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Passing Of Digger1955

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Just learned of the death of Dave, digger1955 on this forum and Digger27 on Friendly Forum.

Dave passed away in June of 2021.

He was the F2, F4 and especially the F70 "Guru" over on Friendly Forum for years and helped many, many detectorists with learning those detectors and with hunting strategies in extreme modern trash coupled with the high mineralization in the Birmingham AL area.

He added the Equinox to his FTP arsenal towards the end of his life and he had some very detailed posts on this forum about his experiences and strategies for using the Equinox which he really liked.

I have wondered what happened to him since I always enjoyed his posts, his honesty and his willingness to unabashedly share his experiences and knowledge with anyone that wanted to read his posts or watch some of his videos.

I will continue to miss him and his freely given advice. 

Rest in Peace Dave........

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I’m sorry to hear that. Weird thing about the internet is people kind of live on via old posts. A new kind of immortality that will live on long after we are gone. Maybe something to remember when we are about to make a post that makes us look like jerks? Here are Dave’s posts on this forum, not a huge number sadly….


Including this one where he tells us about himself. He did not intend it as such, but a nice obituary if I ever saw one.


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