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  1. Yes. I have been using it on my 5000 for years. I think it is the best way to go.
  2. BigSky if you order one from them let me know as I am curious too.
  3. Good to know. Looks like both hot rocks and iron can be identified by the minerization bar and minerilzation numbers. Nice job Simon.
  4. Yes makes sense Simon. Thanks again for your time.
  5. Simon thanks for all your work. All great info. I have two questions on the Algo. Does the ID change or stay the same if the coins are turned vertical vs flat? While detecting do the soil mineralization numbers jump quickly then return when sweeping the coil over hot rocks?
  6. Detech 6" and the Detech 10x6 might be alternatives for the 8x6 NF on the E1500. I believe they are waterproof too while the Sadie is not. I use the Sadie on my 5000 and like it very much. Any thoughts?
  7. Yes I thought of this also. However if the soil mineralization indicator works like I think it would indicate you should see a jump in higher value numbers while passing the coil over a hot rock. I used this on the older Whites GMT. I like the idea of a numerical ground mineralization on the main screen too. I like it much better then mineralization bars as on some of the newer VLF's. While I have tried to keep up with all the posts on the E1500 I may have missed any discussion on this.
  8. Wow that was quick. Thanks for sharing your test results. As always I find your tests very informative. Good comparison and well done. ?
  9. Thanks for the test results. Glad I didn't sell my 5000. I agree with Phrunt "next step is to go deeper until you get a winner".
  10. Jim I agree with Mtron. I also have been using Keen boots for years. No metal, long lasting and very comfortable. I think these are the style I have. Might want to call them to confirm these are the metal free style. https://www.keenfootwear.com/collections/mens-bestsellers/products/mens-targhee-ii-mid-waterproof-hiking-boots-shitake-brindle?variant=43085890551972
  11. Steve, I don't recall getting any spam emails on your site. I think you have a good idea and if it makes life easier to run your forum, go for it. I learned a long time ago to not make something you really enjoy become a business, then it turns into a overwhelming job. Sooner or later you may get frustrated and simply not want to do it any more. In my opinion, for anyone who wants to sell something, the idea of knowing either who they're buying from or selling to seems more secure. If someone whats to have anyone in the world contact them to make a sale, there is always eBay or FB marketplace just to name a few. In my humble opinion, you are what makes this site unique and too valuable to get burned out with it. S.
  12. Which is most sensitive to the smallest scrubber type gold?
  13. Well how about if an after market coil company made some "ultra-hot DD Focused Core (DD-FC)" coils for the GPX 4500 and 5000? A DD coil hotter or equal to my 12x8" Evo on small gold would be nice.
  14. Steve Thanks. Good advice. For the small stuff I do have my 24k with 6" coil. I also just purchased a Legend. So together especially the 24k and Legend take care of the small gold. However one of the attractions is the Axiom on smaller gold and the DD coils with what looks like a better iron check which I don't use on the GPX. Cheers
  15. From everything I've read on the Axiom from Steve H. and others I can see no reason not to trade in or sell my 5000 to offset costs in purchasing an Axiom. It's a difficult decision for me as I have found a lot of gold with the 5000 over the years. Can anyone give me a reason not to do this? I have several coils from the 8x6 to the largest for the 5000. From what I can see the only con is maybe a lack of coils at this time for the Axiom. However looks like that will change with time. For use in Northern California and the Mojave for gold prospecting. Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
  16. Thought someone might be interested since there has not been many good gold prospecting videos with the Legend. I'm liking my Legend more and more as time goes on. Very surprised with it actually the more I compare it with my 24k.
  17. I have never had any issue either on your forum. I consider membership here a privilege as well Steve. I am not into the social media thing as I'm not comfortable with it. I only belong to this forum and another well run truck camper forum. I vote to keep the PM as is for now. Thanks for all you do here.
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