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  1. killing it up there. going to start a gold rush or something.
  2. not to much of a big deal for me, ill straighten it out maybe once per hunt. however, if you use the wireless headphones be careful with that charging cord, as mine just stopped working. i had an extra power cord so not a big deal either.
  3. i was out yesterday morning. its a strange thing here, when the temperature drops and you are used to 105 or hotter and it was about 68 and i felt cold. i don't think i could do the Alaska cold. good job, nice nuggets.
  4. i have not done too much testing with the 6k. i got it out of the box and into the field and have not looked back. as for Normal vs Difficult Timings. in Normal i have have found myself digging hot ground targets then switching to Difficult, and the target disappears. i now hunt mostly in Difficult, every location is different. manual when i can, a bit more sensitive, i think? instead of using a U.S. Quarter, might i suggest lead. it often sounds very similar and preforms very much like gold. i might have to do a bit of testing myself.
  5. im really surprised by the poll numbers. the amount of hunters that don't wear headphones. 12 percent use the built in speaker? your missing a lot of targets. i would say 20 percent or more. the small stuff, more importantly the bigger, deeper stuff. the kind of target/sounds that just make the threshold rise, like, maybe there's something there, i give it a bit of a scrape and its a target that i would not hear without headphones on. not to mention the rear facing speaker, on a mellow target when trying to recover it. the only detector i don't use headphones with is the gm 1000, no threshold.
  6. wow, that's really nice. someones going to ask. so i will, how deep on the big one.
  7. i really hope that fixes it for you. speaking of bill, he posted on his forum that someone found a nice multi ounce specimen over in lsd last week. its still out there, for those who have the persistence.
  8. mono 6x10 Elliptical or something close and my wallet is open.
  9. i do remember having a bit of feedback moving the coil off the ground on rough bedrock. JP had talked about keeping the coil on the soil to keep it stable. going back out in the morning to have a go at it.
  10. i wear boots with metal eyelets and have my phone on in my front pocket. it might be better without, but that's what i have been doing.
  11. i always use headphones with the 6k and i only hunt early mornings. for me the airplanes and other detectors near by are realy the only thing that's been enough to have me stop for 30 seconds for the bad warbling to stop. sometimes i might hit the noise cancel button. sometimes it will get a little hiccup, target sound and ill have to re-sweep to see if it was a target or not. i would say i usually do not have a smooth threshold. been hunting the last 3 days with a friend, i locate targets and have him recover them with the gold monster. got 6 bits for 1 gram and one of them was 0.58 grams leaving the others to be 1 grain or less. i really have a hard time believing this 11 coil can hit on these so well, even with a bit of warble the targets are coming through distinctly. over all i really like the detector. i am thinking of selling the monster due to the 6k being able to hit so good on the small stuff. something i noticed other day, i was trying to make loud noises to scare some bears away, yes we have bears in Arizona, and was banging my pick on rock 4 or 5 feet away from the coil and the 6k was making a loud pinging noise. like the detector was feeling the shock or something. kind of like when lightning strikes far away kind of ping. super sensitive. oneguy are you using headphones?
  12. nice gold. hows that RZR Buggy doing for you. i ask as i had a hard time deciding on what kind of mining buggy to get, ended up with a Honda pioneer 500. wanted a bit more room for cargo.
  13. thank you. here is a pretty picture of some colorful bedrock, with 2, 1 grain bits found with the monster. i know most on here don't mess with the small stuff. but i don't mind picking up 4 or 5 dollar bits, especially if i don't have to dig. mini sun bakers. these were also tip off bits that told me there was detectable gold in this wash.
  14. really hard hunt. got in the wash at 6am very few targets over the first 1/2 mile. on some bedrock i got a bit of a waver in the threshold, after moving it i could tell it was small. i called my friend over to recover it with the monster, so i could keep moving. it was about a 1 grain bit. it was about 930 and it was starting to look like a skunk day. started moving very slow maxed out on manual with the threshold wavering i got a repeatable signal that i would have missed without headphones on. got down to 6 inches in the crack and it got loud. flipped the coil to slide in to the crack and it got really loud. 2 more inches and it was out. very nice 9 grain nugget. stuck the coil back in the crack and there was another target a nice 7 grain nugget. after that i found 2 more small ones and my friend got a few small bits with the monster. over all a nice day. 19 grains or like 1.2 grams im saying 8 inches, but it might have been a bit deeper. my scoop is about 12 inches, see pic.
  15. that coils too clean. we can fix that Saturday. regarding the 14" dd coil test, i don't know a lot about dd. sounded off on left side of coil, loudest at the 6 to 9 o'clock position
  16. Aircraft have transponders. radio transmitter-responder. to assist in identifying them on air traffic control radar. detectors pick up the signal. as long as im posting, here is a pic of today's gold.
  17. really like the gold in quartz. did you detect that?
  18. quick 3 hour hunt as it is a bit warm. i used the wireless headphones. was using auto and auto+, Threshold off, it gets mentally tiresome picking targets out of the background noise. auto+ was a bit chatty but was digging bird shot on bedrock. auto was quieter. first nugget, 6 grains at 4 inches, unmistakable target. when i got it out of the hole it was screaming. little one .6 grain sounded a little better than a bird shot at 1/2 inch. i like the wireless phones but i can detect a slight lag that throws me off on target scoop recovery. i brought the gold monster headphones thinking i would use them as they might not be as hot. they wont fit the plug hole. next time ill bring the detachable auxiliary cable and try that. im getting used to the 6 and i like it more each trip. also that's a 32-20 case, somewhat rare.
  19. i really like my gm1000 and have been using it a lot. so much that when i get a target on the the 6k i keep looking at the screen to see if its going left or right, oops, wrong machine. could they make something like that on a pulse induction? not that i trust the meter and dig everything anyway. nice gold Skookum. will be out that way maybe Sunday, definitely Monday. strapping the gm 1000 to my back for pinpoint if necessary.
  20. it was hard to pick which spot to go as we have fire closures going on right now. got to the patch at 5am. this is a well know area, club claim, and it has been pounded by a lot of people using every detector you can name. after a few minutes swinging it my first thoughts were where did all these new targets come from. i was getting used to the machine so it took about 2 hours to get on the first gold 1.1 grain. maybe an inch deep. next one .9 grain, nice signal. was 2 inches deep in tight bedrock. the 2.4 was found by my hunting buddy with the gm1000. at 10am i was soaked in sweat and hot. told my friend, take the 6 for a spin. he has been hunting less than a year and has never used a pi before. 5 minutes later he is calling me over. 3.4 grain at like 2 or 3 inches. still learning this detector as i have less then 4 hours on it but, i really like it. light weight. just the right amount of sensitivity. banging on the little bits with that 11 inch coil is amazing. deepest target was a little bit of wire @ 13 inches. one other thing. all the videos on this detector have it warbling really bad. i don't know if that is due to having the camera/phone on next to it or emi or what but mine was not that bad. i am very happy with the detector going to run over some new ground tomorrow, maybe some bigger bits and less trash on fresh ground. side note for Skookum. you and i worked the 2 pesos patch. we should get together for a hunt.
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