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All My 2023 Finds


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Nice looking finds for you this year, and glad you were able to save them.

Good luck in the next year to come and good hunting.

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Did have fun, my biggest problem was staying out long, I see other some other people spend like 4 hours or more digging, but I would get bored after about 2 hours, but I did get out a good amount of times a week to make up for it


Next year I hope to stay out longer per session, get some more exercise in as I'm  a pretty sedentary person


The other thing is if I found something really good, I would want to go home, I see other people say it makes them want to stay out longer, but it does the opposite for me, i figure its the best thing I'm going to find today and want to go home with the logic at least I found this one thing today



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Great variety of saves.  You'll be needing a larger ring display box next year.  Keep it up. 

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