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Using Your Pi Detector To Clean Up A Yard

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I was searching today for something online and came across this Utube video and thought this was a pretty smart way to put your Deep seeking PI detector to good use.  In the video they use it to locate deep targets, mark them and go back over with an etrac to determine whether to dig or not.   


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The funny part about the GPX is he only had a 5x10 on there, That's why I like big concentrics on a VLF, They give you PI depth and the Disc as well, I tried to use my 3500 like that and I had that many signals I decided to dig the targets after about ah hour and a half I ended up Knee deep in a hole about the size of a Crown Vic, some body had buried a  6 bar Iron fence, I never did get it all out, lol

thanks for posting that video,


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51 minutes ago, auminesweeper said:

The funny part about the GPX is he only had a 5x10 on there


I thought that odd too but then thought maybe with all the EMI close at hand maybe a small coil would deal with the EMI better?  But I don't really know.  I do know that he mentioned he took Gerry's class very recently so maybe new at this?  I also wondered if the Etrack with a larger coil might work better too?

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      Wow! Look at what just came out of my aunts backyard! It looks like a 1976/bicentennial coin collection. It clean up really nice after a lot of work. It was not very deep. I am really glad I didn’t damage the acrylic(I think it is acrylic).  I wonder how it got into the ground. Did someone bury it on purpose? Who knows. It is a great display. I can’t believe how nice it is. What do you think?

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      Felt good to break the slump!

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      Here are most of my good finds of the past year. I have a lot of pennies, a few dimes, 2 quarters, and 1 nickel. I saved a few old pull tabs because they were out of use before I was around. I have a button, a toy car wheel, A few bottle caps, a spoon head, a few keys, a EP co cap, a knife, and a broken toy gun. I have a few finds not shown here. Like an arrow to a bow, a game horseshoe, another toy gun, and a few older coins that went into my coin collection. The gun in the bag in from the 1950s I believe, and a picture of a mint condition one is below. The mason jar liner was un broken when I found it but I hit is with the shovel( I saved it anyway). The zinc cap was to far gone to save. Hope they are interesting to look at.

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      Have you read some of Mark Gillespie's posts about using the TDI/SL in a school yard loaded with coal waste?  Here's one.
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      There has been some discussion about detectorists being welcome or not on various public properties.  This post is related to that.  I'm calling it a "feel good story" but it probably feels better to me than it does to you!
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      I decided to check out a crushed stone parking lot that is no longer used.  Part of it was in the shade and it was getting pretty hot.  I had gotten some good signals there while traversing it previously on my way to greener pastures and I figured there might be some goodies which other detectorists hadn't bothered even considering.  I was digging a promising target when I hear a garden tractor approaching, then stopping about 10 feet away (good social distance 😁) and looked up as the driver turned off his engine.  "Well, I've never seen anyone detect a parking lot before" to which I replied "glad to hear that; maybe for once they left me some good stuff."  Then we proceed to talk for 45 minutes.  Thinking he might know of some secret spots I asked him how long he had worked here and my heart sunk when he said "six years".  But then he told me he had grown up across the street in the 1960's!  Talk about my attitude doing a 180.  I proceeded to pick his brain and boy did he deliver.  Sledding hill, former concession stands, former residences (the park has expanded since he lived there), swimming holes, picnic areas long overgrown, hiking trails that once were frequented but since forgotten.  He knew some of the history of the park from 40 years before he even had lived there.  I started wondering if I would remember all this 'treasure' he was revealing.
      He told me about other detectorists having been there and said they were respectful.  As long as we fill our holes there's no problem detecting the park.  Now not only do I feel better (I've always felt a bit funny when park employees are around) that I'm welcome, but some of the spots I previously thought might be off-limits are now fair game.  If someone else questions me (not likely, but you never know) about what I'm doing in a certain spot I'll just say "George said it was OK."  If they don't know George then they have no business asking me anyway.
      Oh, the target I was digging turned out to be a 5 inch deep copper Memorial penny.    I dug a couple more relatively deep targets the next time there, having subsequently brought my Estwing rock hammer (way faster recovery but be careful to chip around the target -- a case where the White's TRX pinpointer really helps).  Still only modern coins meaning the parking lot has been backfilled in recent times, and probably on more than one occasion (so the desirable old coins are probably quite deep).  I've since moved on to the lush 'gardens'.  Plenty more stories and photos of finds to be posted in the future.
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