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  1. Here are two videos of an SDC unable to get a response on a 14K gold rope chain at the beach except on the clasp. The 2nd video has the speaker in action on the SDC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVRUtDeWED8&feature=youtu.be http://youtu.be/QWDNXBWYnX0
  2. Fair enough and that’s your call however as videos footage of the QED being compared with other detectors at a test site over several nuggets and targets in the ground the video displayed visual evidence for comparison so why not the same with the X coil. And if it was good enough to take footage at that test site testing a GPZ using different sized X-coil and the tester who just happens to be the same fella selling these X-coils, then did a comparison using a GPX with a Nuggetfinder Evo coil. Okay do the same, grab a GPX using the same settings, that 12” round X-coil and a Nuggetfinder 12” round Evo and do a comparison.
  3. Yet to see, or should I say view results of a proper coil to coil ( of same dimension to Aussie brands) comparison testing on goldfield ground in Australia including over in-situ targets, bump or bash testing or whatever to justify its structure and cost for the GPX, GP or SD. In regards to the GPZ X-coils then of course the use of different sized X-coils are going to produce a different result to the GPZ standard coils as has been the case with different size coil options released by NF & CT for the GPX, GP & SD.
  4. Not for long with all the hype and promotion of these X-Coils.
  5. So much for the Aussie coil manufactures being left out of the market.
  6. Nuggetfinder toughness...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=606&v=aVpgbK_H8Vo&feature=emb_title
  7. Yes an amateurish video as you say with no mention of depth including a measure.
  8. Is there a video of the QED detecting a decent size nugget at depth. Plenty of photos of gold but no actual video footage of their depth.
  9. I am guessing the ground where you detect is mostly composed of Granite?
  10. Have you checked if the max target response with the DD coil on the QED is at the centre of the coil and not off on the left side?
  11. Yes a smaller coil produces extra sensitivity for the tiny nuggets.
  12. Thanks Reg and you have hit the nail right on its head, as the saying goes, from what you have said of which I have quoted.
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