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  1. The beaches here have been so socked in, but we finally had a one day event recently where there was some erosion and nice cuts. When that happens, we all drive frantically along the coast looking for the best spots to hunt...lots of competition. I got lucky and found a nice area with a big cut and only one other detectorist. Since this part of Florida is not touristy, you don’t find a buhzillion rings like Gerry does(see his recent post). This is what we dig up.... I did manage to find a nice tungsten ring with a gold band though, but I was more excited about the old nail...maybe f
  2. Two nights ago I went out to the beach and tried a place that I have had good success. I got there and discovered that I didn't bring my headphones. I decided to go anyway and just use the 800's speaker. That proved to be very difficult. I found a few targets but I was not able to hunt in my normal way. The waves were loud and I could not hear clearly no matter what setting I tried. I did end up in 5 tone mode rather than 50 but it was still a challenge to get the few targets that I did get. I am a headphone guy, especially at the beach. Tonight I went out (I had the headphones) an
  3. After 2 weeks of lots of work, I was finally able to get to the beach for a hunt. I was hoping that I could try the 18” DD coil I just bought for the GPX. The area I did well at with the 14” coil, was even more sanded in and that defeated the purpose of comparing it to the 14” coil to see if it could find something else there. But I did use it for a while, and it was heavy. I put a side arm on, to offset the weight and that worked, but trying to carry a bigger shovel and holding the arm did not work well at all. It seems I will have to get a bungee harness set up for any coil larger than a 14”
  4. Hello metal detector colleagues, I went on the beach yesterday with my minelab safari. I worked in all metal with discrimination from -10 to 0 (iron), sensitivity on 18 and trash density on high. 3 hours later I had dig around 40 holes with pull tabs, so I decided to increase discrimination from -10 to 20. I quitted from finding gold jewelry and I was focused on coins. In one hour I found 10 coins (7.05 euros).
  5. Mountain Lake Detecting - Metal Detecting is a great Hobby, teaching the younger generation how to find hidden treasures underground is a great way to spend the day and pass along knowledge . Me and my friend Adrian hunt a Mountain Lake's Beach for hidden Gem's and Treasure's from Hot wheels to Pull tabs see what we uncover on the adventure (SG 014)
  6. How many crabs have you dug up using your Nox? I've dug up 4 of those toe pinching speckled crabs so far. lol
  7. Well I made it to the coast on Friday on the last day of the storms in my area. Winds were 22 MPH and the waves were huge. How those guys could para surf is beyond me. I found a fair amount of very green clad and wheat pennies. Got one Buffalo nickel too. I was not able to get to the low part of the beach since the low tide was not very low, and the surges were very unpredictable. I used the Equinox exclusively and got hammer many times by those rouge waves 😄 The GPX stayed dry in the car! Even though I know the gold was out of range, I still got a decent amount of silver and an earring that m
  8. Hey guys, I have never beach hunted or hunted for coins/relics/jewelry. I have only hunted for gold nuggets. We are heading to Maui and my son wants to metal detect the beach where we are staying. I have a new in the box Equinox 800. I don't have anything other than my nugget hunting gear. It looks like I should pick up one of those beach scoop things with a long handle. Is there anything else I should get? Any tips on beach hunting? Thanks for any advise and yes I will start searching the forum and youtube for other threads on beach hunting basics. Can't remember if the Nox is water
  9. In my signature, I wrote that our challenge is : Big Beach, Little Coil, Tiny Targets. Just as an amusing exercise, I thought I'd see what that looks like in terms of square inches. 1 square mile of beach = 4,014,490,000 square inches Standard 11 inch coil = 95 square inches a good target = 1 square inch...maybe Given that reality, I think it's amazing we find what we do! Of course you can reduce that beach area with careful beach reading skills but you get the point! Big Beach, Little Coil, Tiny Targets.😁
  10. I spent the afternoon at a beach that likes a NW swell. It kinda pushes everything up and out if the waves are under 10 second intervals. I found 10 'hoops' for the afternoon but I worked a bit over 4 hours to get them. One set of hoops is a pair. In addition to the hoops I dug 108 coins and 4 rings. One ring is a 6g .925 that looks a bit like a nail made into a ring. Some of the targets were in the tops of the 3-5 ft waves I was walking in. It was getting near sunset so I had to cut the trip a little short and cherry pick to get my car before it got a ticket.
  11. On Monday morning i went to my best beaches early in the morning , the tide was in but going out and the tides are short at the moment . I didn't expect much . I started to detect and found a few coins here and there , it was enough just to wet my appetite so i kept going . I got to a groin and entered the next beach which i knew would be a lot quieter , i found a few coins and then with my ET i got a target reading 12 19 . I am always suspicious of that number and this time proved why . I dug down and out popped a nice 18 k 5.9 g Gold Signet ring , by this time the tide was showing that
  12. This morning I woke up with a start of a cold and nearly didn't get up . I had updated my Nox to the 1.7.5 and wanted to give it a try . I was going to take my ET but as it was raining I thought better not . So at around 7.45 am I got a Bus to the beach and when I got there the tide was in and it was rough . I had other things to do so I did them and at about 11 am I got to the beach and started to detect. I immediately got my feet wet . So my cold will be double Man Flu by morning tomorrow LOL. I started to find a slow but steady trail of coins below a cut and I covered about a mile then
  13. Was debating on taking my AT Pro or try my luck with the Sea Hunter at local pond I have hit before where there is a sandy beach with little trash. Ended up with the Pro and snagged this bracelet 14k 1.42grams, rest of the jewelry is gold plated but still gets your blood moving when you see it in the water. Very tricky fishing the earings out through my scoop and lost a few others as they were just too small for me to see in the water. For those that still use the AT Pro just set it to zero mode and turn off the iron audio. I fly by audio mostly anyways and occasionally look at the vid.
  14. I detect at the beach often because that is where I live. (Lately I've also been doing some surf fishing. The yellowfin croakers taste pretty good.) When detecting at a beach you don't know if you are going to find coins, relics or jewelry. That leaves me to post my finds here. The first picture is of my finds for early (2:30 - 5:30) this morning. We have a negative tide on a practically flat ocean. There is very little energy so I decided to go out to the edge of the water which now has about 9 feet of change. That exposes 75-100 yards of sand that is often times under water. This
  15. I was at the Treasure Coast on Wednesday 4 September...right after Dorian left our area. All along A1A many, if not most of the small access points were locked and some actually had police cars blocking entry. Surfers were parking along the road side and making their way to the beach through heavy thicket! We were able to get to Bonsteel and it was a bust. Mushy sand throughout. The expected erosion was just not there. Numerous detectors were there however. Comparing results, only one that I met found anything of note. A small silver Reale about thumbnail size and paper thin. Obviousl
  16. Been getting into the water more then I have in past years...I'm enjoying this type of hunting. Been hitting two spots...One is just a secluded swimming hole not effected by big currents and waves...easy peaceful detecting with no competition that I know of...little bit of trash here and there...the spot is maybe 40 yards wide by 40 yards deep...you can get up to your chest here if you like. The other spot is the opposite...A lot of people visit this spot as it's an actual beach on the delta....it can have a fast moving tide, gets lots of wind, big currents and waves...chest deep is too dange
  17. Or maybe gold? I don't mean to be insensitive to the plight of those in the path of Hurricane Dorian, but none of us can do anything about the weather (in the short term, anyway). I'm wondering what the expectation is for beach hunting after the hurricane hits the shore in the coming days. I realize its path and strength are uncertain, but the chances of it missing Florida completely seems to be small, and we all know there are many targets (modern and ancient) along the Atlantic coast.
  18. Over the last Month I have been doing quite a lot of detecting on my local beaches . I found not as much coinage as I used to as cashless society has well and truly kicked in . But the Gold and Silver less society is way off. My total for the last Month other than a few Euro's and other coins was £384.76p , 1 Platinum ring which I found for someone and returned to him . The picture of a ring on its own is the Platinum . 3 Gold rings 15 Silver rings 2 Tungsten rings 1 other that looks like a Tungsten but doesn't say so and a Gold looking Stainless Still ring and a junk ring . I searc
  19. I went out detecting this morning at a couple of local beaches I had not been at for a few months. I ended up with just a few coins and a couple of silver rings which I have not pictured yet. It was an enjoyable hunt for 3 hours or so. It was a leisurely hunt and not an aerobic one for several reasons. One reason was lack of targets. You can hunt fast and cover lots of area to a shallow depth or you can slow down and let the coil speed catch some deeper targets. During the swinging I was remembering my research for the day about the high tide and the low tide and the wave size and th
  20. No gold for me and it's not because I've not been trying...Been hitting some parks around my area and a couple beaches on the river. The ocean is only 1.5 hours away but still I find it hard to get to for some reason. It's nice to get into the water during the Summer...I was at a beach yesterday and dug about 20 sinkers with my excal.. low tide was around noon and Kids were following me around asking lots of questions...different type of detecting then nugget hunting but you got to work with what you have close to home sometimes. The crucifix is 925 the two rings are fake but look nice anywa
  21. Hi all, I've been doing a bit of reading on strategies for detecting at the beach and some general advice I've found is to go where there are areas of erosion or where the sand is lower. At a local beach I go to, there is no tide. Does that mean the rings sink to the bottom only to remain inaccessible? Do you think its better to skip water detecting at these beaches in favor of ocean beaches with more current?
  22. Hello all, as some of you may know, I’m a very keen water detectorist and the Equinox is my go to water hunting machine BUT, last year after about 40-50 hours of water detecting my Equinox did end up flooding from normal (not exceeding 3m) use. From what I have read, this doesn’t appear to be entirely unusual. My suggestion is a waterproof case for the machine that can still let you to do all the normal things with your Equinox whilst adding little weight. I understand this isn’t for everyone but can I get a show of hands for who would like something like this and what it would take
  23. Well my Sand Shark is about finished so time to shop for a new dedicated (salt water ) beach detector. This machine will be dedicated to wet sand and/or surf only environment. Currently considering the ATX and TDIBH,, any suggestions / input would be appreciated.............Thanks! Rob
  24. Hit a small local beach this morning around low tide. Had heavy thunder storms and decided to see what might have been deposited. Using an Equinox800. This side of the beach typically for the last year has been encumbered by seaweed. So not many bathers. But it being NE, I figured maybe something had been made detectable. All I found were a couple of rusted metal spots, which funny, did not sound like iron with no discrimination. In the pools, using Beach 2 had several targets that showed 12-11. but couldn't recover Also showed with handpointer. Weird day! For those that have had more experien
  25. I know areas where rings have been lost and, to my knowledge, not found. I understand a strong storm will relocate a ring. I also wonder if a ring is lost in 3 foot of water during the low tide, will it eventually work it's way up the beach? I believe that a man's gold ring will sink in the sand to a harder layer of shells or clay (hard pan layer). It will remain there until a force of water pushes it either up or down. I also realize there are small lower pockets of these hard pan layers that cause lead weights and rings to gather as if they were in a concave bowl. My friend says that
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