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Xp Hoardhunter Where Is It??


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My guess is that it wasn't commercially viable. Assuming it was 'Typical Deus' in operation, with integrated electronics in the coils, it would have retailed at a pretty high price, probably the same as, or more than, dedicated two-box machines ( C-Scope / Fisher / Whites ).

The concept of making a two-box add-on for a conventional machine is reasonable enough, Garrett did it. Normally this would mean just 2 coils and the hardware to hold it all, so it would be a realistic price. But it's a pointless concept on a Deus, as almost a complete new detector is needed.

(Since the closing of Whites, there is less choice now if you're after a two-box, but I still don't think this help XP sell their version.)
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Hell yeah, bring this on! Take my money. I hope it makes it to market one day. I’m in the market for a two box setup 

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all it would take  is a hula hoop size coil which is very light  rather than a full blown rig with 2 coils

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That's a more realistic way of doing it, and the existing Deus coil electronics will work fine.

The topic of a two-box that runs multi-frequency came up some years ago on the Geotech1 forum. But no-one could work out if it would have any real benefits over a single-freq. Having selectable single frequencies would be good, and multi-freq machines like the Equinox and Deus2 both do this. The Deus2 would have the advantage of being capable of operating at any frequency the designers wanted, including very low ( 1 kHz- 5 kHz range). Maybe if this XP two-box ever makes it to customers, it would be Deus2 compatible.

The primary advantage of multi-freq is its ability to eliminate the ground signal. As two-box machines are used with the coil well clear of the ground, they will obviously pick up less ground signal, so maybe the benefits of multi-freq are largely lost.
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