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  1. I have a brand new in original sealed package Minelab WM 08 wireless module with charger cable for the Minelab Equinox. These items come as a package with the Equinox 800 but not the Equinox 600. The WM 08 normally sells for $259.00 and that does include the charging cable. This is the same cable that comes with both the Equinox 600 and 800 to charge the detector and possibly apply updates in the future. The same cable also comes with the WM 08 so anyone who buys an Equinox 800 actually has two identical cables included. The cable alone normally sells for $20.00 USB Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector Part No. 3011-0368 $20.00 WM 08 Wireless Audio Module with Charging Cable Part No. 3011-0371 $259.00 I am selling the WM 08 and the charger cable for $189 including Priority Mail shipping in the U.S. If you are happy using the cable that came with your detector to charge the WM 08 then I will keep the spare and sell you just the module itself for $169.00 including Priority Mail shipping in the U.S. I prefer a quick sale so I can ship immediately so PayPal is the way to go on this one - PM or email me for the PayPal address. And yes, regular Paypal is just fine.
  2. My detecting in general boils down mostly to two methodologies: 1. Dig all targets. This is my default mode for gold nugget detecting and beach detecting 2. Dig all non-ferrous targets. The problem with dig all non-ferrous is that in mineralized ground, almost all targets will read ferrous at the absolute edge of detection depth. Therefore even just rejecting ferrous will cause good targets to get missed. Still, old camps, etc. that abound with ferrous trash demand this level of discrimination. Most of the time when jewelry detecting I also default to digging all non-ferrous. 3. Since I do not coin detect nearly as much as nugget and jewelry detecting I rarely use this third method. When coin detecting more often than not I really am looking for silver dimes, and so may discriminate out everything that reads below copper penny/silver dime. Other than that it is just rare modifications of the above. When coin detecting I may include the nickel range, but generally nickels don't get me all that excited as a target - I like precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. On the flip side when jewelry detecting I may tune out zinc penny on up and dig all non-ferrous targets that read under zinc penny. It's like I have a switch in my head, and when hunting coins I tend to hunt high conductors only. Yet when jewelry detecting, just the opposite. That being the case when doing what I normally do I recover more nickels while jewelry detecting than when coin detecting. So I guess it ends up like this for me: 1. Dig all targets 2. Dig all non-ferrous 3. Dig only high conductors (coin cherry picking) 4. Dig only medium and low conductors (jewelry cherry picking) In general most people hate digging trash, and their entire emphasis is on finding detectors that allow them to basically dig no trash at all, or minimal levels. There is absolutely no doubt that these people leave many good finds behind for those willing to dig more trash. However, it's all about enjoying yourself in the available time you have, and I sure can't argue at all with anyone who prefers to cherry pick and call it good. There is a balance between digging it all and digging no trash at all, but where we all draw that line is an individual decision. As long as people employ discrimination of any kind however you can always hope that good finds remain. It is only when all metal targets have been located and none remain can a location be even close to being called hunted out, and even then a more powerful detector may reveal many more targets. There are lots of sites that might be clean of targets of any sort for anyone running a VLF that will light up with multiple targets per swing with a good PI detector. I've seen it personally.
  3. Steve Herschbach

    Coil Compatibility

    Welcome to the forum! CTX or any other coils will not work on Equinox. Only coils make specifically for the machine will work on it. Those include the 11” round DD that comes with it, the 6” round DD that we will see in the next couple months, and the 12” x 15” DD that will hopefully appear before the end of summer.
  4. It is funny how people who have never touched a detector can be so sure about what it will or will not do. Many forums are not devoted to the Equinox as this one is, but are more general in nature. Apparently many people on the general type forums are sick from hearing about the Equinox, resulting in some blowback. Whatever. I am quite happy with my Equinox and could care less at this point what others think about it. I do want the machine to succeed, but for selfish reasons. I want more coils in particular, and the larger the user base, the better the chances for accessory coils. I don’t think this is going to be a problem at this point though. So to anyone out there who is very skeptical about the Equinox, I say just give it a pass and leave it be.
  5. Steve Herschbach

    I Guess I‘m In.. Kind Of Logbook

    Yup, what Terry said. If two people listen to 100 targets, they will differ as to how much stuff they dig as being “good targets” and “bad targets”. In other words, what one person may decide is a trash target may be good enough sounding to dig to the other person. We vary in how aggressively we reject trash, which goes hand in hand with potentially missing good items. Then add the fact that the local trash mix varies tremendously and how much it interferes with your detecting depends on the targets you hunt and how much local trash reads the same. This leads to situations where one person says “this works for me” and another says “it does not work for me”. It’s not a matter of making things up or anything, and no reason for anyone to take offense or argue. So whether it worked for Sinclair or not I will just say thanks staffydog33 for sharing your advice. Even if it does not help Sinclair it may help someone else, and helping others is a large reason for this forums existence.
  6. Steve Herschbach

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    I totally agree Reg that when people spend money they want things right, and the more money, the more they want it to be right. I too know many Minelab horror stories I could tell, especially on the business side of things and especially here in the United States. Aussie business practices are notoriously unforgiving and the company does many things I think are totally counterproductive. I have my own laundry list at the moment, but rather than air it on forums I am writing up a letter to the CEO. Will it change anything? Doubtful, but if people really do care about such things then the more letters like that the better. Long story short if around a campfire you might be surprised at what would come out of my mouth. I probably agree far more than you know with your thoughts on the subject. Sadly I also know that the other manufacturers are not immune from all this nonsense. Most of these companies are far smaller than people think and run more like small family businesses than corporate enterprises. You simply have seen more of it from Minelab because that's where your exposure has been. First Texas units more often than not undergo numerous revisions. The Garrett AT series needed a complete makeover after being released. If you did not hear about White's MX Sport mess, well, it was a real mess. Having sold ATVs, generators, outboards, heaters, water pumps, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, etc. etc. from names like Bombardier, Evinrude, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Polaris, Yamaha, Johnson, Husqvarna, Polaris, etc. I can also promise you I have seen far worse with far, far more expensive products. I have been screamed at to my face in our service department by upset owners on new, failed product. I have been sued because of manufacturer mistakes. All new product made by anyone can fail, and companies as a rule choose denial as a first response before ever admitting errors. Minelab is far from alone in all this, and far from the worst. Anyway Reg, I am sorry your friends had problems. Thank you for a reasoned response - you kind of made my day.
  7. Steve Herschbach

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    You big tease - very nice gold Tom!
  8. Steve Herschbach

    Cinders, Cinders And More Cinders

    Both beach modes though Beach 2 is the far more aggressive at signal reduction than Beach 1. My personal estimation of how the various modes line up: Hottest (more sensitive to small targets, hot ground/rocks, and saltwater - high frequency weighting) 1. Gold Mode 2. Park Mode 2 and Field Mode 2 3. Park Mode 1 and Field Mode 1 4. Beach Mode 1 5. Beach Mode 2 Least Hot (less sensitive to small targets, hot ground/rocks, and saltwater - low frequencty weighting)
  9. Steve Herschbach

    How To Ignore Users On The Forum

    For a year or more but it is not obvious which is why I pointed it out. Other forums employing this software have the same feature so this may help people on more than just this forum.
  10. Steve Herschbach

    T2 Classic Videos

    The T2 and F75 are both “classics”. I have to admit that with all the price decreases I get tempted to get another one, just because the price is so attractive. After years of detectors getting more expensive it’s nice to see this kind of power at such low prices. It used to be I would not be satisfied with detectors running under $799 but $499 is now the level at which one can get top of the line performance. Kind of amazing really.
  11. Steve Herschbach


    I have been mostly keeping my mouth shut about Multi-IQ and gold because I am operating more from a gut feeling than any direct comparative testing. Yet my use of the Equinox for nugget hunting and the tests I have done so far has me thinking that Multi-IQ is going to prove markedly superior to most VLF gold detectors currently on the market, and that it might possibly prove out to be the next best thing to a PI for larger gold at depth. It certainly has the hots for smaller gold. The old rule about single frequency packing more punch on gold than multifrequency may be something that Minelab really has made obsolete. Gold prospectors however have been inundated the last few years with quite a few machines all promising new edges in technology, etc. That being the case I decided to specifically lay low on that particular aspect of Equinox since it is clearly being marketed primarily to coin, relic, and jewelry hunters. It’s certainly not because I don’t think the capability is not there however - just the opposite. I think we will be seeing lots more posts like yours and Mitchels fairly soon Lunk. Thanks for posting!
  12. It does appear that the 800 is finally arriving in volume. There are a few dealers advertising now they have them in stock, so hopefully everyone waiting for one is finally going to get one.
  13. Steve Herschbach

    Another Question About The Ferrite Ring

    If a reference ferrite setting is superior to that actually found in the field by the machine acquiring naturally occurring ferrite readings, then the machine could be locked to this reference ferrite at the factory. The fact this has not been done leads me to conclude that there must be situations where tracking to naturally occurring ferrite would be the better way to go. All the talk about using the ring generally revolves around the soils where naturally occurring ferrite is absent or minimal. That is apparently more common in Oz than in the U.S. All I know for sure is some people report improved performance using the ferrite, and some no difference at all. I use mine simply because it is a recommended procedure, but I can’t say that I have noticed any difference one way or the other when employing the ferrite and those times when I do not. As always, mixing up what works well for operators in Oz and operators in the U.S. can lead to confusing and possibly misleading conclusions. I will be curious if anyone can answer your question with authority phoenix. What you are surmising makes sense based on how things have been explained but I lean more to regular factory resets and retunes myself than letting things go untouched for long.
  14. Steve Herschbach

    Cinders, Cinders And More Cinders

    I know you say you tried all the presets Mark but just to confirm.... you tried the beach settings? The reason I ask is the beach modes are more like “difficult ground modes” and not just for beach use.
  15. Steve Herschbach

    Universal Shaft Adapter For Gold Monster 1000

    This is what you are looking for? Uni-shaft Yoke Assembly part number 8013-0044 The clamps, bolts, washers are all separate items.... http://parts.minelab.com/category-s/196.htm