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  1. “Now that EQUINOX pre-orders are starting to get to their owners, here are a few beach and water hunting tips to help you hit the sand running! The basics are covered by the Getting Started Guide and the online Instruction Manual, so I’ll just cut to the chase by sharing a few of my experiences using the EQUINOX 800 on the beach and in the water. I will start by saying this detector has a little of everything that I like about my favorite Minelab metal detectors. It’s waterproof, lightweight, easy-to-use, and most importantly, the Beach Mode and Multi-IQ technology works exceptionally well at
  2. Since i posted on the 18th i have been out 3 times but haven't found any more gems . I went out early in the morning and worked the tide out each time , all the beaches are either building up now or are very quiet . The first of the 3 trips i used my Explorer XS and found £13.00p exactly . The second trip out i took the Explorer 11 and it was a better search , conditions weren't that much better but small areas had changed which enabled me to pull out £33.95p and a 2 Euro coin and a coin which i haven't identified . Today i took the Explorer 11 as well and found only £8.47p , i didn't st
  3. A Hawaii beach report from the DUG THAT OFFICIAL MINELAB EQUINOX 800-600 GROUP If you are not on Facebook you may not be able to see this video...
  4. Well after seeing the beach yesterday and finding nothing but trash and also having bad weather last night i went back for another look . I went to the areas that i found my last 2 rings and left the main beaches i normally go to alone . I got there at around 6am and saw the beaches hadn't got any worse and looked better than yesterday so i switched on my Explorer XS and got stuck in . Yet again i started to find lots of coinage about , though mostly in hot spots and sometimes in lines along the beach which slopes up to the road. I walked around a mile or more till i got to the area of t
  5. Enjoy DrTones24k Published on Jan 6, 2018 ”Well... I went on a family vacation and I talked the wife into letting me metal detect for part of a day. Let's just say I was having a rough go at it. The machine was performing flawlessly but I lost my GoPro the day before the hunt. I usually clamp it to the detector to free up my hands to make videos. So there I was... trying to film with a smart phone, dig with a sand scoop and swing a detector. It was a real goat rope! To make things worse, the waves were huge and that left me hunting the dry, very shallow sand (where everyone
  6. It is not what you think. MAN = Maximum Amount of Nothing This is a tough year. I think the worst I have ever had on the beaches. I went out today on Zuma Beach (another Big Beach) and I got a Maximum Amount of Nothing (MAN)! It took me about an hour and I only started digging one target at 12 inches. I took a couple of scoops and it went total iron and I stopped and soon I left the beach. It is there (good targets) or it is not. If it is not then time to leave. Mitchel
  7. Will a vlf detector with a frequency of 5.7 khz be less affected by wet salt water beach sand than a 10 khz machine?
  8. I am looking for the best edge I can get looking for $2.5 gold coin in the wet saltwater sand. The beach has a lot of magnetite and a few nails. This is not a diving situation. It is definitely a situation where the detector will get wet sometimes. Currently I am using a CZ 21 with an 8" coil. I sure appreciate the wisdom of the brain trust assembled here! Thanks, Tim
  9. Which one of the three would be best on dry beach sand? All with standard coil. 1. Old Tesoro Diablo-2 Gold Demon (20 khz). Gnd Adj, Sensitivity, Threshold. No discrimination capability 2. Old Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax (10 khz). 3. Old Fisher 1235X (5.7 khz). 4. New Fisher F22 (7.5 khz).
  10. I am getting questions via PM instead of the forum.... “Why did they put an external speaker on the Equinox? Is there anyone that even uses them now days? I know a few that have had trouble with the speaker leaking on the CTX” and “I saw a post saying the Equinox may well have a true AM mode like the Xterra does for prospecting. Would this bring it to an equalizing depth against the Xcal and CTX in the salt water? Have you tried the all metal mode and IF you have, could you do a post on it (true all metal, threshold based, does it lock on when the button is pushed or do you have
  11. Taking the misses away caravaning again and seeing that the last two trips were too gold-bearing spots I decided to take her to the coast instead. I've never detected beaches before and until I get the new equinox will have to settle on the 4500. I'm assuming the gpx will work on sand. Would I use the salt timings? And what about ground balancing? would you turn that off? The other question is coil choice. Go with a DD and use discrimination or don't bother and dig everything. Only got 2 DD's. the standard 11" and a coiltek 24" Would a mono coil work? I've got a 13"x17" nugget finder that
  12. ¿Por qué hay tan poca información sobre el equinoccio en la playa? . Mi intención es usarlo especialmente para la playa, pero sin saber cómo funcionará con sus hermanos con la tecnología BBS y FBS. Tendré que ver antes cómo se comporta en la playa antes de hacer el pedido.
  13. Here are some Equinox Saltwater performance clues... Almost as well as BBS/FBS. My question now is define "almost".
  14. Hi and my first current post here. Guess my detecting passions lean towards gold nugget hunting, but mostly Caribbean shallow water treasure hunting. For years I have travelled with a group in search of such Caribbean Adventure, sharing comradery and expenses. I and others in our group have pretty much tried every water detector available, including customized land machines in waterproof boxes/bags, in search of the best Caribbean gold jewelry finder. There have been some Winners and mostly Losers for our style of hunting. On a 1 to 2 week treasure hunting vacation one needs an efficient
  15. Any of you Deus owners tried it out on wet salt sand? I need something lightweight for trashy beaches (yeah, I'm a wimp-ette). I love my Infinium for the water and wet sand, but the bottle caps drive me nuts on the upper beach. I've done tests and bottle caps and gold rings sound identical (of course they do, it's a PI machine!). If the bottle caps drive me crazy at the ocean beach, I have a feeling the Infinium is going to be almost useless when we go to fresh water beaches next summer. My old DFX is great on the dry and will tell me instantly if it's a bottle cap. But at 5 lbs, it wear
  16. I have a Makro Racer 2 and it performs well and silent on the beach....how much better, if at all would the Equinox 800 be on the beach? Coz it almost seems that anything even remotely related to the Equinox and wet sand performance is avoided by the testers or anyone working for minelab. I'm very very keen on the Equinox...but 95% of my hunting is done on the beach. Dry and wet. Anyone have any idea at all if it would be a definite upgrade in beach performance compared to Racer 2? Seems to be absolutely zero videos or write-ups with regard to anything to do with beach
  17. Hi Guys! I've been back home in Indian Harbour since Tuesday night. We still don't have electricity, but we do have a generator, which runs the air conditioning enough to keep it almost tolerable in here. Florida LP says everyone on the east coast will be back online by Sunday. We'll keep our fingers crossed, because it is HOT here. So in case anyone is curious, I have been hunting for the past 2 days (duh). Four different beaches near Melbourne, and pretty much all the same conditions. First, the hurricane DID take some of that "renourishment" sand away. I'm pretty sure the sa
  18. So I was on the beach yesterday just swingin' the DFX having a great time. Had my headphones on, minding my own business, when this foreign tourist (sounded like New York) walks right up to me and shows me some wire-looking stuff with a fish hook attached. She then asks me what to do with it. Really, lady? So I stop what I'm doing, take off my headphones, and politely suggest any one of several garbage cans conveniently located just across the dunes. She then asks me which one I use. Huh? Still trying to be polite, despite the circumstances, I told her "the one my bike is parked next to"
  19. Hi Ya'll and Happy Saturday! In anticipation of my Garrett Infinium being ordered (maybe), I decided to have a look at Google maps and see where I could go water hunt nearby. As some of you may know, there are areas where it is illegal to detect in the water just south of my area, from about Sebastian inlet south to Ft Pierce. I thought it might not be a bad idea to know exactly where these areas are, so that I could avoid getting into trouble. So I googled this search to death and found that information about these lease areas is pretty scarce. In my Google search I did find th
  20. Total haul metal detecting on the beach this morning: 12 cents, one spark plug and 3 bottle caps.The looks on people's faces when they saw me waving my coil in the air and screaming at seagulls like a banshee: priceless.
  21. I accidently found this website that posts pictures and reports almost daily. Lots of photos of some famous finds, beach conditions, etc. Be sure especially to look for the Treasure Site Reference Link List in column on left. Check it out.... http://treasurebeachesreport.blogspot.com/
  22. Well, the Infinium arrived this morning, and I just couldn't wait to get some sand on the coil. So I headed for the closest beach about 1/2 mile from our house and hunted for about 3 1/2 hours. I didn't get past knee-deep as I was just trying to find some targets to dig and get used to it first. First impressions of my new Infinium: 1. I don't like the stock shaft at all. I'll be upgrading that thing ASAP. 2. Hip-mounting the control box is the way to go. My arms and shoulders are usually hurting after 3 hours of swinging the DFX, but after some food and iced tea I think I coul
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