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  1. New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    I agree - the more the merrier. No worries on the Tek mention as I should have made the link there myself - so thanks! I am interested in it mainly for the possibility of it being a pulse induction pinpointer. I have never tried a PI pinpointer but would like to. If the F-Pulse is a PI (about has to be with a name like that) then I will have to give it a spin. I personally will be more inclined towards the F-Pulse over the Teknetics version simply because of the color. Dark green and black would be easier for me to lose. Be interesting to see if either the new First Texas model or the new Minelab pinpointer can make me put my Garrett Carrot aside. I have been doing more turf detecting than normal this summer and I don't know how I used to do it without a pinpointer.
  2. $300 is a great deal I think. The truth is the forum does not get the traffic that eBay or even some other forum classifieds get so here you have to be more patient. I usually give it a go here for a week or two them move to eBay. But make sure and list on Findmall if you can (they have rules limiting who can post). Lots of people use Treasure Classifieds
  3. New Teknetics Tek-Point Pinpointer

    Fisher version here....
  4. New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    Yes, that was posted yesterday.... Same pinpointer no doubt, just different colors - dark green or dark red.
  5. OK, I would never have considered the Gold Monster as a coin detector. Micro jewelry maybe, but coin detecting? Well, in the U.K. most detecting is "dig all non-ferrous" and there is a need for sensitivity to small items because Celtic gold and cut silver coins are small targets. Still, I was quite surprised to see this posted on the Minelab Facebook page. Food for thought for owners of the GM1000.
  6. Fisher is releasing a new pinpointer for metal detecting, the new Fisher F-Pulse. The name implies it is a pulse induction pinpointer? The screw in plug in the end implies AA batteries and that the unit is probably waterproof, but with no other information to go on right now these are all guesses. No word on price yet either.
  7. Click on image for larger view...
  8. Welcome To The New Tesoro Forum!

    Things have been very quiet at Tesoro the last few years. There was a lot of talk about a new model, the Cazador, that finally just faded away. We did finally see the Tesoro Mojave introduction, and while it is a great little detector certainly not anything cutting edge. Delays are nothing new in the industry and it is certainly possible the Cazador will still appear. The lack of communication however leaves one feeling like Tesoro is just coasting along at this point. It did not help that Tesoro apparently declined to keep sponsoring the Tesoro Findmall Forum, and so it was renamed the Beep & Dig Detecting Forum. That being the case I decided when I revamped the forums recently that perhaps a new Tesoro Forum was in order for those who felt abandoned elsewhere. And so with that, welcome to the new Tesoro Forum at DetectorProspector.com! Official Tesoro Company Website Tesoro 2013 Catalog Tesoro Metal Detector Information Magazine
  9. Minelab Equinox EQX 11" DD Coil

    The Minelab Equinox comes standard with a 11" round DD coil, which is similar to but different than previous Minelab coils. We can assume they only work on the Equinox series. A 6" round and 12" x 15" coil have also been announced as in the works so there will be at least three coils available when the Equinox launches, although availability is always an open question. Hopefully Minelab will not impede and in fact I hope they will help third party companies make more coils for the Equinox. Coil availability is a big deal with any new detector, and Minelab is doing well by having three coils ready on release. I have no doubt however everyone will already be looking at the three options and wishing for more. High on my list is a 6" x 10" elliptical for gold prospecting. With all the frequency options available on this detector, it makes me wonder about the possibility of specialty coils wound to perform specifically at certain frequencies. In other words, a 6" x 10" coil optimized to run specifically at 40 khz I would assume would have a small edge over a 6" x 10" coil that has to run well in all the frequency options. High frequencies normally require thinner wire and fewer windings and so can make for lighter coils. Long story short hopefully we see third party coils in short order. The more the merrier and it will only help Equinox sales. Here is the Equinox coil next to a CTX 3030 coil....
  10. My Experience As A Novice With The Minelab GM 1000

    Hi Rob, Welcome to the forum! It is very difficult when new to detecting, especially nugget detecting, to know what is up when you struggle with a new detector. Nugget detecting is in my opinion one of the most difficult types of detecting there is. The reality is it is hard to find gold nuggets if you know what you are doing and not unusual for novices to go a very long time before finding that first nugget. Many in fact never do and give the whole thing up. Along the way it can be quite easy to start questioning the detector, in particular new ones with little track record. You now know part of the secret appeal of nugget detecting however. What makes it great is it is so bloody hard! Like climbing a mountain or running a marathon, it is the difficulty of the challenge, and then the satisfaction of overcoming the challenge, that sets metal detecting for gold nuggets apart from most types of detecting. You look so long, and work so hard at finding that nugget, that when it appears it can be a real rush. An addictive rush at that. Once you experience the thrill of finding gold it is a rare person who does not want to just do it again and again. And so..... congratulations, and thanks for posting!!
  11. Just announced yet another new pinpointer, this time from Teknetics. Since Teknetics is owned by First Texas as is Fisher I would have to assume we will see a Fisher version of this also. Looks to be a fairly standard implementation - side button, LED tucked up front. However, instead of a end cap that screws off to install batteries the Tek-Point has a screw in plug - must use a couple AA batteries? I am guessing waterproof also just based on appearance but I could be wrong.
  12. Quest For Silver

    Very nice! For me jewelry detecting is first and foremost about ease of recovery and sheer numbers. I have two basic ranges I hunt. All non-ferrous OR all non-ferrous up to but not including zinc pennies. This eliminates all coins except nickels. I will however often will notch quarters back in however as they pay for batteries. Part 2 is get target, and stab it with pinpointer. If pinpointer sees it, pop with screwdriver, move on. If pinpointer can't spot it, too deep, move on. Nearly all my targets will be trash, so I do not want to waste time digging deep targets. Favorite sites are anywhere people are active. Sports fields obviously and tot lots, but any large open area in a park has probably been used for frisbee or whatever. Since depth is not the goal a BigFoot or Cleansweep coil is killer for this application.
  13. Archives Closed - New Forums

    The forum has evolved over time. The original intent was one active forum, with old subjects moved to closed archive forums grouped by subject. However, the closed archive system is putting too many good threads off to where they cannot be discussed any more. The main issue frankly is it requires manual intervention on my part, and that is getting too cumbersome. I decided to consolidate and eliminate the overly large number of archives. Instead, each metal detector manufacturer now has a separate forum. See the full forum listing here. This also solves an issue with new machine threads by a new detector basically taking over forums each time one comes out. Now all the discussion of the new Minelab Equinox will stay on the new Minelab Metal Detector Forum where it can be discussed by people who are interested, and ignored by those who are not. So what do you have to do? Nothing. Just keep using the forums as you always have. When in doubt post in any forum you prefer, and I will redirect threads to new locations if need be. Or if all you care about is Tesoro detectors, hang out on the Tesoro Forum. For those who want to see what is going on everywhere, make the full forum list your home page and see what forums light up with new posts. You can also access the Unread Content link in the upper right under the search box to see all unread content. Another function to explore is Activity Streams which you can customize any way you want. Finally, invite friends to one of the new forums. Thanks!
  14. Late Season Cabin Fun!

    Looks like you have the Monster dialed in Peg - great results!
  15. My Latest Minelab Treasure Talk Blog

    Great article as always JW!