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  1. How slow were you going? If I used those settings it would false a lot but a break through target sounds would definitely be distinguishable from the noise. Any other adjustments done? Congrats on the awesome hunts.
  2. great job. I can't wait to get back to detecting after taking a few weeks off.
  3. Just read on my 8" post that Rick is a dealer so I would contact him first.
  4. It was thru Fisher, $299 with a new lower rod. Not sure what the shipping since the price was for a AQ and optionally the 8".
  5. I got the email yesterday. They said they tried to call but I had no missed messages.
  6. Fisher contacted me for a purchase of an AQ and was offering the 8" coil. I passed on the AQ since I already have two. Anyone purchased the 8" and what is your opinion?
  7. He has only been out a hand full of times dealing with his issues. I'll definitely put it aside and have his opinion and he always have a strong opinion...lol I think I heard that story about you breaking his ring. A lot of pollution in our waters.
  8. I needed to know so I did the electrolysis and cleanup the ring by brushing and wiping clean. I also did the acid test on the metal that is the thinnest part of the band where it looks like the ring could have been plated. It appears to be gold under the plate. That result is still 14k. The pic was taken 5 minutes after applying the acid.
  9. This is how I tested it. I scratched the stone with bigger marks than normal. My guess the scratch was 3/4" long, 1/8 wide. Three of them. I put 10k, 14k, and 18k acid. The 18 acid ate it up immediately. I left the acid on the lines for over 10 minutes as I took a shower. The 10 and 14 lines were still present. Also, the density of the ring feels heavy for its size. Without destroying the ring, if there is a better way to test, please help me out.
  10. I guess I should not fly with those batteries. TSA would think they are a bomb....lol
  11. Occasionally, we'll get a ring that is so delicate that if you drop it on a hard surface they will break into multiple pieces. This one tested as a 14k so I was a little surprised that there was so much tarnish and erosion of the filler metal.
  12. I have an older Iphone so my closeups are only so-so. There are two dots which could be a makers mark but I never seen one with two dots. I did a 10k, 14k, and 18k acid test. The '18' ate it up right away. I went for a shower and the '10' and '14' was still intact when I came out.
  13. The outside of the ring was blackish due to the mud. The inside had a gold tone but the pic above didn't really show it.
  14. Ring # 5 with the AQ. This ring was at least 12" in the packed mud and it has been down there for a very long time. It was barely auditable. The ring did not have any gold markings but tested as 14k. I would NOT have hit this with the NOX. I was running the machine hot. Settings were: Sensitivity=7, Delay=8, ATS=5, ALL METAL. I went slower than usual to keep the chatter down for the setting above. The location is where I have found rings in the past
  15. I am still learning my machine. I can't wait to hear how others do it. I usually start at the defaults except for the sensitivity. Lately, I have it at 5 (one past the default). If there is no falsing, I'll leave it at that. In most cases I do not change sensitivity. I'll start with a delay of 8 or 10 and adjust the ATS to quiet the machine down. If get falsing upon my swings so I slow my swing down and/or adjust the ATS to 9 and/or adjust the delay to 10 or better.
  16. In order to learn the AQ, I have taken to some beaches where the Nox performs great. You don't want to do dry sand or even the slope at the beaches with the AQ. You will spend to much time digging everything and even smaller pieces of metal than what the Nox can hit and a deeper depth. I have used the discrimination mode on the AQ to avoid some targets but there are to many bits of aluminum pull tabs or can slaw that cannot be discriminated out. As a test, I put a gold ring and rusty nail over each other and you can hear the gold ring and not the nail. This was a controlled test. In general in discrimination mode, if it doesn't discriminate it will provide the high tone. I do need to test it more to confirm my findings and also adjust the REJECT control. 95 percent of the 50 hours has been in ALL METAL.
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