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One of my hobbies: Turning natural stone into weapons and tools.

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It's called "Flint Knapping." Since childhood I've had a fascination with prehistoric man's ability to craft tools and weapons from stone such as Obsidian, Jasper, Agate, Flint/Chert, agatized Coral, Petrified Wood, glass and many other silica based stone. Somewhere around the late 1980s, my interest and curiosity brought me into the flint knapping hobby. I don't spend as much time today as I have in the past but now and then I like to discover what's inside a rock. Here are a few of my creations. 


arrowheads 13 Flint Ridge pts 9-11-12.JPG

arrowheads benton cache I made.JPG

arrowheads cache gemstone dreams 2012.JPG

Arrowheads I made lg frame right side.JPG

arrowheads 1 lg Citron Brazil agate transparent.JPG

arrowheads Tri-color glass Dalton 1.JPG

arrowheads brazil ag2 11-15-12.JPG

arrowheads brazil ag3 11-15-12.JPG

arrowheads Brazil agate2 11-16-12.JPG

arrowheads Brazil agate3 11-16-12.JPG

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