those features are not a staple to most. I definitely like the looks and have hopes White’s has hit a home run with this. Their detectors have served me well.
  5. dbsmokey

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    I’ve been saving for an equinox, but might give this one a go instead. I’m a bit hesitant because of the battery type and lack of conductivity switch which allowed a means of some discrimination, however.
  6. dbsmokey

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    I saved it as a pdf. It says 12V! 😞 I guess a battery could be modified.
  7. dbsmokey

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    I downloaded the manual before it was removed. I should have saved the site. 🙂.
  8. dbsmokey

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    But Nimh or AA batteries? Ugh!!!! So 1990’s. Is it not possible to equip this with modern battery technology? One of my biggest personal criticisms of the TDI was lack of power. I wonder if this suffers the same fate? However, this is fantastic news and a detector I have been waiting years to see. The manual mentions other coil options, but I suppose they require factory fitting. I certainly hope this detector is what it seems it might be....
  9. Used only once. In mint condition. Comes with box,manual and stock coil. $500 included shipping/insurance to ConUS. via Paypal gift. $520 if you prefer not to use Paypal Gift.
  10. dbsmokey

    Bold Prediction On Release Date......

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equinox https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solstice :)
  11. dbsmokey

    Rock Tumblers?

    If you’re patient (ie have time before you need one) and search often, one can usually find an almost new Lortone on Craigslist for a fraction of the new price. Just like with most tools, quality costs more but is usually worth it. I agree with Steve.
  12. dbsmokey

    Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    Makes me smile. Of course you’d avoid the trashy sites when you use the “always oversized” stock coil that comes with every White’s machine. Put on a 6X8” Detech or the 6”concentric and those machines go from good to outstanding. Of course the new mystery machine in the video may not have that opportunity just yet, but most certainly that MXT I saw could be outfitted with such. Just saying....
  13. It appears as if I will be able to get an excellent price on the G2+ instead. I am thankful they worked with me.