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AQ Impulse, Depth Testing, Emi Rejection Issue

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I have a Trifield meter which senses various interferences. I took it around the house and found an area behind my house that has a minimum measurement.  Wasn’t really that bad in the garage though so maybe it’s meaningless (2.1 vs 2.3mg weighted mode, it’s 2.9mg right now at 7:40PST).  If you have read my other thread though you will see my 12.5” coil died on All Metal so I need to fix that tomorrow morning.

I added the video of the 12.5” coil failure behavior to the thread.

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1 hour ago, bklein said:

17.77mm ID

It's US size 7.5.. I don't have many 18k's .. Have to look thru my pics n see if can find close to yours ...  Here is one,  (Size ?8 )( 8grams). If I can find it, very close. Checking for more.. Just found one closer I think, more uniform in shape.. 



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4 hours ago, bklein said:

Really the nickel test is all I’m concerned about as that’s what Fisher tests. You’ve already had better results than I have.

I have a suggestion. How bout pack up your car and go detecting? Seems you are beating a dead horse to me. Good luck. 

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I found this video on YouTube

First "error", you sweep the target below the searchcoil without ever leaving it, the ATS therefore takes over and the detector ends up absorbing the small variations in the target. (recalibrating)

Second "error", we don't ear the audio threshold so we can not ear the small target variations.

The audio threshold must adapt to the listener, here it is the camera, we must hear the audio threshold through the video recording. Of course if you put it on your ears it will be too strong it will have to be reduced for adapt to the ears.
Always a faint hum.

Third "error" it is necessary to adapt to the standard sweeping speed of approximately one meter per second.
So you have to go back and forth below the searchcoil (while leaving the detection zone of 1 meter per second).







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