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  1. Have visited that Test Site in the video. Also the other one next to it and both sites have their targets made from LEAD. The other Test Site has the below sized LEAD, shaped like nuggets, and buried at these depths. 0.2 gram at 4” or 100mm 0.5 gram at 8” or 200mm 3 gram at 12” or 300mm 10 gram at 16” or 400mm 15.1 gram at 20” or 500mm 1 oz at 24” or 600mm 3 oz at 32” or 800mm These targets at these depths would sort out which detector is best overall. Unfortunately EMI can play havoc at times at both Test Sites. So far only one dete
  2. Maybe the so called 14DD is similar to the 14" Anti-Interference coil and using a Figure 8 receive winding.
  3. I recall viewing a in-ground depth test video of the Nexus 21" CC coil up against the NF 25" XDD, although on a GPX series detector, the 25" XDD produced the best result overall. Maybe a larger DOD coil on the GPZ would do the same to a CC coil, although maybe not the 19" DOD, that was produced for the GPZ, going by all reports for this particular coil.
  4. I expect the reason why you are now selling your QED towards purchasing a 6000.
  5. I met JP for the first time many years ago and he put me onto good gold that first time and continued to do so with further trips to the Clermont Goldfield.
  6. On the top of both coils for the 6000 I notice a small groove running around the circumference of each coil in from the edge of the coil somewhat similar to the NF 12" Evo. On that Evo coil that inner groove appears to show where the flat windings extend too from outside edge of the coil. Therefore I wonder then if the same applies to the 6000 coil and maybe an indication the coils being flat wound types as well?
  7. I suppose it depends if a new timing on the 6000 can produce any extra depth than FG or Enhance on the 5000 since the Normal timing across all previous PI models appears to produce similar depths.
  8. Thanks phrunt for the info at the beach, be it only a brief try on wet and dry sand with your QED set in Beach Mode 11 and then able to have the Gain set way up in its highest 10 setting with the 11' mono coil.. However, as you say it was not a black sand beach although at a guess NZ would have many black type sand beaches to test the QED out on to see if Beach Mode would handle such conditions. Now In regard to the Beach Mode default pulse delay being at 7.5uS apparently further delay is added to that default delay based on the Ground Balance number. That is, the smaller the Ground
  9. Just in regards to the QED's Beach Mode which operates without a Ground Balance then it appears the Fisher Impulse AQ also operates without the use of a Ground Balance.
  10. First of all thanks Steve H for moving my thread to the correct Forum and discussion. Yes Skullgolddiver the QED is definitely not submersible including the coil. As far as I know this is the only video of a QED operating over wet salty sand at a Beach environment although this is an earlier PL1 version that may not of had the Beach Mode included.. The operator does not mention what settings and if it had or was being used in Beach Mode which operates without the use of a Ground Balance. Therefore he may of been operating using one of the QED's other Modes which allows you to Ground
  11. Those impressive video results of the Fisher Impulse AQ with its 12.5” mono coil on the 10K Gold ring at 17”-18” and 14K Gold ring at 19”-20” as did a 22K Gold ring drove my curiousity to air test two Gold rings using a QED in its Beach Mode-11 operating at its pulse delay of 7.5uS with a NF 12” Advantage mono coil. For my test, the QED’s settings were Threshold-B at 5 below Null and Factory Default for Threshold-A at 30 and Gain at 1. (Threshold-A settings range from a 1 up to 90 and the Gain settings range from 1 up to 10} The results for a clear response on a 3.04-gram 9K 21
  12. Here are two videos of an SDC unable to get a response on a 14K gold rope chain at the beach except on the clasp. The 2nd video has the speaker in action on the SDC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVRUtDeWED8&feature=youtu.be http://youtu.be/QWDNXBWYnX0
  13. Nuggetfinder toughness...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=606&v=aVpgbK_H8Vo&feature=emb_title
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