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Infinium Ls / Detecting Gold Question

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Well, it all depends - it depends how well you know the Infinium and it's tones. You MUST and I mean MUST learn to hunt with a steady Thold. Learning the tones is critical, along with G ballance and steady Thold. If you can accomplish these things, then, you have to listen to any small break (whisper) in the Thold. Pay attention to the "whispers" especially if you are on good proven ground. That's where your small gold will begin to appear, in the whispers.

The 8 inch mono, for me, is the only way to go with the Infinium. Also, a conversion to a straight shaft with under the cuff mounting of the control box is a must if you want use the Infinium for long hunts. (yes, the stock shaft is a joke, especially with the 10x14 coil) Go to findmall under Infinium for full description of the conversion to straight shaft. You won't regret the effort.

I regret the bad press the Infinium received on it's release because of the bad build and the coil/connector  problems it had. I stuck with it and eventually learned to love it, after much struggle and making the mods I cannot go hunting without it.

Not only is it a good gold machine, it literally kicks butt in the relic world getting more depth (than most machines) and the ability to hunt on hotter ground.

If you want "tiny" go with a Gold Bug or GMT - you will, however, lose a lot of depth compared to the Infinium.

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Hi Oregon Jim,

I have found 1.6 oz's of gold nuggets along the Klamath with just my Infinium from 2008-2011. They are there, if I left any, lol. Got to swing it for many hours a day to cover as much ground as possible to hit some nuggets. As well as a lot of research. I kinda slowed down on detecting since I find so much more gold with my 6" dredge. Usually a detecting trip to the gold fields does not pay for gas like dredging does. I now just consider it a relic hunting trip that I might find a gold nugget here and there. 

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Alan, I have seen pictures of your findings and your dredging results... you greedy rascal! Leave a few crumbs for the rest of us.

I thank you all again for your advice!

I have deleted the rest of this conversation... I seem to have said something that was better left unspoken for now...


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Hello Beardog,

Yes, I have heard about the motorized equipment ban, and as of this moment I have not made any significant underwater plans, but air hose is reasonably cheap, and unlike a water pump it is not subject to head pressure. Three or four hundred feet of air hose could serve almost like a spare air tank. This may be the dumbest remark ever posted on this forum, but I "ain't no wizard" when it comes to intelligence.

We have a while before summer, so we will see what happens...

Anyway, thank you for the warning! I will keep in close contact with Dave and Rich before doing anything that might affect the club.

***** a note from the 49er forum says my idea is against the rules.... I am still scheming!  Thanks again!


OKAY... again I deleted a little of my post so that nobody is unhappy. I'd hate to post something dumb that could be used against us!

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