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  1. A well-meaning suggestion: keep the HipStick for when your shoulder and back begin to suffer, it will help you. This is not being sarcastic at all. Even JP, who, compared to us, is huge, even he has suffered damage from swinging detectors. We may not do it full-time the way he is able to do at times, but the cumulative wear and tear will eventually appear. When it does, you will quickly get over feeling hemmed in by bungie's etc. if it means you aren't able to detect because of intense physical discomfort.
  2. That's interesting Simon. I am about the same stature as you, I run a 7000 and if I did not have a HipStick I don't think I would be able to lug it around for multiple hours the way I do now, in terrain very similar to yours as well. It has become an integral part of my detecting and I hardly notice I am wearing it. Oh and did I mention my shoulder and back pain is gone?
  3. As i understand it Chris P. does not manufacture them any more. He is a member of the forum, maybe he can clarify...
  4. Yup. That about sums all this up doesn't it. Although there are good TikTocks and YouTubes out there, wading through them to find accurate ones that provide the specifics and information that one is looking for, is an increasingly time consuming and mostly vapid enterprise. However, it is the way things are, and we have to accept that.
  5. Have you ever seen a dowser at work? I have. They are used where I used to go in the Sierras to find water for digging a well, and they almost always did. There are some incredibly accurate practitioners out there.
  6. Last thing I would add. No matter how good the advertising is, if the product doesn't do what it is advertised to do, it's not gonna last. I have owned a long series of Minelab detectors because, for me, they worked. I specifically reference another company mentioned in this thread, Whites. Their company, in my opinion, ultimately failed because their products did not do what they were advertised as doing. If they did, trust me, I would own them. Happy New Year to you Loren and to everyone, we all deserve a great new year.
  7. Well maybe you lost something in plagiarizing the original ideas, because the way you presented them, you clearly, but perhaps unintentionally, hit a nerve. That should tell you something about this particular demographic.
  8. To me, you actually do sound a little full of yourself although I agree that persistence is a good trait. The discussion is totally about you in that these many posts all arose from your post. It's called taking responsibility - another important trait for good marketing. I'm just having fun with your topic, not trying to make you feel bad. I will stop now too.
  9. Then all I can say is you would be terrible at metal detecting…and there will be more than ten people. This is a world-wide forum and some people in other time zones don't jump in right away. Modern forums are that way. (joking)
  10. Loren, one of the key aspects of using a metal detector is dogged patience and following through on something you started. So, just because people disagree with you isn't a reason to leave a discussion you started. Stick around, you might learn something that will help you with your work. Lots of us have had our asses dragged every which way here, but it's not meant to make you feel bad, it's just differing viewpoints. Differing viewpoints open up new marketing strategies. Just saying...
  11. This statement is such a typical young persons statement. …"I don't mean younger people as an insult, but rather a fact of demographics…" 😉. Come on man…most people, young or old, absolutely "grasp" how powerful media marketing is. It has invaded every corner of our lives. That's everyone's lives, young or old. It's virtually impossible not to know this. Many times, 'modern' marketing strategies are age-old strategies repackaged to accommodate the font of technical advances that are a hallmark of 'modern' marketing. You obviously know most of us have a shortened attention span - it's been declining for decades…but what led to to that? In large part it was a marketing strategy called music videos, with flash cuts cramming content and story into a short amount of time. And a lot of us "older people" were at the cutting edge of those kinds of videos that came into existence, probably before you were born. It's actually really easy to make a flash TikTok video showing a handful of nuggets - bang! you immediately have interest. But very few content creators, no matter how modern their videos, take the time to actually educate the viewer that having a detector means nothing if you don't have the patience to learn the other 95 per cent; how to use the machine and the huge informational store one needs to use it well. And if you don't take the time to lay out the other 95 per cent, that's essentially false advertising - which is also a rampant 'modern marketing strategy.' Just musing...
  12. Loren, if you bring up a specific issue, it's probably gonna be specifically addressed. If you don't like the glare on the screen, tell the video operator to use a neutral density gel and put it over the screen. It's what people who know what they are doing use. It's quick and easy. I think we have one of the biggest influencers I've ever seen is Jonathan Porter, a member of this forum and known world-wide among people who are interested in detecting. His videos are professional but more importantly, he knows what he is talking about and has absolutely had the attention of MineLab for decades, they involve him in their R & D and their product testing. THAT is an influencer that makes sense for detectorists. Tik Tok influencers are mostly trying to generate site hits. Their videos are usually short to accommodate our short attention span. Not sure an influencer the way that word is used rn would generate much in the way of sustained detector interest. I would love to be shown wrong. Why don't you make one and see how it goes?
  13. I just snip them off and replace with a plastic tie. It works great.
  14. I also have had good success running the 7000 with hot settings and low-ish volume. As I say almost every time I post, my hunting place at the moment produces very small gold as a rule. I have had wonderful success with the new NF coil and the settings described just above. Oh, and coil control, working slowly, and staying patient. This is a fun thread - for many reasons. Good job everyone of keeping it between the lines. Happy New Year to everyone, we all deserve one. 👋
  15. I had some hilarious times years ago with Sandtrap. I know you know what I mean Lunk.
  16. Nice work. We passed by your house yesterday driving down from Fairfield. I hoped you were out somewhere fun. Have great Holidays.
  17. Dale, this will have the information put more clearly. Hope you guys are doing well. https://www.zoleo.com/en-us/satellite-communicator/ I have used Garmin products since 1999 and love them. At this point, I like Zoleo better than a Garmin Mini. I am not trying to say anything negative about Garmin. These communicators are personal preference items. I am not trying to change anyone's mind about what to use. What I am trying to do is to inform people there is another product available that - in my opinion - has merit.
  18. I have been seeing an ad for Zoleo at the top of the DP page and thought you folks might be interested to hear an opinion about it. I bought one a year ago and have taken it with me whenever I go detecting because where I go is out of cell phone range. I am highly impressed with this little gizmo. It is about the size of a pack of smokes, it's very lightweight and easy to hook onto a harness or belt loop. I won't go into too many details but I encourage anyone who is interested in getting a satellite communicator that works very well to look into this one.It is a relative new kid on the block - but it has great and responsive customer service. It uses an app on your phone so, for instance, you can type a message on your phone but send it with the Zoleo if you are out of phone range and family or friends who download the app can use it to contact you as well. It has a check-in button to say "I'm okay" and gives the coordinates. It uses the Iridium satellite network…the good one…to relay a help call in case of trouble, with all the help that call triggers. It is worth reading up about, there is a lot in a small well-thought-out package. I have no association with the company. Oh, and Happy Holidays to everyone...
  19. You never fail to impress Lunk. Inspired detecting...
  20. I spent 4 summers in the late 70s and early 80s dredging in the Mother Lode, 20 feet down moving boulders the size of Volkswagons, and yes, those rivers were loaded with gold if you were willing to work for it.
  21. A Hipstick gives me perfect coil control, provided I pay attention to what I'm doing. Whether it's a bungie, a Hipstick or a swing arm, the key is to pay attention to what you're doing, those helpers do not automatically give you good coil control.
  22. (Another) nice find Rob. An interesting comparison test with the 6000 as well. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it. I have been constantly amazed at the small gold I am finding with the 7000 and the NF coil. It's crazy. Two of the recent flakes I've found do not set off my scale that goes down to two decimal places. The weight of the detector is the biggest problem, I am 5' 7" 135 pounds so my lifesaver has been the Hipstick.
  23. I also admire not only her ability and her attitude, but her video's are really well done and anyone who has tried to film themselves hunting knows what I mean. JP understands more than most of us because he basically taught himself video production in its entirety from filming to post production with titles, stingers and music and then mass producing the most successful metal detecting videos ever attempted. Krissy is a great representative for all of us.
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