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    • By idahogold
      Here is a Gift for Some of us for 2017! I have No Idea what year the product was Introduced?I was watching another random year old video of detecting in Oz.. tonite. And youtuber   "Matt   yes thats how short his call sign is. . had a short vid on crevicing....i watched it and it had this funny miners mat in his.....Lose" your gold keene box. so I asked him about it. He commented back.....so i looked it up! get it here in Montana ! https://prospectorsdream.com/ 
      And found a true test from another Mate' Downunder !  Watch vid below.....Excellent Product! Cheers, IG    
      Steve-Sorry if this is in the wrong category......but the panning area didnt seem like Much action over there?In fact Tonites the first time i ever looked over there. IG
    • By YubaJ
      Klunker, On the River, Prospecting thread, you alluded to the superiority of the steel pan. Some people booed your opinion. I've used a steel pan forever because it's substantial and I hate plastic; almost every piece of plastic gear falls apart relatively quickly. But I'd like to know your reasoning for its superiority over the plastic ones. Does it retain the gold better? And I think a few other guys were curious, too. Thanks, no rush, Joel
    • By 1864hatter
      Youtube- Making a gold button mat brandl

    • By Condor
      Hey Steve,
      Did you ever get a chance to use the rocker? I am curious about the its efficiency on fine, flat gold. Also, what does it weigh?
    • By tvanwho
      Anybody got a cheap way to recover fine gold from concentrates that can be used indoors and is about idiot proof? I found some Miller table setups on Ebay and from Martin Prospecting in South Carolina but I'd rather not fork over more than $100 for a home setup. I know a GoldCube is made for this also, but $500 is a bit much for those of us on a tight budget. One thing I did like about the Martin Prospecting Miller table is the small hole at the head of the table into which you can sweep the gold with a tiny paintbrush which eliminates the use of a snuffer bottle. A vial is screwed into the bottom of the hole to catch your clean gold. They want $250 plus with shipping for this unit. I saw a homemade unit like this on YouTube made with wood and parts from Hobby Lobby. Has anybody made one of them?

      -Tom V.
    • By Rick Watkins
      I have a goldbuddy stallion that I use in ore.nev. deserts wouldlike to know if anyone has this d.w.? If so do you have any suggestions that may help in recovery? I have learned a few things that work for me but looking for more ideas that may help.