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  1. Got Some New Plates Today

    That’s awesome. I just showed up my Wife. She said it looks like ‘I love my Boo’.
  2. I ordered mine from a large Metal Detector retailer on Dec 21. From everything I have read about them... I wish I had ordered from someone else. If I don’t get one by the end of the month (or some kind of update), I plan on canceling my order. I bought a used Gpx 4500 from Gerry and I’m very happy with the service and Detector. I will happily order a 800 from Gerry and end up on his waiting list.
  3. To Seal The Coil Cover Or Not…

    I don’t have my equinox yet. I wouldn’t seal the coil cover on. If you did seal it on and wanted to remove it later it might be a issue. Further, if you were not able to seal it completely you might end up with sand or water partially ‘sealed’ between the coil and cover. I have seen coil cover tape that might help keep sand and dirt out.
  4. Testing Gpx 4500 Tracking Button

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try some more settings on my next outing. I was experimenting with settings during my last outing and may have found one that didn’t work well with the ground. I hope to go out Wednesday.
  5. I bought a used Gpx 4500 with a 14x9 NuggetFinder coil. I was able to take it out gold hunting yesterday. I was unable to find gold, but was able to find lead at surprising depths. I also found an fragment of paper thin metal about the size of a marker tip @4”. The detector worked really well until the end of the day. It seemed that I was unable to ground balance in fixed mode and or tracking mode. I reset all the settings to FP and retuned. I still felt that the detector wouldn’t ground balance. Is the green ‘ground balance’ track button a simple’ switch that can be tested with a volt meter? Or is there a way to test the button?
  6. Brazilian Gold

    Maybe Whites is finally going to come out with a Tdi-‘Z’....
  7. Brazilian Gold

    Great pictures. First thought when looking at a few of the pictures... what kind of detector? Something new?
  8. Anyone Else Get This Email

    I got one. I think they are trying to keep us from buying from Cabelas....
  9. Bottle Caps And The Mighty Equinox

    I’m waiting on my Equinox, so I don’t know this will help. I have had a Whites V3i for 3 years. In multi freq mode, bottle caps have a Vdi very close to a U.S. quarter. I can use the V3i target analysist to determine if it’s a bottle cap (great feature). But the faster option is scan back and fourth over the target and slow raise the coil up. If it’s a bottle cap, the Vdi reduces as the coil lifts. If the target is a quarter, it remain a steady Vdi as the coil lifts. As the Equinox doesn’t have the target analysis, I’m curious if this works or not.
  10. They’re Here!

    Even if it takes until March to receive it, at least we know that they’re here:)
  11. Equinox Speed Test Video

    I was out of town when I first saw this video. It is impressive. It got me thinking if my Whites V3i could do the same as the Equinox. When I got home today I didn't have time to setup an exact test bed replica. I set down 6 coins. I set the swing speed of my detector from a normal of 80 to 5. My whites V3i reacted very simalarly to the Equinox at a similar swing speed (unrealistic detecting). I didn't have any iron nearby to place in the test bed. so that part is untested. However, the Equinox appears to be a very appealing detector for me. I'm waiting to hear more about ground balance, depth and possibly frequency abilities (like the V3i). Can't wait to see more about this detector.
  12. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    I have a Whites V3i and I'm likely going to buy this detector. I need to find out some more details.... but it is something that I really want.
  13. I got a Radar Detector to help keep me from getting pulled over when I go prospecting.... other then that, no prospecting gear.
  14. Personal GPS Tracking For Safety

    I have a regular GPS (E-Trex 30). I have looked at a few locator beacon type unis. I didn't like the monthly expenses attached to the devices I found. While searching for units I found one that looks pretty good with no monthly fee. It is called ACR ResQlink and it is a one time use device. On the company's website, it says they will replace it after its use with a rescue story. It lacks some of the features that other units have, but it has no monthly fee and it sure beats what they had in 1849 ACR ResQlink for about $299 (and other Models for more $)
  15. Please Help- Got Poison Oak

    A few said use Dawn dish soap. I have heard this remedy as well. I have heard that it should be used without water until throughly cleaned. Luckily for me I have been able to avoid the stuff..... I didn't see it answered, did you find any gold among the poison oak?