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Steve’s 2022 Australia Adventure, Part 2

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On 10/30/2022 at 6:20 PM, Steve Herschbach said:

Well, I can’t claim it was much of a trip for gold, but I have a dozen little nuggets in the vial, and a silver 1914 six pence today for icing. The best part is I got to see a large chunk of Australia I never saw before, and had a lot of interesting interaction with the Garrett crew. It was interesting seeing novices use the Axiom on varied ground, and while the nuggets were small, everyone involved found gold nuggets. Packed up now for the long trip home, just in time to hand out candy to all the cute little kids! :smile:

My thanks to everyone in the Garrett network that made this a special and very enjoyable trip.

Group nuggets less a couple I left out by mistake

My 12 bits, 1.18 g total, smallest 0.023 gram

I'm not going to retire on that gold! The well hunted public areas in Australia are well hunted indeed, giving up only scattered tiny bits for visitors. The Australian 1914 sixpence is my best find of the trip, would actually be worth more than a few bucks if it was in better condition.

You did well mate. Hunted in Central Vic since 1990. Smashed now. Anything anyone finds here in any state is good going. You did well from another country. Damn, was it good till mid 2000s. Current gear is stretching it even here in OZ.

Good finds 👍

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That's just the way I like it, as soon as something becomes a job all the fun is gone. 

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