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Buttons, Buckle And Other Stuff

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40 minutes ago, Cal_Cobra said:

Nice digs! That's a nice gesture to give the land owner a finds display from his property. Those acts of kindness can pay off in spades with more permissions 🙂

The Navy button should be around 1850's, back probably says Scolville & Co.

Thank you. I believe he will be a good and influential reference for other old properties here. He is quite well known. His family has owned this land (over 1000 acres) since the original house was built in the 1740s, possibly earlier in one way or another. There are two more foundations to explore. The county was incorporated in the 1630s. From 1740 That's almost 300 years of occupation!

I imagine it's either Scovill or Horstmann, that's what I usually get. The South had natural resources, but they got most of their buttons from the North. Maybe the North wanted their buttons back 😏

I believe this spot was a fall/spring exhibition area, all the finds point to it. Horse racing or shows, vendors, that sort of thing. I can feel it when I'm out there. So many buttons, buckles and drawer pulls in two specific spots. Just not a lot of coins, they were either "hoovered" or sunk past the VLF range. I found the less obvious spot quite by accident while scouting it. Other fields that look innocuous have also produced great stuff. Some have next to nothing.

The finds are 1700s and earlier right up to the Civil War. It's an incredible bit of luck to get such a place to detect!

I saw him out one day working in the yard, and it's been "go time" since then. He always seems happy to see me, and helps me find new spots. Giving him a token of my appreciation is the least I can do. 

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