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  1. Make a coffin shaped box the size you need for your gear. I would bet you could even leave it exposed and unlocked in your truck bed and nobody would touch it.
  2. I thought it was a bit strange that they (the same dealer) changed from being willing to ship internationally to now only within NZ, especially if the detectors are just sitting on the shelf there. That is probably why they haven’t sold yet. I also wondered if the GST is applicable to sales/shipments outside of NZ and how customs would work, particularly if not shipped via air.
  3. I remember you posting this a short while ago. I went to the site and got most the way through checkout just to see if it was, in fact, available to purchase and ship. I didn’t purchase, just wanted to check it out. If I remember, the US dollar price was about 1900 and they would ship worldwide. Today, after reading this post, I went back to the site and added one to my cart. Went most the way through checkout and apparently they are only offering local pickup or shipping only within NZ.
  4. I would sure like to find a new D2 at 1300. Guess I haven’t found the right dealer yet.
  5. I agree, I have learned to not get crazy with cranking up sens, slow down, and check the target from multiple angles. I agree with it all. In regards to sens, I think a lot of people coming from other detectors to the EQX don’t realize just how sensitive this machine is. I know I didn’t, and it was one of the features of the EQX that really impressed me. Thanks for the post, and I appreciate your books as well.
  6. I agree, Thule is a tough place. We always used to joke that if a guy screwed up, he would find himself handing out basketballs at the “base gym” at Thule. 😆
  7. I’ve spent quite a bit of time up there when we were staging out of Fairbanks and I was commanding the RC135S Cobra Ball. It’s a pretty rough place up there this time of year, be careful and get back to the FL beaches when you can. I’m in CO in the snow and think (daydream) every day about a beach, the sun, my detector, a sand scoop, and nothing but time.🏖️
  8. Thanks for the comparison video abenson. I’m not an avid gold prospector like many of you here, but it is good to know that my Nox 800’s will be effective when I can eventually branch out a bit and do some gold specific hunting. It seems from other videos that the Deus II does well on the beach, surf, and diving. Other videos show that the EQX is great on silver and gold. As you stated, each detector has pros and cons, and that is the reason many of us own several detectors. I still love my old Etrac on deep silver and my Nox 800’s as all around versatile machines. I use my gear pretty heavily, but I don’t abuse it so I haven’t had any issues with the Etrac or Nox (yet). I will most likely pick up a Deus II after the dust settles a bit and they are more readily available here in the states, primarily to use on the beach when I visit. I also suspect that we will start seeing quite a few Deus II’s on the used market as people receive them and either get frustrated with the learning curve (especially for non-Deus users) or because it doesn’t deliver what they expected. There are many newcomers to the hobby that don’t fully understand (yet) that detecting takes work- learning the machine modes, learning vdi’s and sounds of specific targets in different soils and situations, etc. Before anybody flames me, I’m in no way shape or form saying the Deus II is overhyped, just saying that everybody is different and what may seem the “silver bullet” machine for some might seem average to others. I will try any brand or model machine to find the good stuff. Again, thanks for the unbiased reviews of three great machines and your acknowledgement that no one machine is perfect- each can serve a unique purpose and performance in different situations.
  9. Sorry for your loss. I lost my wife as well, unexpectedly in August 2018 at 43 after 23 years of marriage. She was very supportive of everything I did as well (including MD’ing). Many of us have had the blessing of a good spouse. Hang in there.
  10. I think this is a blessing in disguise. You can use this event to build her up as a “natural”. Now you can use this as an “excuse” to sell her on your spending more time out MD’ing to refine your “subpar” skills in attempt to become as good as her at finding the goods. I recommend you run with it. 😉
  11. I see I’m not the only one in here with a warped sense of humor. Glad I’m not alone. 😆
  12. When I was flying AC130 gunships at Hurlburt Field just East of Pensacola Florida, our approach to land concluded with a turn to short final that took us out over the Gulf of Mexico. As we approached the coastline and beach just before touch down, we would see all the beach goers. And at about 15 feet away from them, at the edge of the sandbar (most likely catching the crabs falling off the bar) were always groups of sharks. If only the beach goers could’ve seen what we did from the air…
  13. A voice that tells us exactly what is under the coil before we dig “gold class ring”, or “walking liberty silver” would be an awesome upgrade and would surely give ML a leg up over XP and the D2. 😂 In all seriousness, as others have indicated, better waterproofing and stronger coil ears. Further, I like to pack my Nox’s in a pack to get where I’m going, so: 1. A foldable control box or the ability to remove it (control box) and carry it elsewhere like the Deus would be a solid improvement. 2. A carbon fiber rod/shaft system as stock. I know the aftermarket CF shaft builders would disagree with this idea. 3. For those who have multiple coils and don’t have each mounted on their dedicated lower rods, a quick disconnect type of system to make coil swaps a bit easier could be a nice feature. 4. A foldable type arm cuff. I carry 2 or 3 detectors in the same kit and have found that the width and rigidity of a stationary arm cuff sure takes up a lot of width in my bag and makes getting everything crammed in the bag a bit difficult. 5. A more modular system vs the current fastener system that allows the control box, arm cuff, and coil to be easily removed (quick disconnect, etc.), and easily and quickly reattached without having to deal with multi-piece fasteners. IMO, these are all just “nice to have” features and not necessities. I believe that ML is always centered on top notch performance, and I think we can bet that the next ML machine will take aim at outperforming the D2. Therefore, aside from performance/software and waterproofing upgrades, I think they would be smart to concentrate on ergonomics and portability on the next machine.
  14. My house was built in 1994 on land that has no history of others living here in the past. So my finds in my yard have all been modern from previous owners of my home. It sure must be cool to live on a historical piece of property and be able to pull old coins and relics out of your own yards. I’ve been looking for an older property at an affordable price around here, but the term affordable isn’t applicable to anything in my area. 😑
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