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AlgoForce Coils...... Bundled Or Spiral?

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Hoi... Phrunt send that 12XSpiral over the ditch, I can offer you in return a detector you haven`t got yet, an ADS Deepseeker (not working) as a swap😉 Is a bit off subject but also on spiral coil subject re bringing the Z into the thread, spirals seemed to be NF & Coiltek answer to the Z, they brought the GPXs up in reach. Those X coil spirals on the Z also were quieter than Dod as I concur with Phase Tech the 12Evo round is quieter on hot rocks than the Sadie on the E1500. 


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There may be a better thread for this but how does the 1500 and coils compare to the modded 2300 you made?


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I probably won't use the 12" Spiral all that much, I really like the 10" spiral X-coil, that's my primary coil, I quite like the 14x9" EVO too for covering a bit more ground and it's got quite good sensitivity for its size.   I have a 15x10" Spiral X-coil too, but think I'd prefer the slightly smaller 14x9" if only for the smaller size. 

With all of my GPX coils, for the Algo if I had to take a pick I'd pick the 10" Spiral X-coil and the 14x9" EVO.   I have the 10x5" Coiltek Joey bundle wound which I haven't given a fair chance yet but that's likely going to be a good coil on it too and benefits from being waterproof, calibrates fine, as does virtually every coil, I just struggle with bundle wound coils and their lack of sensitivity compared to spirals, very small bundles can't even keep up quite a bit bigger spirals.   It's no surprise the same goes for the GPZ, Minelab were wise to finally dabble with a bit of flat windings with their 6000.  It's a shame they never allowed official spiral coils on the GPZ so people are buying sanctioned aftermarket coils so similar to the stock coils.

Now, where bundle coils excel is edge sensitivity with the entire coils bundled up wire at the edge of the coil, and that's why I recently bought a Sadie, a nice feature on a very small coil is having hot edges for poking and prodding, spirals are pretty poor for edge sensitivity with the hottest part of the coil smack in the centre.

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