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Another Reason Why New Detector Models Act The Way They Do

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17 minutes ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

 I did fall for the AQ thru the video's Alexandre posted on youtube, almost felt like I connected with the machine by the way the audio sounded?... it did work out for me, even go a second one and very happy with them. Now the other 99 AQ owners? 🙄 

I was happy with my AQ and only sold it because Alexandre was saying at the time the new improved version was only months away. It was fall and I figured I’d have a new one by spring. That was what, three years ago? Thing is there are not 98 other owners because they never managed to sell the first hundred and are still trying to offload them years later. I guess that was reason enough to can it and move on to the next shiny object, the digital version. Hopefully that gets better vetted than the AQ did before release.

That guy waving the ring in that Equinox demo probably was wearing a watch under his sleeve. :smile:

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All this does is confirms why I'm done buying metal detectors, happy with my current collection and had no intentions of getting anymore unless there is a genuine technology breakthrough, which seems increasingly unlikely.  I think ZVT, FSB2 and Multi-IQ were genuine beneficial new technologies that I like, Geosense? Not even sure yet what it is, it's not listed in their key technologies on their website either even though the two silly annoying plastic bits hanging off the side of the Pro-Swing harness are on there that are meant to transfer the weight to your belt or some such thing, with no patent that I can see related to it specifically.  I don't think it's revolutionary, a more sensitive detector than the 5000 yes, so is the SDC, but now it appears the Garrett Axiom is too, and it doesn't use this magical Geosense technology, I like the 6000 of course but it's not a dramatic change over the 7000 with smaller coils and if smaller coils were released for the 7000 the 6000 may not have got off the ground in the first place. 

The Equinox 900 appears nothing more than a better built slightly higher gain Equinox 800 with an expanded ID range.  A slight evolution of the model.

XP did a good job with the XP Deus and Deus 2 catering to a certain market providing something different.  

Many other brands have mostly released nothing or paint jobs, Nokta have done well bringing old tech into new life in nicely built detectors, along with what appears to be a very good alternative of the Nox 800 using very similar well, everything.

It surprises me the Gold Bug 2 is still the pinnacle of sensitivity after decades on the market, it just can't be beaten for sensitivity.

Some more knowledgeable of other brands like Whites may have beneficial technologies to add to the list, the V3i sounds great and ahead of its time.  

We like to flock to the new models as soon as they're available, but people still find great stuff with old models, and also very cheap models are bringing in very nice finds.  New models often seem to be remixes, variations due to new technology like new Bluetooth versions, paint jobs, or alterations of older models to suit market demands at the time.

What impresses me is the people out there swinging lesser detectors than I do finding far more and far better stuff than I am.  Boots on the ground and a swinging coil is the key to finding good stuff.

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Yup, I fell for the influencer type/hype- had 1500 hours (no, really) on my 800... had to get a CTX cause, you know...then... the manticore came out, everything said it was as good as the CTX, and as light as the 800

never. should. have. sold. the. 800........ especially when a dude I go with runs this 15 year old heavy, uses battery packs Whites.....and routinely kicks our ass... now to either learn the manti, or buy one of those 800's and 3 coils for 600 bucks everyone dumped to rationalize the 1500 mantiwhore 😁

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