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  1. Hey here's an idea, why doesn't someone write Rohan and ask him how the coils are wound. It might cut short all the spit-balling and get some actual information. I have found Rohan is usually a good communicator if he has a moment. Why not give it a try?
  2. I absolutely agree. I don't like to bag on coil makers so I won't, but I do like to boost and encourage manufacturers that I respect and whose coils are imho consistently at the top of the heap, and that is Nugget Finder. If they say there is a problem, or a delay, I believe them and am more than happy to wait. The product that arrives is always worth it.
  3. Thank you for letting it work itself out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
  4. just imagine your 7000 rolling over that baby...
  5. I also agree about the NF 12". It's beautifully conceived and constructed and it's a pleasure to use.
  6. I love this... The change in your point of view provides an enlightening comparison to two stages of detecting; one where gold nuggets are the purpose and two where the gold in the experience is the point. And your company on both occasions was perfect. Looking forward to hearing about your next experience. Safe travels and say hello to JP for me please.
  7. NOTE: This will be the last post about this, but it's an important share. The book now has all the proper color photographs in it and is fully available on; Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/s?k=best+seat+in+the+house+by+david+mcgiffert&crid=5IOAPQ84NRRI&sprefix=%2Caps%2C191&ref=nb_sb_ss_recent_5_0_recent and BearManor Media publishing: https://bearmanor-digital.myshopify.com/search?q=david+mcGiffert Not to mislead here because the book rankings change every two seconds on Amazon, but it was fun, someone sent me this screenshot from yesterday. Thank you - back to your regularly scheduled detecting.
  8. Yeah Wes it's incredible, there are flumes all over the Sierra's - which you probably know better than I do. I am always amazed at the amount of work the old timers put in. I remember in the late 70s I dredged down through 16 feet of overburden to get to the bedrock, only to find that when I did, there were two Chinese coins laying in a huge bedrock crack opened up down for almost a yard. The old timers had already picked it clean decades ago.
  9. not me…I would rather wait for NuggetFinder, but we all have our limits, I understand.
  10. Hi Jason, supposedly the shipping bump has been alleviated. Please let me know in a PM (or in this thread so everyone sees), in a couple of days if it is not delivered and I will send you one myself. Some things one just can't control and this has turned out to be one of them but it is getting cleared up and everyone will get their copy. Publishing is an opaque business - it's been a weird experience, but it's getting straightened out.
  11. NEW UPDATE (9/28): The websites below are now carrying the color version of the book. BearManor Media direct link to paperback: (there is a hardbound copy available and a $7.00 ebook as well.) https://bearmanor-digital.myshopify.com/products/best-seat-in-the-house-an-assistant-director-behind-the-scenes-of-feature-films-paperback *Amazon direct link: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=david+mcgiffert+book&crid=3TM0O42V5MNY9&sprefix=david+mcgiffert+book%2Caps%2C185&ref=nb_sb_ss_deep-retrain-10-ops-acceptance_1_20 *If anyone buys a copy from Amazon and you enjoy the book, would you pease consider writing a review? I am learning that books rise and fall depending on Amazon reviews. Barnes and Noble and Apple Books: still only has the black and white copy available. Thank you for looking - Back to your regularly scheduled gold topics.
  12. YAY someone who measures gold in dwt! Keep it going Condorman, you're going to have a great trip.
  13. Thanks for keeping us with you on your trip. It's fun to hear how you are doing and what you are thinking. Best of luck.
  14. Hi Chris and everyone, Firstly, yes Chris, I may bury it though, with a nickel tucked in the pages, so you have to find it. IMPORTANT NOTE: There was a mis-que in the initial printing. So two things; ONE, if you got a copy of either hardbound or soft cover and they have black and white photos all the way through, you got a mistakenly printed copy. Two thirds of the photographs are in color . Let me know and I will replace it. TWO, if you have not bought a copy and wish to maybe buy one, please wait a bit until I get the right copies available. It won't be too long but after all this time I want make sure it's what I was trying to do. The change is in process now and I will jump back into this thread when it's corrected. Thanks for understanding. Didn't come all this way to have it done wrong.
  15. Fun to see the results of your work. Also to see a decent result for the efforts. Good going.
  16. As is usual for you, that was a thorough and detailed account of how and why you are so good at what you do. There is a lot of knowledge and experience in that article.
  17. ah…Joan Collins actually, but no matter...
  18. Well Swegin, you may be the only person who saw that film. I did write a story about it. It was one whacky show. (thanks)
  19. Thanks phrunt, it's an amazing process in the face of 2 thousand books a day being released on Amazon. A very steep learning curve to figure out how to get its publication out past friends and family. But the good thing is, after almost a decade of writing on and off, it's done.
  20. IMPORTANT NOTE: AS OF SEPT. 20TH, THE BOOK HAS PRINTING PROBLEMS. I WILL JUMP BACK ON WHEN THEY ARE FIXED. IT'S A MATTER OF PRINTING THE COLOR PHOTOS IN COLOR, INSTEAD OF HOW THEY BEGAN PRINTING THEM IN BLACK AND WHITE. THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT. DAVID __________________________________________________ With Steve’s kind permission, I’m happy to announce that a book I have just completed has just been made available for preorder. Although there is nothing about this forum that implies a book about feature films will be pertinent, because I am an inhabitant of DP, I wanted the people who contribute to this forum to know. “Best Seat in the House, An Assistant Director Behind the Scenes of Feature Films” covers thirty-three years of working on movies starting from the early 70s and winding up in the early 2000s. The book has just been made available today (Aug. 25th), for preorder and will be released on September 19th. https://bit.ly/3wuU34e for paperback https://bit.ly/3KjeIht for hard cover Okay, back to your regularly scheduled gold discussions - and thank you.
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