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  1. I'm usually swinging a T2se, but I also have a simplex and vanquish 340 ... as far as the tilling goes, I was a landscaper through the 80s and 90s, there were a few yards I leveled with a rototiller and the amount of things that were tilled up was amazing ..if only I was a THer back then .. those lawns are a good 3 hours from me now, but I think of that often. but that would depend on how much dirt was brought in. .. for the most part it moves thing from deeper towards the surface and visa versa ..much like plowed fields. in your yard, try digging every signal, including iron, and see what happens .. try and make it so the detector is quite when it goes over your lawn .. it doesn't need to be the whole lawn, just pick an area that is easy to define, so you can hit the same place over and over .. I think you'd be surprised on what is down there masked by something you normally wouldn't dig. .. I gridded the area four ways twice and things got deeper as I went .. I wish that I kept records of how that experiment went, in hindsight I should have .. I might do the same next year at a different location and record it all. .. I still get hits that are shallower than some, in the layer I considered cleaned, but for the most part any good targets now are coming from the 8inch plus layer and some as deep as 15 inches. .. though this is not exact measuring, I am using the 7 inch blade of my digger and 9 inch rule on my pin pointer along with the pinpoint function on my machine which gives a real close depth reading, but it is real close.
  2. another consideration would be when was the house sided? .. aluminum siding really didn't start until the 1940s ..towards the end of the reign of the mercury dime .. so most of the silver or old coins would have sunk below this aluminum and may not be findable until the siding is removed. I don't have a test garden, but I do have a test park .. it is a 60x60 foot park .. last year I dug every signal .. they mostly went to 8 inches ..but once this was done targets from 8-15 inches started coming out of the ground .. I didn't expect this .. this park was hit heavily by the guys detecting in the 60s, 70s and 80s .. a lot of those guys have stopped and told me they cleaned the good stuff long ago .. but I have pulled many silvers and indian heads, also gold .. so, yes, they cleaned the "easy" stuff, but not all the good stuff .. about every third or fourth time I detect this park now, it gives up a good target .. the targets now are mostly at the limits of my detector and in a bed of nails and charcoal from a fire of a building that I can find no reference of (no one knows when or what was there or burnt) .. a few of the silver dimes I've found here wouldn't be dug if I was a 'looking for the right numbers guy' .. they were far below where a silver dime should be, and a mid-tone in the descrim side of my machine, I've also pulled a few buffalo nickels from here that were way high for what the TID of a nickel should be but lower than a silver.
  3. I'm always curious on what I might be missing, more so than what I'm finding, I hate thinking that the sound, the one I didn't dig, was the real treasure of the day .. this has lead me to not rely on the TIDs of the machine .. I only use them when in all metal, and then only to see where some good sound is in relation to the iron break of my machine .. if you are only digging the TIDs that are close to perfect for the targets you are seeking, you surely are passing by some good targets ..especially in heavy or moderate trashy sites. find a couple pieces of trash, (aluminum or other, pull tabs and pop tops or what you think will be the trash in the area you're hunting), that ring up with a mid-tone TID or another tone or TID not where you would be looking for a silver coin to be at .. get a silver dime and silver quarter .. place the trash on the ground so that they are all under the coil only a few inches apart use the dime first, then replace it with the quarter, placing the coins between the trash .. swing over them like you were out hunting and wouldn't know they were there .. do this from different directions .. pay attention to what your TID numbers do .. you will see that those numbers aren't where a silver coin would or should be, if it was isolated .. then consider depth .. or take a penny, nickel, dime and quarter (or any combo of things) and lay them all down so they are touching (representing a real world pocket spill) where is the TID now? .. probably not something you would dig? to me and in my short time as a detectorist, TIDs are good for the shallow coin shooter (8 inches or less, depending on soil) and even then only 70% accurate at most, not much else ..where as the tones up your odds by a bunch. .. it is after all the tone that stopped you and caused you to investigate .. if you really think it was the number, try turning the sound down so you don't hear it .. do one pass with the sound off, then do one pass with your screen covered and the sound on .. dig everything you normally would and compare the two passes.
  4. 950 Silver Silver of 95 percent purity is relatively rare because it is a nonstandard alloy. Technically it is not fine silver because it falls considerably below 99.9 percent fineness. This means it is sterling silver, but more pure than most sterling silver. 950 silver will be softer than most sterling silver and will tarnish more easily. This means it is unlikely to be used in most industrial applications. Most 950 silver is used for jewelry. .. (from the internet.) Platinum usually will have some other mark ie. P, or Plat or be set in a house symbol .. 950 silver will stand alone with just the number 950 or be inside an oval .. much of the 950 silver used in jewelry comes from places other than the U.S. ,Mexico for example uses a lot of 950 silver in rings.
  5. Three years ago when I started detecting .. my thought was not buying the "best" detector .. but if I was even going to like detecting at all .. I wasn't thinking if I needed a detector that could pull a 10 inch dime out of 100 nails .. as soon as I started seriously looking at detectors, everyone said I should buy the Nox 800 .. the latest and greatest .. I wasn't going to spend that kind of money for a detector, since I wasn't sure if I was really going to like detecting to begin with .. I am smart enough to learn anything and if one man can do it so can another, but why spend that kind of money on a whim? .. but some people do .. anyway, I spent a little more than I was thinking I wanted to start out with (thanks to a scratch off ticket), and got a pinpointer along with the machine .. by the time I realized I was hooked on detecting, I had found enough in clad coins to buy any detector I wanted .. I had also detected with a few people who had done it for years .. I asked them enough questions about their machines and watched what they were finding, compared to what I was finding, and went from there, now knowing what I wanted in a detector .. most, if not all, of that clad could have been found with a $150 detector. That would be my advice to someone wanting to start detecting .. don't get caught up in what anyone thinks is "best" or what brand you should buy .. see if you like detecting and if it is something you'll be spending a lot of free time doing or maybe it is something that is not really for you (it would suck to find out you don't like to metal detect after spending a grand on equipment, or even $500) .. spend as little money as possible .. realize, even with the most expensive detector, you are going to dig trash .. save your clad, until you know detecting is something you really like doing .. give it a couple years .. by then you'll know what you want or need in a detector and have enough money in coins for a good down payment or out right purchase. There is one oldtimey guy I see out detecting all the time near me .. he has detected for many, many years and still uses his radio shack metal detector and has no plans on buying a better detector, all he likes to detect is quarters. That is detecting to him, his enjoyment is in how many quarters he finds in a hunt and he finds a lot of them. No reason for him to own even a $150 detector. That $50 detector has paid for itself over and over. When I was younger I had two real fast cars .. one was a Mercury police interceptor and one was a Pontiac Trans Am .. the Mercury was a 100 times the car the Trans Am was .. way faster, handled better, had a lot of room for doing stuff, from a drivers perspective, it just didn't get much better .. but the girls really liked the Trans Am, not so much the Mercury, even though the bucket seats and center console kept them at a distance .. both got me to the other end of the road, though.
  6. are we at the point to where the science says this is as far as one can go? .. if so, as it seems, the rest is just bells and whistles .. which I really don't need on a detector .. gps on a metal detector is cool, but it doesn't get you any deeper .. I've been hunting at the depth limits of the T2 and I know in some of these places there is good stuff beyond that range .. but how deep do I really want to be digging in someone's yard? ..if on the other hand, the science is incomplete and there is more than has been discovered and some new tech will bring it foreword, then let's see it .. but it's not just FT that has stalled in this area of gain in detecting, it is every major manufacturer .. and with what real new tech that is being brought out, the gain is very small .. so in my mind, do I really need to spend the big bucks for a detector that only gains me an inch, in some places, if at all?
  7. the 24K is a Garrett machine .. this coil is a First Texas coil
  8. yep ..good advice JoeD. .. the more time you put into using your machine the more good targets you will find .. you will also find a time and place where removing the 'bad' targets allows the machine to pick up good targets that have been masked .. just keep at it and don't get discouraged
  9. I'm hoping, as I have heard, that this coil will be on a new vlf that should surpass their flagship detectors of the F75/T2 .. I'm hoping this is also a water proof machine .. I haven't see one or know of anyone who has .. it is tight lipped, if it is more than just talk .. I have also heard the vlf is due out in 2021, with a multi frequency due out in 2022 .. may be just wishful thinking on my part and that of a few others as this is all second hand info.
  10. a suggestion for someone completely new to detecting is to dig it all .. the numbers are a good guess by the computer on your machine, but some iron piece depending on shape, orientation, and temper might confuse the machine into thinking it is something else. This is even more so as the target gets deeper in the ground .. happens with all machines. So if the nails you are finding were the result of a fire to a building they very well could ring up as a more favorable target .. these signals aren't random, the machine is telling you there is something there .. the numbers it is providing you are the machine's best guess .. many good targets hit at numbers that aren't where they should be .. I usually dig it all, still.
  11. it's fun when you find the little spot within the big spot .. nice digs
  12. my first ever gold was a perfect poptop pull tab signal .. all the rest (I've dug 19 gold piece so far) were in the foil range, gator aide top, gum wrapper, bitsy can slaw sounding stuff .. except for a broke cufflink which hit in the high iron range, but the sound was so small and loud I had to see what it was.
  13. if that is you in the picture, then anyone of the machines you use in your videos are very capable .. there is no best machine, in your price point .. the best machine is the one you understand the most.
  14. you don't need to see the date on the IHP .. no shield= 1859, first year IHP .. nice hunt
  15. got out for a 2 hour hunt this evening .. the lakes and rivers around are flooded .. so I hit a clad field, but they were all set up for soccer so I just did the edges .. 1st hunt ever with the vanquish 340 and it gets a solid 6 .. 4 inches down .. 14k white gold .. size 8 .. 1 amethyst .. 4 diamonds .. $3+ in clad .. 1 butterfly pendant .. kind of wish that this would have been #100 .. but it's #101 .. the start of my next 100 .. pretty sure the 1st hunt with the 340 would have paid for the machine with 1 find .. but my wife likes this one so it goes to the jewelers and gets fixed and cleaned .. nickels were ringing up at 13 .. so would you have dug a 6 in a park?
  16. I've been asking permission since I was 8 years old .. in those 52 years I have a better than 80% success rate .. one of the first guys I asked to detect their property took everything I found .. even though I would have liked to keep the good finds, I made out like I was really happy to give it to them .. he then passed my "skill set" around to his neighbors, and everyone of those neighbors granted me permission .. one of those properties turn out to be a much better hunt .. and they let me keep it all .. finding a valued find for a family member, that they didn't know they had, will go along way .. even if you need to bite your tongue and smile .. I'm a firm believer in karma.
  17. If you go asking permissions .. go with the idea that anything you find belongs to the landowner .. after all they do own it, even if they don't know what it is .. then with all your finds, show them .. most will not take anything .. some will take it all .. but either way offer it up to them .. if you go with this in mind and they don't take it, then it's real cool that you get to keep it .. if they do keep it, then it's real cool you found something of theirs for them .. either way, what ever you do will be passed along at the coffee shop .. this mindset leads to more permissions .. and really, unless you have a contract, the landowner has legal rights to what is on their property and if you came up to me asking permission, then wanted me to sign a contract you would be denied .. where as, if you just asked, permission would be granted and I wouldn't take anything you found .. but if I later heard at the coffee shop you found thousands of dollars and didn't show me .. I would probably do some legal stuff .. and everyone at the coffee shop would become aware of your actions .. probably be hard to get permission from anyone then.
  18. this post got me to thinking, and it is a little out of the box .. but many pour over the old maps, as I do, and even to some degree the same history books .. one thing that always has got my attention was the old photos of the late 1800s and early 1900s .. everyone of the photos that show any amount of landscape show there were almost no trees .. the lumber booms of that time completely wiped the place clear .. hard to believe it now, but that is what those pictures show .. so, if I was going to the next town over on foot how would I do that? .. follow the wagon trail or straight as the crows fly? .. and if I was doing that I would guess many also did the same .. and there would be stopping points .. mostly, none of this would be on a map .. and I haven't heard of anyone looking for these places .. maybe they couldn't be found as the woods have since regrown .. but there has to be hundreds of those spots, just in my county alone .. x57 counties in NY = a lot of un-hunted spots
  19. there are a few places I hunt where the coinage is at the depth limits of the T2, but the dates on the coins I recover from there aren't at the limit of the history that coin could have been dropped there .. I know there are still coins deeper .. one place comes to mind where the olditmers stop to see what I have dug .. they all dug this place out many years ago, but I'm still finding enough to make it a regular stop .. but private properties, I would guess haven't even been dented .. there is more private property that hasn't been hunted than has been .. and millions of dollars of face value in coins just sitting, waiting to be dug .. like coins, the same holds true with caches .. there is way more in the ground than have been dug from the ground
  20. my wife took the 1930 vintage ring (3rd row from the left, 5 down) and wore it for a week .. the flower is made with diamond chips and it had a bigger diamond in the middle .. she lost that stone along with the prongs that held it in .. then gave it back .. she takes what ever she wants of mine I was scared when I removed the clod of dirt around the devil ring .. thinking I was also removing the spell that kept it buried and thusly bring bad juju to the town folk .. come to think of it, I found it just before the corona out break
  21. 4 gold, but the harley stainless ring has a gold eagle .. 39 silvers .. 6 stainless or titanium wedding bands .. the rest copper, aluminum and iron (junkers)...all but three were dug in the dirt, mostly local parks .. in those parks I also dug 14 other gold pieces .. broaches, pendants and cufflinks .. I just started learning water hunting about a month ago and I'm guessing that because the hunters around me run a real high discrimination in the parks .. they probably do the same in the water.
  22. almost all came from parks in steuben county ny .. a couple in allegany county
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