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  1. Phrunt, you are the victim of false news. The above photo was taken weeks before the climate change march and has been fraudulently posted in many areas in an effort to disparage the people involved in the march. Looks like you have been taken in too Beatty. Thought you would have been smarter than that.
  2. Madtuna, I know who this person is. So do you. Obviously we cannot name him, and I received a threatening phone call from this grub when I called him out over comments he made on Facebook. He is still involved in his 'tours' to WA, so you best be on the lookout for him next season. He is not only an environmental vandal, but a racist and has left one person that I know of with huge debts over his financial fiascoes. Not at all good for the prospecting scene.
  3. Totally agree with Busho, about the idiots who wreck it for all, then go on to attack and rubbish so called 'greenies', for the negative public reaction to the mess they themselves have left. In Australia we have a certain number of 'prospectors' who believe they have the God given right to do as they please in the bush.
  4. JR Beatty and I copped ridicule by the ton when we showed pictures of gold found with our QEDs because of camera date. We were accused of falsifying our finds and it was suggested that the gold was actually found with other brand detectors. We have more than our share of nasty nutters in this country.
  5. Thanks to Dave (Davsgold) I got to test the 12" X coil for GPX, on a perfect Victorian early spring day. Besides testing it on Minelab's pulse induction detector, I also wanted to see how it would perform on QED. Firstly the X was air tested and compared with various makes and sizes of coils on GPX using very small gold and a 330 ml beer can, and then used on ground to see just how well it handled various soil and mineralization situations. I could fill a page with measurements and settings, but instead will just give general impressions and observations. On small gold it was surprisingly good both in air tests and in ground and gave a better response than smaller and similar sized coils both bundle, flat or spiral wound on the GPX. The beer can was only used in air tests, and it was marginally better than similar sized coils, but got blitzed by the 25" Nuggetfinder, as one would expect. When air tested on the QED the results were very good, with measured distances being a bare fraction less than the GPX on the beer can but on a par with tiny gold. The signal was very sharp and positive on a pinhead sized bit of gold, but a small ragged, reefy piece about a gram and a half that the GPX did not give a very good signal on sounded very positive with the QED at twice the distance of the GPX. It seems there are some types of gold that the GPX does not perform so well on, but the QED does. The same was noted with both detectors on ground. Testing was done on ground at my property, which is gold bearing, and fairly typical of central Victorian goldfields. The pleasant surprise is just how stable and yet sensitive this X coil is. For QED users the good news is that it can be run 'hotter' than anything else I have used on a QED so far. I had gain flat out at setting ten and mode down at position one, with the coil behaving beautifully. The weight is quite light when compared to other coils of a similar size. I think I might sell a couple of my other coils and buy one of these.
  6. Just got mine last week, but have not had a chance to test in the field yet. Air tests were impressive to say the least on GPX, but not good at all on QED. Will take the coil to Howard to see if he can work out why this is so, as the DD coils work well on QED since his last upgrade.
  7. When I instruct people in the use of metal detectors of all brands, I constantly have students that when getting a hint of a target slow down their swing to the point of the detector failing to register. I have to tell them that they are using a motion detector and that immobilizing the coil above the perceived target results in the detector failing to respond. They then look at me with incredulity and inform me that they have had the 'good' advice that the way to go is 'low and slow'. It is difficult getting the message across that slow does not mean practically immobile. Instructing requires a great deal of patience. I sometimes think I am not really suited to it.
  8. Low and slow!!!! It's a motion detector for Pete's sake. Too slow and you will hear nothing.
  9. Excellent report Simon. I think Howard should make you the Pacific agent for QED as you seem to really have a grip on this new detector. The latest updates are a real positive, especially the DSM, giving the QED great stability and basically doing away with the need for ground tracking. James Beatty and I have already enjoyed the benefits of DSM and will soon be able to report on the performance of the concentric coils as we have ordered the Detech 18" model, and await delivery. It is my intention to do some work with the DD on some highly mineralized ground to see just how well the QED DD combination really works, and will report here on results and impressions.
  10. Good point Simon. That QED probably needs to go back to Howard for the latest updates and to be adjusted for American power source. The good news is that these mods are free and that unit is now under a 5 year warranty from original date of purchase.
  11. Some aluminium cleaners will dissolve the ironstone but leave the quartz intact. If you wish to get rid of the quartz as well then hydrofluoric acid is the go, but it is very nasty stuff and needs to be treated with great care.
  12. madtuna, I shall ask Howard who the WA tester was. The tester may or may not wish to be identified, but I will message you if I can.
  13. Perhaps Howard should be aiming for the African market with the QED.
  14. madtuna, Howard has not disclosed to me the identity of the WA tester. You would need to ask him.
  15. Just to clarify a few points. Firstly QED was never sold by Coiltek, but was sold by Detech, who still provide components for one of the QED options. Maldon Gold Centre had problems with the premises they were renting in the town of Maldon, which has eventually led to the business winding up once stock is cleared. Before Howard announced the introduction of the DSM ground balance update it was tested here in Victoria by James Beatty and myself as well as another tester in Western Australia. The announcement was not made until positive results were forthcoming from testers. Detech DD and concentric coils were used to test the new coil compatibility modifications with positive results. No switch is required when changing from Mono to DD or CC coils as the QED adapts automatically, transmitting on one winding and receiving on the other, as with GPX. The new coil adaptability does not include discrimination or cancel. I hope this is informative. PS. I forgot to mention that Howard is considering gearing up production through having an Australian company manufacture here. He is adamant that there will be NO overseas production. QED will remain AUSTRALIAN made.
  16. James Beatty and I have been testing the new DSM (dynamic spectrum modulation) over the last few weeks. It is basically a ground balance within a ground balance and is a big improvement in stability and smoothness. It now has a much wider ground balance range, and once set the GB rarely needs adjustment. A bonus of this improvement has seen an increase in ground penetration and stronger target response. This is noticeable as larger signals give an overload response more readily than previous. Ground tracking has been made unnecessary with this new development which is unique to QED. Other functions are unaffected by this change, although lower mode and higher gain may be possible over some ground types. An adjustment to hardware now makes it possible to run DD and concentric coils, and all new QEDs will have both new functions as standard at no extra cost.
  17. I don't often agree with madtuna, but in this case I do. What the hell is the camo gear all about? Who are they hiding from? I just can't bear to watch this rubbish for the reasons madtuna has already stated. I think it may have been PT Barnham who said, "you will never go broke by underestimating the taste of the public". How much 'reality' TV must we endure?
  18. James and I have already had a situation just recently where we have been followed and our spots flogged. Cheeky devils even camped on one patch. We checked after they left and found a few bits they missed. Our tally would have been better but for these parasites.
  19. Firstly, let me say thanks to Steve for having the patience to give the QED a run on his forum. When I first met Howard and his pulse induction detector project I was impressed enough to agree to test it for him. Having tested for Minelab for a number of years, I looked forward to a new project. What I was not expecting was the vitriol and abuse for reasons unbeknown to me that were suddenly hurled at the QED, myself, and anyone involved with this new detector. The detractors were almost exclusively anonymous, and their attacks in many cases were personal. I am happy to say that most abuse, with the exception of a handful of hard core fanatics, has died away. A couple of other thank yous are in order. Simon, of course for his very detailed analysis, and willingness to try a new machine, and Jonathan Porter, who although an agent for the world's best selling detector, gave a thorough and very balanced review of the QED. I'm sure he will find the latest developments a big improvement on the early model PL1 that he tested. There have been some reports from areas of very high mineralization, Western Australia in particular, of the QED struggling to hold ground balance, and an update to the machine was added to address this problem. While successful in most applications, it did not satisfy Howard that it was the perfect solution. A whole new concept has been tested here in Victoria over the past few weeks by James Beatty and myself, and although we are still awaiting test results from WA, it is fair to say that for James and me, it has been a major improvement. Howard has tried to explain it to me what he has been working on, but I'm afraid it went way over my head. The best I can explain it is that it is a form of ground absorption within ground balance. This improvement, and another big advance will be announced within a few weeks, as soon as final testing has been completed. I'm sworn to secrecy on some things for the moment, but I can say that there are exciting times ahead. To our friends in America, I sincerely hope that this new and much improved QED can soon be available to you as well. We would love to have an agent over there. To our Aussie customers, one of the new developments will be free, as it is a software update, while another will have a minimal charge as a small extra board needs to be added to the detector. My thanks to all who have shown an interest in this great all Australian detector. Cheers.
  20. 55 , Did you say 55?? Struth, still wet behind the ears. As far as people referring to the QED as crap, I think that you were probably one of that brigade. Wisdom comes with age, and when you get to your seventies you will look back at being 55 and think, well maybe I was a bit of a know all.
  21. I used to swing big coils when I was as young as mad tuna, and one day he will be as old as me. (maybe)
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