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Have White MX Sport Problems Been Fixed?

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Steve Herschbach    7,843

I have very bad ground where I hunt locally. Coin signals deeper than 5-6 inches turn to ferrous. Aluminum upscales to read in the coin range. Every VLF detector I get my hands on disappoints me in a way because time and again I prove that VDI numbers are near worthless on very deep targets in particular, but these new hot machines seem to have problems also with shallower small aluminum. Good detectors allow one to chase coin signals in a location, and pull out those clean coin signals rather quickly. What remains then are a lot of questionable signals. When I go back and hunt the same area, ignoring VDI numbers but just digging everything that gives a decent non-ferrous audio signal, I dig a lot of trash, but many more good finds are revealed. Even then, the ferrous items are masking still more good finds and the deeper items that read ferrous are still there.

Every new detector that comes out I somehow hope will just see items accurately in my ground, but in no time at all I go out and find all the same limitations still exist. As long as the underlying technology remains the same, I feel that we are doing no more than scratching the surface when it comes to using discrimination in dense mixed trash situations.

The MX Sport in my opinion suffers from something common in all new detectors, like the Nokta Impact I am currently using. They are not so much metal detectors but metal detecting programs running on hardware. Changing the program changes the way the detector operates dramatically without changing the hardware at all. The programs are complex with many interactions. Changing one thing for the better often makes something else worse. It is very easy for mistakes to be made and for bugs to creep in that only affect things with a particular set of control settings. For instance, with all the settings a particular way and in mild ground, the detector may work perfectly. However, a bug may exist so that at a different ground balance setting a certain target type now reads incorrectly. That bug only exists in ground that causes the ground balance to be set there, and nowhere else. So people running in many places do not experience the bug, people in other places do. There are so many control settings and interactions it can be near impossible to test them all. Think about all the possible control settings on the MX Sport, and the fact a bug could exist at any combination of those settings. It is overwhelming really, and almost every modern metal detector on the market right now has bugs that exist in one way or another. I do not think they ever get them all, they just get reduced to the point the machine works reasonably well for the vast majority of people.

Look at the iPhone after many generations made by one of the richest companies on the planet with resources far beyond anything a metal detector company can dream of. And yet every new version of the iOS software is loaded with bugs that require fixes. If Apple can't get it right after so many generations of phones, it is a miracle small companies like White's do as well as they do with a brand new product.

It is very risky in my opinion to buy genuinely new detector models early these days, unless they have a way to be updated over the internet. Machines that are just another version of an old machine in a new package are less risky, but truly new models I would say now have a better than even chance updates will be issued in the first year. No number of testers, usually a handful, can duplicate all the combinations of issues that will arise when thousands of people use the new detector. Either new models have a way to update at home, or do not buy in the first year, that's my advice, unless one is well prepared to have to mail a detector in for updates.

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Shelton    40

What to say? Only XP is working hard on software, but also has serious bugs and delays, new 4.0 update...

But you have totally right. At modern times old models like Nautilus are like Holly Grall.

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iqwozpoom    6

Here's an interesting video 

I know that mixed metal coins ring up best with a Tesoro for me. Not knocking the Mxs, I really like mine and my Racer as well but a simple disc and concentric work. Hopefully we'll see the 5.3 coil available one day. I know the 950 is available, but I'm holding out for now.

Oh thought I'd add, I've watched a few of your video's but I never thought of enabling the subtitles! I'll have to check them out again!

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    • By tboykin
      What a weekend! I had the opportunity to head out to Idaho for an event put on by Spud Diggers/Ultimate Metal Detectors and meet some members of this forum who attended. Great group of guys on an old Chinese gold mine with an old townsite. Many layers of history going back from the 1870s to the 1930s, and lots of tin - yuck!
      I followed the Oregon Trail out there, and planned to represent the White's factory at the event since we were sponsoring the event. My fingers were crossed for relics, but I knew that since it was an active mine years ago there was a chance at finding some other types metal. So I brought it all - TDI SL, GMT, V3i, TreasurePro, and of course my go-to the MX Sport. Pretty quickly after running the TDI and GMT I realized that I would need a good discriminator and a strong magnet to get through the tin.
      The first thrill I got was seeing a newbie (Maddie) dig her first signal with an MX Sport - a 1940 Merc on the side of the road by camp. She was shaking when I caught up with her after hearing her holler out loud! Oregon Gregg was hitting IHP's and everyone was finding relics left and right with a few coins thrown in.
      Even I was finding some buttons, bullets, and a nice little pewter teacup from a child's play set.

      I found a flat area that looked like a prime spot where two creeks met. The area had been hydraulic mined, as well as dredged, with hard-rock mines in the area. I got a bunch of strange lower-conducting signals with the MX Sport and decided to dig one. They were about 6-7 inches down and rang up in the foil/nickel range on the MX Sport. My newly purchased HoeDag made quick work and the TRX helped me out since the targets were pretty small.
      What came out looked like a crusty booger. Underneath the crust it had a dull yellow shine. 

      The mining report I read mentioned several different types of processes the miners used throughout the 80 years of active work, so I kept three pieces I dug from the same hole for examination later. There were other signals in that area to investigate but I had high hopes for a Chinese coin so I moved on. The rest of the hunt was awesome - lots of miles on my boots, awesome company, great food, and memories to last!
      After I got home I was too curious to wait, so I broke out the peroxide and a brush and got to work. Somewhere I lost the small BB-sized piece in the field photo between my fingers. But the bigger pieces made it home. Here's the finished product:

      I will admit I got a little shaky when I saw them start to shine in the peroxide. 

      I got to meet Gerry from Boise on my trip, great guy and I figured I owed him this shot with the 2.5 grammer.

      Every time I find something new I get more and more hooked by this hobby. Thanks to forums like this, Ultimate Metal Detector, and of course WHITE'S ELECTRONICS, I can mark this off my bucket list. It took me over a year... but it was totally worth it! I was getting pretty frustrated at all of the skunks, and to find this much gold with the MX Sport, well, I feel pretty damn lucky!
      I need to do a little more digging to see what the crud on the outside was, but there was a lot of sulphide-bearing quartz in the area. I would guess that these nuggets were a result of some kind of refinement and processing and they were just missed by the old-timers. But I know where I'm going the next time I'm in Idaho...

    • By fishersari
      Hello there, 
       After few months of heavy used at waterfall, beach and dirt, I'm happy that the MX sport didn't have crack, leakage issue . I'm still learning the language of the MX sports.. Still didn't understand about the threshold, what it use for, what does it tell me when the hum disappear in a brief of time especially at high mineralized ground like beach. And I still not confident using the relic mode, too much information its giving out for me . Thank you very much. HH
    • By sod
      Been thinking about picking up a 7" or 9.5" coil for the MXS. I've seen one review on YT on the 9.5 but nothing on the 7"
      They said the 9.5 looses very little depth over the stock 10" and pin points better.
      How much depth loss would the 7" have over the 10" and how well does the pin pointing work with the 7"?
      I've been detecting the fresh water lakes with a lot of trash and cant seem to hone in on my pin pointing.
       Thanks in advance.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The White's MX Sport is now one of the only "all terrain" metal detectors that comes standard with waterproof headphones. Most waterproof to 10 feet detectors do not come with the waterproof headphones required to make them truly submersible. The MX Sport is now ready for mask and snorkel work right out of the box.

    • By sod
      Sure could use some help on this one.
       This is NOT a post to bash my new found family member. She is very sensitive and goes deeper then I care to dig (all day)
      My first Sport didn't take to the water all that well so I called that sweet lady at Whites and she had a new machine out that day. ( God Bless Her )
      When the new machine arrived I was a little under the weather and wasn't able to unbox her and run but that gave me time to do a some research on an old overgrow park.
      The first four hours she was finding coins, jewelry, Junk and of cores my favorite pull tabs like you wouldn't believe when all of a sudden she went bonkers and every target I hit sounded like someone ripping cloth over the PA system in all modes.  I wanted to do a restore but the manual was sitting at home so I got the Safari outta  the truck and followed the trail in the sand where I was dragging my butt and was back to finding pull tabs?
      This morning I did a restore and she's back?  What did I do wrong to cause my girl to act this way so I can avoid it?
      It was a sunny 71* day. She rode over to the park in the front  seat of the truck with my hat pulled over her face so's not to over heat?
      Battery's fully charged. Coil wire wrapped snug but not to tight. Ground read 64. No overhead power lines and from the looks of the park
      I don't think anything was buried and I did clean the sand outta the coil cover.?
      This will be one sweet baby as soon as I learn how to burp her.
       Thanks in advance.