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  1. Yes, an important fact Jeff. Both companies are fine tuning their products. Do we know a real winner yet because of this?
  2. XP Deus 2 Or Legend....which Do I Keep? Don't know Jeff, maybe another 20 hours or so on each will bring you closer to a good decision? GL 😁
  3. One tone or five tone? You talking about discrimination? There won't be any difference. The difference is HORSESHOE mode. Horseshoe mode is the deeper mode in one tone!
  4. Well my Equinox is 2500 miles away in Mexico. You do not have to be on a beach to duplicate this! You get home from work, grab any nail/screw put it on the ground and take a slow swing at it, coil raised about 5". At some point going around it you will hear a double ring. Many people might mistake this for two targets [but it is not] Also try like a 1/2" steel washer [not stainless] Beach2, IB[origional f-6 and recovery 6, Tracking GB, 1 tone, Horseshoe mode on. PM me too if your having any other issues.
  5. Yes of course, and to add to schoolofhardnox thougths. My example was one of my own real-world experiences where I cannot hunt Beach 1 at the same sensitivity as Beach2. I fought this for a while in my own head, and conferred with a few experts even getting an opinion from Dankowski. Then after some time on my primary beach, it was clear to me that if I could run Beach2 two sensitivity points higher than Beach1 I was better off. At least where I was standing.
  6. Maybe it is my pod and coil combo? I am not the only one though that has not noticed an advantage running Beach 1. It has been mentioned by others, on several forums. There is hunting sensitivity, then enhancement sensitivity. If I am hunting in Beach 2 at 22 and find a difficult target, I do not have an issue going to 24 just to get a better look at that one target. I can usually move two points of sensitivity regardless of the conditions. Now take a combo of Beach 1 at 20 with the ability to 22. YES, there is a difference. correct. *I have no idea if this works in another mode than Beach 2. Most of the ferrous at the beach is .50 cent size and less, also nails of all types and sizes. The double ring on ferrous happens at ALL depths, and for the deepest targets you get the one-sided signal breakdown more often. High nonferrous targets can also double ring however these WILL lock out on the positive TID side making for easy diggers. ALL Nonferrous targets at depth will ONLY single ring. [you cannot even make them double ring by mistake] It is as simple as ding/pause/ding. Coil control is critical, and one will pick up on the cadence needed soon enough, Reason:? I am thinking without question the edges of the coil read each side of the ferrous targets. I am also guessing it has something to do with frequency weighting in Beach 2. Everyone needs to know [again] I have no idea if this works in any different mode than Beach2.
  7. OK, on those days where you can only do 20 sens, don't be afraid to run the same settings in Beach 2. You should be able to at least run 22 in Beach2.
  8. I guess running both machines now and testing small items, I agree with Steve. I do not see a bonus to either machine on a beach with detectable small gold. In the picture below, I found this chain with the Equinox a broken "1" tid signal. Buit strong and repeatable. In an air test [not the same, i get it] The deus2 seemed to get a better signal to the Equinox. However could of been a different story in my Black Sand. I think an important topic missed, is what function can you run in with the Deus2. I think for most beach hunters you can forget wet/sand water contact for Beach Sensitive. It is clear to me with wild finds that neither machine is going to have an advantage on small items. I already have the 9" coil for the Deus2 and I do not anticipate this will make any difference on small gold targets from what I tested. There was some anticipation and hype from some about with the D2 on filling coffee cans with small gold. The reality is that is not going to happen.
  9. But letting me know your current sensitivity range tells me what your conditions is. After all I can get Beach 1 to hunt quiet, but the sensitivity is not acceptable. Are you able to hunt 21 sensitivity and over?
  10. I can run sensitivity between 20 and 24, depending on Black sand. IB, and recovery both at 6. IB the original f-6. I do run 1 or 2 points of threshold [it seems to enhance deep targets] and really even with the good headphones I have you cannot hear the threshold at 1 or 2. Because it is going to sound like a new world to you> hearing everything even Black Sand ticks try not to run the sensitivity at your max. Run it pretty clean and if you get a deep target [and are unsure] then bump the sens 1or2 to look at just that target. Once you get a hang for the single, double ring targets, then increase your sens. One more point, good coil control is needed to hear the double ring, you have to swing slow over the target and be centered best as possible. It is OK to have have a half fast regular swing but when you get a hit [slow down] It is real easy to know where the center of the target is in horseshoe mode, and you will never need to use pinpoint again! I really don't like Beach 1 and never hunt it. I can get much more sensitivity and less falsing in beach 2. Sensitivity wins with the equinox. What sensitivity range are you hunting now?
  11. No not down to -9. Usually a splattering, -1 to -5 [because the target is already deep and nonferrous.]
  12. Yes, I hunt this way, except I use Beach 2 because Beach 1 cannot handle my Black Sand/Wet sand-salt mix. In direct wild target testing we could not get the Deus 2 to beat the Equinox in the Horseshoe mode. I have taken this one step further because of what the Horseshoe mode can do. On deep targets, if the target single rings and does not have a directional breakdown on 360 inspection it is nonferrous 95% of the time. These targets WILL have negative tid numbers, if deep enough, including gold. Likewise, any target that double rings or breaks down on a 360 inspection is ferrous, 100% of the time. This works down to the faintest signals. Signals that will not even appear in the discrimination mode. So I would not worry about "missing anything"
  13. You don't want another one. His doodad helped break my coil ear. SunRay have the best quality stiffeners by far.
  14. Not sure how you're detecting as a PI? Why would you have to dig everything? I had really nasty black sand the last few weeks. My iron ratio was almost the same 5 of 100 targets.
  15. The remote was shipped yesterday............
  16. We noticed right away when we tested the D2 that water entered the coil end. I tried to waterproof that wire before I stuck it the water and did not get a good seal. The inner wire under the top Shielding is very thin. When will it fail? Since you are a diver you might be the first to let us know. 😊
  17. Not doing anything wrong, but I would make some adjustments. > If you are in the regular Disc mode gold will NOT come in with negative numbers. >If you're in solid wet sand contact, I would run beach 2 and your Iron Bias to the regular F-6 or 5. This will allow you to run a higher sensitivity setting. > Try to always work your low tides. If you want to try something, use your horseshoe mode to listen to everything. It will go deeper than disc mode. If your target single rings solid 360, the target is nonferrous 95%, if the target double rings or breaks down on a 360 look is is ferrous. GL, HH
  18. Well the remote, is going back. I am still traveling and have not reached home where I have the required receipt copy needed. I see another person on TreasureNet had this same issue and they did a replacement. I will let everyone know how it goes.
  19. This is where horseshoe mode comes in. Listen to everything. At depth, if the target double rings or breaks down on a 360 look, it is ferrous. If the target single rings steady at a 360 look it is nonferrous. I don't care if the Equinox is posting a -5 number....it is nonferrous! 95 out of 100 targets.
  20. Really surprised you did not bag other gold in that spot. Great work!
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