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  1. Check your spam. I found their reply there.
  2. My guess they are working on a software update and it would need to be tweeked for the 8 and 15" coils. What works as for a 11 inch may not work for the other sizes. One major software release and then the hardware will follow not to far behind.
  3. I was once told that the dealers and stores don't have the actual inventory and these early units are being shipped from the Minelab warehouses until the backorders are fulfilled.
  4. On my beaches in Long Island Sound the D2 is definitely deeper than the Nox on wet sand. I've gotten 7 gold rings using the 11" coil and one gold chain. My D2 is now paid for based upon melt value (I did this in less than 2 months). These two months were one of my best months back-to-back I every had AND I did not hunt as often as I use to. Of those rings, 5 IMO were out of range of the Nox's 11" coil. I did not do side by side comparisons but I have score over 60 gold rings with the Nox so I know where my limits are on the Nox on my beaches. Also I want to say, I've dug my deepest penny, dime, nickel and quarter, and silver coins in the wet sand compared to the Nox and at times nearly as deep as my AQ. In the water, I am very skeptical. I don't have enough time to come to a conclusion. Dive mode doesn't seem as deep and Beach mode is chatty. As the water warms this summer I'll have a better feel.
  5. So far I have dug 4 gold rings. Two of the rings initially did not give a VDI. My guess they were 13+ inches. One ring was 1.4 gram and the other was 2.4.
  6. I had contacted Fisher regarding a battery that would not hold a charge for the AQ. Within a day the supplied a RMA and a label to return the battery. But best of all, they had sent a new battery almost immediately. Their support for this issue was quick and responsive. Go Fisher!
  7. Nice haul! Congrats on the great hunt. Here are some of my whispers from the other day.
  8. It is the antenna connecting the wireless coil to the control box. Basically, if the coil is under water it cannot broadcast the signal from the coil to the headphones or to the control box.
  9. I concur on your testing and conclusion. I flip modes but nearly every time I have to adjust the frequency delay by 2 notches or so up or down.
  10. In the water, the MDT worked pretty good for me and I would say it was deeper than the Nox. I prefer to run the Excal in pinpoint mode for depth or the Nox for the shallower stuff. Out of the water and over wet sand, the Tarsacci was difficult to use. I was able to get it quiet for one part of the beach and then I had to make adjustment to the point where the Nox was deeper. Some beaches it ran just fine and others it took adjustments. With the Nox I do not have make any adjustment except for the sensitivity. I can run it at 23/24 and drop it to 20/21 and my issues go away. I am in Long Island Sound so there are not big waves and there the beaches can have lots of iron and mineralize sand and black sand.
  11. I have also experimented with it and do use it based upon how deep I want to dig. My findings are just like what you posted.
  12. How slow were you going? If I used those settings it would false a lot but a break through target sounds would definitely be distinguishable from the noise. Any other adjustments done? Congrats on the awesome hunts.
  13. great job. I can't wait to get back to detecting after taking a few weeks off.
  14. Just read on my 8" post that Rick is a dealer so I would contact him first.
  15. It was thru Fisher, $299 with a new lower rod. Not sure what the shipping since the price was for a AQ and optionally the 8".
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