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  1. How slow were you going? If I used those settings it would false a lot but a break through target sounds would definitely be distinguishable from the noise. Any other adjustments done? Congrats on the awesome hunts.
  2. great job. I can't wait to get back to detecting after taking a few weeks off.
  3. Just read on my 8" post that Rick is a dealer so I would contact him first.
  4. It was thru Fisher, $299 with a new lower rod. Not sure what the shipping since the price was for a AQ and optionally the 8".
  5. I got the email yesterday. They said they tried to call but I had no missed messages.
  6. Fisher contacted me for a purchase of an AQ and was offering the 8" coil. I passed on the AQ since I already have two. Anyone purchased the 8" and what is your opinion?
  7. He has only been out a hand full of times dealing with his issues. I'll definitely put it aside and have his opinion and he always have a strong opinion...lol I think I heard that story about you breaking his ring. A lot of pollution in our waters.
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