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  1. I am guessing the ground where you detect is mostly composed of Granite?
  2. Have you checked if the max target response with the DD coil on the QED is at the centre of the coil and not off on the left side?
  3. Yes a smaller coil produces extra sensitivity for the tiny nuggets.
  4. Thanks Reg and you have hit the nail right on its head, as the saying goes, from what you have said of which I have quoted.
  5. Looking towards purchasing one at some stage although I read more negative comments than positive, except for a few. I am curious is there any other reason other than the GB issue that you have highlighted that may cause the QED to have spurious noises from the ground, such as displayed in the video?
  6. So would I. So why are the likes of Reg, AM or others not making videos, at least this person is having a go.
  7. Interesting video although going by the date of its update it is not the latest as AussieMatt says "Mine is a PL2 & has been recently fully upgraded & includes the new beach mode." AussieMatt you should grab a video camera and show us how to operate the QED properly.
  8. Actually just found this video test between a GPZ and GPX on an undug target using larger coils. Hopefully Nenad does not mind me posting his test here on this forum and subject. There appears to be very little difference between both the GPX and GPZ on this target.
  9. I would like to see a test on large nuggets between a GPX in its deepest setting with the 19" Evo mono against a GPZ in its deepest setting with the 19" DOD.
  10. Thanks Reg and interesting that you own two QEDs. So would your production model have all of the latest updates and if so have you found it now more capable of operating in the more mineralised soils as Jonathan stressed it worked best on less mineralised soils although his QED may not have had the latest updates added to his QED since his review. Therefore why I enquired in my previous post if Jonathan has now had his QED updated and wondering if those updates may have improved its performance on the more mineralised soils.
  11. To JP's credit It was good to read in the "New Detectors And Early Adopters" thread that he still has the QED in his detector collection which he used for his QED Review test report thread here. There has been good test reviews on the ProspectingOz forum by other QED users after having the QED's latest update added to the QED. Therefore it would be good to have someone of JP's profile and experience to perform another QED Review if Jonathan's QED has now been updated and read of the differences in performance after the QED updates as what happened after the GPZ updates.
  12. Makes me wonder how BC came by a PI in the first place?
  13. Wondering if the operators of the prototypes get to keep all the gold found with the prototypes?
  14. Thanks JR for the pics and your words in the other thread regarding my triumph over cancer. And speaking of triumph it was that photo of Reg with that nugget in the GG & T magazine that inspired me with my 1st detector the GT16000 which if I am correct was the same detector that located that particular nugget.
  15. Reg should be a millionaire by now and that pic makes my mouth water. Thanks for sharing, the pic that is although I wouldn't mind a share in those nuggets. Actually started detecting just after 1989 when I beat Leukaemia and had gold fever ever since.
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