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Garrett ATX Strip Down & Rebuild

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Well, coffee and tools in hand I got going with the fun part - taking stuff apart! Many photos in this thread will enlarge if you click on them.







You can probably see where I am going with this. Circuit board in a box with single AA battery holder and control panel tacked outside with controls. All in one box that can be rod mounted or hip or chest mounted. If rod mounted, I want to be able to use stock DD coil, or Infinium 5" x 10" DD and 4" x 7" DD. Not willing to pop for another ATX 8" mono at this time as the one I have stays as it is to use with the other ATX I will be getting. We will see how this works out first.

In theory I would like to do a real professional box with drop in battery, just like a White's TDI SL but the box would have to be longer. I may however go cruder than that, more like a Surf PI with a lid I need to open to replace batteries. Be nice to use rechargeables and rig to just plug detector in to charge it but again, I may not want to work that hard at it. Paul would do a bang up professional job. I am all about expediency myself.

If anybody want to see a closeup of anything or has any questions about how this thing comes apart ask away. I know I had to go buy yet another stupid tool to remove the Torx security screws!

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I want it and I want it now! Home Depot folding set for $10.00

So the coil. The rod assembly easily comes apart if you have the spanner wrench to take the cams apart, but the lowermost rod is glued to the stubby connector on the coil. I just cut it off with my Dremel tool.

I want the coil to mount in the center (like a coil should!) and I want to keep the scuff cover from collecting debris. I had a well used Commander 15" x 12" DD sitting around I would be lucky to sell for $90 so it became working parts. I cut the top out, again with the Dremel tool, then trimmed it up with tin snips. Looking good so far.




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Gotta love the internet. Thirty minutes of Googling and I found a box I think will work for me at http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/BUD-INDUSTRIES-CU-592-A-/28-8598 Converta Project Box - 2.5'' x 9.5'' x 5.0''


It is on the way.


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Best buy in a rod kit - the White's Space Saver Rod Kit at https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/space-saver-rod-kit/ They sell the whole assembly for less than some people charge for a lower rod alone! And it will work with any lower rod, like the Minelab compatible rob I will use for my FrankenCoil, or the Garrett rod I will use with the Infinium coils. The rod has detents to mount a box forward of the grip, or under arm. I plan on under arm for balance purposes. The box will dismount to hip mount or chest mount so I will mount D-rings for a harness or belt clip on the box.

Well, the hard part is done. Got the setup pretty well figured out, now I just need to put it all together. Waiting on the box mostly but I can finish up the coil in the meantime.


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Here we go again Steve, looks familiar. Wonder if I will end up with this ATX some day when you get sick of it. Still have the mod GMT though no gold with it this year, only dredged gold, Bob

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Hi Bob,

How are you - good to hear from you. I miss everyone in Alaska. Not Alaska, just the folks that are still there.

I am not too sure why I am even doing this. I guess after all my bitching about the weight of the ATX it is a bit to prove a point. I really, really do think the ATX is a great prospecting machine held back by a housing inappropriate for the use. Great for water but desert? And I am not going all the way because done right the weird underwater connectors on the coils need to go. But now that I typed that I could get rid of the waterproof headphone connector and install a 1/4" jack.

I am sure you did not plan it Bob but thanks for getting that thought into my head!

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