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  1. TrinityBigfoot

    Nox Detecting Question

    I have used my 800 a few times and have often experienced similar detecting. Many of the people here have suggested really good options. My first time out with the 800, I didn’t fully realize how to ground balance (settings, ground balance - hold the accept/reject button). Next suggestion I would have is go to a location that is easy to dig targets. I went to the beach and it allowed me to dig multiple targets quickly. Also, try reducing recovery speed. The manual suggests lower recovery for more accurate TID. This also could result in less ‘target’ alerts.
  2. TrinityBigfoot

    Equinox 800, V3i And Silver

    I have now had 2 opportunities to go out and use the Equinox. My first time out was shortly after getting it. My wife went with me and was going to swing our V3i. We went to a nearby park that has some history. Previously I was at this park when a gentleman with an AtPro dug a Mercury Head Dime. While detecting with my wife she called me over to check a signal found with the V3i. She is 8 months pregnant and wasn’t about to dig anything. I checked the signal I got a 26. I dug the target and it was our second silver ever found detecting, 1943 Mercury Head Dime. The Dime was surprisingly in the center of the park at about 1” deep. So by no means a challenging find. It was a real let down to have our old detector find silver while the new Equinox only found pull tabs. So today I took the Equinox to another park to focus on learning the Equinox better. I spent about 3 hours before the rain started. I found about $2 in modern coins. But most importantly I’m beginning to feel more confident with the Equinox. I feel the Equinox could be a game changer. It was giving crisp signals for targets and surprising target separation. Admittedly, I miss the features of the V3i, but feel the depth of the Equinox is better. When the rain let’s up, I hope to post some pictures of my finds.... old silver and maybe something dropped by captain Ulysses S. Grant (1854).
  3. TrinityBigfoot

    Minelab Equinox 800 Vs White's V3i

    Having just got my Eq800 yesterday, I still have a lot to learn. I have owned my V3i for about 5 years now. I complete agree with you about the spectrograph (and polar plot). The data of polar plot can almost 100% of the time, identify pull tabs. The amount of information the V3i shows is significantly greater then the Eq. I like my Eq800, but I keep looking for more data before I dig a target. I’m still learning the machine and think it’s going to make a great second Detector.
  4. I received my 800 from Gerry this morning. I took to it the park and found.... pull tabs.
  5. When I called KellyCo I was told that October and November pre orders had been completed. I was told that December was in progress of being shipped out. This may have been something they said in a effort to keep me from canceling. If you want one sooner, start with Gerry. If he has a waiting list now, start calling smaller dealers then KellyCo. I bet you can get one sooner then KellyCo will deliver your preorder.
  6. I have been on the waiting list at Kellyco since Dec 21. I planned to cancel my order at the end of March if I hadn’t got it or an update from KellyCo. I recently called KellyCo and talked to a very helpful Customer service rep. He asked if he could check on my order and call me back before a canceled. He called me back about 5 minutes later. He said that was was order 62. He thought I could be waiting another month. I canceled my order. I probably would have stayed with KellyCo if they had kept me updated. Just a email from time to time saying, we still have your order and hope to send it out soon. After canceling my order I called and emailed an dealer about 5 hours from me (and received no reply, yet). Back in February I bought a used Gpx 4500 from Gerry. I got it super quick and was very happy with his service. I called about a EQ 800. He told me he had one ready to go if I wanted it. It will be here tomorrow or Tuesday. Needless to say, Gerry’s Detectors is going to be my first stop in the future for upgrades and new gear. From everybody’s posts, I’m probably going to ‘need’ an 6” coil and 15” coil.....
  7. TrinityBigfoot

    Minelab Equinox 800 Vs White's V3i

    I’m curious to see how the speed of these detectors compare. When the videos from Detectival came out and showed some crazy swinging of the Detector over multiple targets. I checked to see if the V3i could respond similarly. I adjusted the SAT (self adjusting threshold) to 0 or 20 (can’t remember now). I got a similar responds to what I saw in the videos. I believe that the Equinox will process faster then the V3i. I believe this will be the advantage over the V3i. I would guess the ‘proscessor’ on the V3i is well over 10 years old. The Equinox would have a more modern proscessor, that is likely significantly faster. This should allow the Detector to read/display/alert more information. Overall, I think both detectors have many positives. I’m looking forward to getting my 800.
  8. TrinityBigfoot

    Minelab Equinox 800 Vs White's V3i

    I let you know when I get my 800 (and learn it). I believe the 800 will have a edge. The V3i does have more features that can contribute to digging less junk. From what I understand about the 800 it doesn’t have the adjustments that the V3i has. This may be a good thing and it may not be. However, my initial feelings are both the machines have strengths and the better machine is determined by what you are using it for. But I’m looking forward to comparing them.
  9. I haven’t got my 800 yet. I brought and paid for thru KellyCo (Dec 21). I will cancel my order in April if I haven’t got it or a update. I have 3 perfectly good detectors that suit me well. Later if I still feel like I want it, I will buy one. Likely from Gerry’s Detectors or a local vendor. Then again, this Detector is going to motivate a few other manufacturers to up their research and development.
  10. TrinityBigfoot

    Got Some New Plates Today

    That’s awesome. I just showed up my Wife. She said it looks like ‘I love my Boo’.
  11. I ordered mine from a large Metal Detector retailer on Dec 21. From everything I have read about them... I wish I had ordered from someone else. If I don’t get one by the end of the month (or some kind of update), I plan on canceling my order. I bought a used Gpx 4500 from Gerry and I’m very happy with the service and Detector. I will happily order a 800 from Gerry and end up on his waiting list.
  12. TrinityBigfoot

    To Seal The Coil Cover Or Not…

    I don’t have my equinox yet. I wouldn’t seal the coil cover on. If you did seal it on and wanted to remove it later it might be a issue. Further, if you were not able to seal it completely you might end up with sand or water partially ‘sealed’ between the coil and cover. I have seen coil cover tape that might help keep sand and dirt out.
  13. TrinityBigfoot

    Testing Gpx 4500 Tracking Button

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try some more settings on my next outing. I was experimenting with settings during my last outing and may have found one that didn’t work well with the ground. I hope to go out Wednesday.
  14. I bought a used Gpx 4500 with a 14x9 NuggetFinder coil. I was able to take it out gold hunting yesterday. I was unable to find gold, but was able to find lead at surprising depths. I also found an fragment of paper thin metal about the size of a marker tip @4”. The detector worked really well until the end of the day. It seemed that I was unable to ground balance in fixed mode and or tracking mode. I reset all the settings to FP and retuned. I still felt that the detector wouldn’t ground balance. Is the green ‘ground balance’ track button a simple’ switch that can be tested with a volt meter? Or is there a way to test the button?
  15. TrinityBigfoot

    Brazilian Gold

    Maybe Whites is finally going to come out with a Tdi-‘Z’....