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  1. Buzzard

    Franconia Meteorites

    nice going Dave...still on my bucket list is to find an iron
  2. Buzzard

    Diggin Pouches

    try Docs detecting supply , he is in Las Vegas , that is who Fred recommended
  3. Buzzard

    Equinox Up Date

    I have no regrets updating and I have all 3 coils . No problem with any of them.
  4. Buzzard

    Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K

    GoldMaster is great , just , I hunt coins better and more.....
  5. Buzzard

    Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K

    I got one , it is fine , but I think I like my Equinox Better all around . So mine is up for sale.... I hunt coins more than anything else.
  6. Buzzard

    Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K

    Anyone want a good deal on one...look in classifieds
  7. Buzzard

    Hey Whites , Got An Idea

    Tom , That is what I was looking for..pocket sized , make it a lot easier to remember for us (me) old guys.
  8. Buzzard

    The Equinox Curse

    From digging All...I got a nice collection of foil , pull tabs , and bottle caps , plus other goodies...
  9. Buzzard

    Findmall Closes All White’s Forums

    All the Whites stuff is now in the Metal detecting forum...mixed in with the other stuff in there...
  10. Buzzard

    Testing On The 24K Today

    Sounds good , let me know how you do....I only live about 40 miles from Franconia....
  11. Buzzard

    Equinox 800 Help

    I would start with PARK 1 around the house....get to know the machine , I still use the Presets and love it. My opinion.
  12. I was doing some testing on my 24K to see how it sounded on Meteorites, well on sound with no musical note it just got a ZIP ZIP , but when I changed to the Musical note showing I got the Grunt. This was tested on a 10 gram Franconia and a 7 gram Gold Basin.....numbers was a solid 1....just what I found today and thought I would share.... Getting to know this machine a little better.
  13. Buzzard

    Hey Whites , Got An Idea

    DUUUHH , my bad.....never thought of that.....
  14. If there is one then ignore this. I would love to see a laminated Cheat card Telling the setting (what button does what) for the Gold Master 24K...would make it easier for us who can't remember S... Well Stuff. Thanks
  15. Buzzard

    24k 6″ Concentric Coil Available Separately

    Steve , is the 6 inch that much more sensitive over the 6x10. Is it worth the extra for the small coil ?