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Steve Herschbach

Silver Dollar Cache Found

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    • By LukeJMG1986
      I took my wife, and two young boys to the river for a couple hours this morning. I figured I'd bring my Detector, and get a couple hours of hunting in while the kids played. I have been hunting the rivers all week long. I possibly put in close to 30 hours, with very little success. I am learning the machine with each swing though.
           I was hunting in Park 2, knee deep in the water, a spillway at my back, and open river in front of me, with a strong current. My settings were default, except the Iron Bias was switched to F2 giving it a value of 6 automatically. I went with 50 tones, and periodically did a ground balance, increasing the number it settled on by 2 or 3. (I had heard this was a trick) 
           My first target was an all to familiar aluminum piece, followed by a metal flake. I thought to myself, "That's ok, one of this holes will eventually surprise me. I only have two hours so I'll just dig away, and enjoy myself" I was right, my third dig was about 2 inches down, I saw the glimmer. I knew this was no beaver tail. I pulled the ring, and lifting it thought "wow, looks like silver" I scanned the inside, seing a hallmark my eyes immediately caught 14k. I stood up, and started walking towards my wife grinning ear to ear, almost deviously. It took her a minute to notice I looked odd with a smile like that, and asked what? I showed her, and she promptly made me stow it away, convinced I'd lose it
           I went on to pull three more rings, my next one being a MASSIVE Palladium wedding band (I had never heard of Palladium when I dug it) Each time I would approach my wife proclaiming yet another victory, and each time she would say "no, I don't believe you" and then I would show her.  The next two were one Sterling Silver, and one Stainless Steel. I also found a total of 8 fishing lures, and a commemorative medallion for a 1988 space flight. 
           This was by far the best day I've had medal detecting, and was a reminder of why the hobby was love at first dig for me. I know a 4 ring day is not gonna be a regular thing, so I'm chewing it slowly. I couldn't be happier with my first gold experience, and wanted to thank all of you on Detector Prospector for being so kind, and answering any questions I've had. I know I'll have many more, and the experience you guys bring to the table is quintessential to my learning this fine hobby. I wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming hunts. As always HH
      - Luke


    • By karelian
      Gotta love those chunks..
      Only 500 meters deep... a bigger search coil just isn't going to cut it.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Is this the biggest gold find in the United States, so far in 2020?
      I’ve been patiently waiting for the time to share this magnificent recent discovery.  It's funny because I actually had a conversation with some newer prospectors this last winter and they wondered if there was still any mammoth gold finds to be made.
      Once again I share some Success Pics of my customer and his 3 pound golden rock.  Ron from Idaho purchased an SDC-2300 from me, but what was more important, he took the 3 days Field Training class my staff and I offer.  Guess I don’t need to tell you, but I think he has it figured out.  This Arizona gold discovery recently is said to be the largest piece of Au found in the United States this year with a metal detector.  I can only confirm what I have heard and seen posted on other sites and so far I think it is.
      Here are the details.  The golden rock weighs in at 3 pounds and after numerous Specific Gravity Test’s it shows over a pound of gold.  It was even sent to a specialist and professionally tested again with authentication paperwork and came back at 16.973 ozt of gold.
      The rock was approx. 16” deep and he was about to dismiss it as huge trash, but since he’d already found a few smaller bits in the area, he decided to keep digging.  Those who know the SDC-2300 realize Big Gold is not it’s specialty and most owners of the 2300 don’t dig beyond 10 to 12” at most.  
      I wonder how most folks would react if they just dug up something like this?  I’d immediately go back to the truck, change my shorts, grab a GPZ-7000 with Super Deep heavy boat anchor 19” coil and head right back there.   And since I already have a bad back, I'd have to get Lunk to do the digging.
      So glad you did not give up Ron and I hope you do find a buyer for that beauty.  Thanks for allowing me to share.

    • By CmonNow
      Four inches under the surface, three feet from a paved walking/biking trail and four feet from the base of some support cables for a power pole, not far from one of the main entrances to the county fairgrounds in town.  The fairgrounds have been used for that purpose since at least 1895 according to historic maps, and maybe longer based on this coin.
      It's pretty well worn, with a lot of the detail gone.  But, I knew I had a lifetime event on my hands as soon as it popped loose from the dirt.  I saw the edge and a little bit of one side, saw the shine, and knew it was silver.  I about soiled myself and passed out.  Not only because of the silver, but partly because it was 91 degrees F, humid, no breeze, the sun was pounding me like a professional boxer, and sweat was dripping off my nose.
      Yes, I scratched it, right next to the date.  Somehow I always knew I would scratch my first silver, and I came to accept that in a dream some time back.  But that's okay, it makes it mine.  And it wouldn't have been for sale at any price, so it doesn't matter.  Well, if it was mint condition and worth $3000, maybe I would have thought about selling it for a minute or two, but I really don't think so.
      Found 11 other coins today, all clad and pennies, along with a copper token from Grand Slam Sports, which is a laser tag and "family entertainment" place in Burnsville, Minnesota, about 45 minutes from here.  The token rang up like an old penny or a dime.  I didn't scratch the damn token.  Oh no, of course not, not the token, that looks as good as the day it was struck.  😭
      I have probably 20 hours into hunting this fairgrounds and I've found about 40 coins, but this one is the king (queen?).  Just by chance, the head groundskeeper came by right after I found it, was pretty interested, took a picture of the coin, and told me that other people detect here from time to time, and drove off on his golf cart.  Bad news about other people detecting there (which I suspected because of what I was finding and not finding), but they missed this one, the dumbasses.  🙂
      I bought an AT Max to give some variety from using my Equinox.  I found this with the AT Max.  It rang up at 87-90 in the ground and 89-90 on the surface.  I wish I had found it with the Equinox because it really has a hold on my heart more than the AT Max does, but I made the decision to use the Garrett today, and now I have to live with it.  I think I'll be okay.
      My life felt complete for about 15 minutes afterward and I was walking on air, but then I realized that that fairgrounds is old, and even though other sad schlubs have been detecting there, there is still more old silver to be found, there has to be.  I've only covered about five percent of the total ground available there, and I will keep at it.  I have no choice now.


    • By phrunt
      I was sent some photos overnight of some incredible finds with the GPX and an X-coil that forum member Elijah found.  I thought I'd put the photos up for people to see as they're pretty incredible, I really love the old coin, imagine the history that goes with an old coin like that, I can't even imagine how old it must be  It must have been a very wealthy person that lost it.  I would love to detect in locations that have ancient coins like this.  It looks like they just take a big nugget and stamp an image on it.

      It looks like a bird of some sort?

      And check out it's weight!!!!

      That coins heavy! I wonder what you could buy with it when it was used as currency.
      He also found this, I'm not sure what it could be, any ideas?  It's likely to be very ancient too.

    • By Tnsharpshooter
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