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Giant Coils Looking For Gold From The Sky


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A while ago I put up this story from the Australian news about a giant coil towed around under a helicopter looking for gold in outback Australia, it's a very cool thing some may have missed it

The past week or so a helicopter has been buzzing around my area, I'm not sure what it's up to but it also has a giant coil type thing hanging underneath it, It seems to be flying around in the valleys around my general area. 

A gold mine very close to where I live that they pulled 80,000 ounces of gold out of recently closed, so perhaps they're looking for a new spot? I have no idea.

Here is a story about the gold mine near me closing https://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/111691272/waikaia-gold-finishes-mining-operations-at-freshford-in-northern-southland

Every time the helicopter zipped past I was either driving along or just not ready for a photo but this morning it was going up and down directly behind my house.  My house is right next to a river and they appeared to be flying up and down the river.  I took these photos from a window at the back of my house as it flew past.


The coil in this photo would be right on the river.


Not sure if they're looking for gold, but it'd be pretty cool if they are.

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It just did another lap, this time they checked my backyard 😛




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It just did another lap, this time it virtually went over my roof, that'd set a blast in the guys earphones being a metal roof 🙂

It looks the same as Kostas picture.






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Simon’s little gold collection is throwing them off, they think they found a NZ bonanza, but probably aren’t very happy there’s a house built over what they think is the mother lode!

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Ok they're gone from my house now, I think they had a coil error so had to land, they're going to have to send it back to Minelab for repairs, it was terribly noisy when it went over too so probably needs the EMI fix done to it.  I should contact them and tell them to inspect their coil for cracks while they're at it.  You wouldn't want to courier a coil that size to service too many times.

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Yeah, those cracked coil ears wouldn’t be so good for the thing. I also hear they had speaker EMI issues with it too 😜


But seriously, did you notice any interference issues with your radios or other electronics at home while it was nearby? Maybe turn on your AM radio- that should be interesting to hear if it does pick something up.

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