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Bluetooth Earbuds That Pair Separately Work With Equinox?

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I was about to pull the trigger on these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VD3M6M3/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza when I read that they are supposed to pair to a device separately. I might be misunderstanding, but it sounded like you would have two earbuds paired separately and work together, or is it one earbud paired to the device and the other earbud connected to the first earbud? I wasn't sure if the Equinox would simultaneously connect to two devices this way. Anyone have any experience with this type of earbud?

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      So with numerous questions on forums & checking out anything along these lines, I finally found some info online, so armed with a bit of info I went down to "Jaycar" & hey presto they had what I needed.
      I purchased 1x "Bluetooth Transmitter (which can receive also) & 1x "Bluetooth receiver, an adapter plug & adapter lead.

      I connected it up yesterday when I got home & gave it a test run & it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Very Happy" ATM I use under-chin ear-buds but my next mission is to set up a booster with dual speakers.
      Here is a few pics of the parts I bought, the larger item is the Transmitter, they are USB chargeable with 8 to 6 hrs run time.

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