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  1. I use liquid tape quite a bit. It is excellent.
  2. Norvic, a mate of mine in Maldon has a 7000 that on the odd occasion just shuts down for no apparent reason. It has done this for some time. PS He only has the standard 14" coil.
  3. The problem is Norvic that the real Minelab died years ago. The Codan wolf now wears the fleece of the Minelab lamb. It is now a multi national predator that cares only for profit. Easy to be the nice guy and replace a faulty unit when your product is produced for peanuts in the third world.
  4. It could be that under Australian rules and regulations for ferrite may be required by law rather than being there to improve performance.
  5. AussieDigs. Brand new mono.... Laughing mate. In this cold weather I have noticed that the QED takes a few minutes to warm up. Last winter while working with JR Beatty we would switch our QEDs on in the morning and just let them sit there and warm up while we had a cup of coffee. If we ground balanced while they were cold we found we would have to re ground balance again when they warmed up. Don't try too hard to get your mode down too low. You will very rarely be able to get the low mode and high gain that Simon can. I often run on a mode of 8 and with the very wet ground that we have now you may have to go even higher, but don't worry, as you will not lose a great deal of sensitivity. I should have had a go with Adams machine when we were out with Mitchel. I could then have told him how his machine was performing. If you are anywhere near my place at the weekend, drop in and I will check your detectors out for you.
  6. Phrunt the ferrites are a requirement to comply with Australian EMI regulations, and are to restrict emissions from the detector and has nothing to do with emissions entering the detector. Other than the occasional EMI spike from atmospherics, the ferrite has little benefit in the performance of the detector. Might stop someone with a pacemaker nearby from dropping dead due to interference from your detector though. Just joking. ( I think )
  7. AussieDigs, the large coil that I like, and it is good on both GPX and QED, is the Nuggetfinder 25" Litz wire, three spoke coil. Very light for its size and capable of punching deep, as well as having great coverage. Another option would be the 18" Coiltek Elite, which is also a very good coil. The downside is that both these coils are expensive. JR Beatty swears by his 14" Elite.
  8. AussieDigs, good to hear that you are getting a mono in exchange for that DD. Just one Question. What mono are you getting?
  9. Thanks heaps for your feed back Simon. It is both informative and refreshing. Howard is watching with interest your experiences and your astute observations. Your feedback may provide ideas to make the QED an even better machine, as feedback from other QED owners has already done. The early QEDs received some criticisms regarding ground balance issues, which Howard took on board, leading to the extended mode that your PL2 now has. Howard has taken a generous step in updating early units for the owners with the only cost being postage. PL2s are being used successfully in all states in Australia now, even in highly mineralized ground. Any QED being used in America really needs a slight alteration to the software because of different EMI effects due to the difference in their electricity supply. This can easily be done for anyone in the USA who may be interested in this detector.
  10. Well done Simon. I knew you would not take long to find your first QED gold. I am really pleased for you.
  11. Well Al, I have to agree with your assumption, and a bit of a dog act, as the seller would have been aware of the situation. I have done some research, and know who this person is. He will probably read this post, so I appeal to him to do the right thing and contact you with the aim of replacing that coil. It would be the decent thing to do.
  12. Al, it looks like a DD to me, as the monos have a label identifying them as such. It looks near new, and I can't help wondering whether the previous owner was aware of it being a DD or not. I would hate to think he stooged you by knowingly fitting that coil, as the QED was never supplied with a DD. My recommendation would be a Commander 8" mono. You should be able to pick up a s/h coil for around AU$100. I picked one up recently for a friend from Coiltek. They may even give you a trade in on your DD, as it will be useless to you for QED use. I have always found Coiltek to be most helpful, and it would be worth your while to get a price on their Elite 11" mono as this coil works really well on QEDs, especially those with the extended mode. The Elite is more sensitive than the earlier bundle wound coils, and will be noisier in the low modes, but don't be afraid to increase the mode by quite a bit and then bring the gain up a bit to compensate. A compromise between these two settings is important in getting a nice smooth but sensitive threshold.
  13. Aussiedigs, Your QED is actually a PL1, but I believe Howard is going to bring it up to PL2 specs for you, with an advanced mode and electronics update. What coil are you using? I hope it is a mono, as the DD coil will work, but only half the coil will function.
  14. No point in me going back. Picked all the winners already.
  15. I don't think these gold hunting shows would have much of a youth following, as they mostly involve big money investments to chase a commodity that is becoming increasingly elusive.
  16. Just like Harley Davidson, Minelab are finding it hard to appeal to a younger market, and their latest offering is still targeting the older consumer judging by the video add. Not all that smart considering that the old farts are falling off the perch or losing interest. How to appeal to youth will be a problem as the youngsters of today are not really into such pastimes.
  17. Early detectors with small coils could find pellets, but modern detectors find them deeper.
  18. I found when using a GPZ that with experience one could tell the difference between shotgun pellets and tiny gold. A mate and I worked a patch of over 120 small colors which was also littered with pellets. The biggest color was only 3 grams. I left the pellets in the ground. I later took a Minelab agent to that site when they scoffed at my claim of being able to tell the difference. They then went over the area with an SDC, and found nothing but pellets.
  19. I'm only grumpy before that first coffee Fred. Ask Mitchel.
  20. Hey Paul!!! I have always called a little 'chemical readjustment', "inspiration". Has worked for me. Blow a big fat reefer and the 'Great God of Nuggets' will wrap his golden arms around you.
  21. Simon, you are overthinking things. Let's put it down to just a lack of originality.
  22. Subtly Grubby. Is this what Minelab has become?
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