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  1. Sorry if I’m restating a view previously expressed, not my intention… I picked back up on a thought from last night that needed more time in the oven before it was ready to slice and serve, only skimming new entries.
  2. At the risk of demonstrating just how little I know and understand any of this discussion l believe that it would be possible to build a detector capable of seeing and interpreting accurately signatures from an unknown object and identify through this a gold nugget or any other object, but I suspect not by doing the same thing as we do now gathering data in the same way we always have. A larger database of more of the same information is constrained by its own limitations, much like determining an objects color from looking at a variety of black and white photographs at different angels and different resolution it can tell you only so much the color always a guess interpolating an answer from incomplete information. The current state of the art technology is well exploited, refined and developed advances are baby steps bringing improvement fine tuning information the same way it’s always done even GZP is a signal timing differences not that different from PI I suspect just processed slightly different. We will need to add something new to the game, we have one finger now pointing at the ground, VLF, PI and GPZ our black and white images from these technologies all see objects but due to the variety in objects their relative location in the ground the state they are in even within the same element cause so much overlap the best we can do is guess. New led old led, bits of led snow flake after snow flake all looking similar all different. The technology works amazingly at what it does just separating an object out from a huge volume of surrounding noise but something more we’ll need like looking with multi frequency only the frequency will need to gather clues from a different perspective that adds significantly different information? OK, I have no idea of what I’m talking about and I’ll leave this to you smart guys to figure out, but I’m sure glad someone invented metal detectors.
  3. Gold and silver have rebounded a little that’s nice to see, gold looks like it hit the floor at around 1700 and at 1775 heading into the weekend.
  4. I and scores of detector users await your success, as pointed out the challenges are many the variables countless, just the gold alone returns different signatures depending on size, orientation, composition, density, surrounding minerals and trash, oxidation… the list goes on and on. But if you could pull it off the line to you’re door would be very long, and why large companies like Minelab invest millions of dollars and thousands of hours on research seeking the answers to those questions as we await the next new thing. Best of luck, for sure.
  5. The 7000, I though I’d never sell it, fantastic detector. For me it was a choice between ergonomics having both the gpz7000 and the gpx6000 both great detectors I was using the 6000 most of the time and when I’d grab the 7000 it wasn’t bringing a lot of difference. This release of the Axiom brings a couple things that I always wanted a more steady threshold and iron check, will the Axiom hit deeper than the 7000 I don’t care, but probably not. It seems all detectors have certain targets they struggle with and my aim is to play on the strength of the Axiom and those of the 6000 and cover the same ground in a different ear. The 6000 and 7000 both hit targets in similar ways, different but similar…the Axiom by all early reports by those I have no reason to doubt brings a different tool to the game, not necessarily better just different.
  6. I couldn’t agree more… so, I’ll just say, yep.
  7. Rob, thanks I felt the same about it as you and really appreciate your opinion the subject came up and I wonder what other opinions were, some of this because of the nature of what we do it feels like just being a good citizen and having good karma on they way to the gold fields can improve your luck. Having a good attitude makes a difference too.
  8. I don’t have my GPZ anymore, but one of my last discussion on it was about the ferrite ring. The first shipments didn’t have one it was a later add on I thought more for some X factor that was an issue in the heavily mineralized soils in Australia. The 7000 was at times pretty unstable depending on conditions and the rings were shipped everywhere. It became a ceremony starting up the GPZ you’d do your act of contrition throw down the ring for a donation to appease the Devine spirit of the holy patch and spend the day praying for gold. minelab later anointed us with an offering our first communion a spiritual update version XX and all was good in the kingdom of the fields, did we in the western kingdom need to continue the ceremony of the ring… or was it a habit that brought spiritual peace, for we had already reached salvation? out of curiosity having committed first the sin of breaking my ring and then an almost unforgivable act of forgetfulness the omission abandonment the ring never to be seen again. who among us, cast the first stone discarding the past traditions of our faith and ditched the ring and why, conversely for those finding comfort in the old traditions why, does it still bring you closer to the enlightenment we seek. seriously, here in the milder soils of the untied states, does it help or do we use it because minelab gave it to us and it might make a difference, after losing my second ring I guess I lost faith and moved on not noticing a difference in the obstacles of my journey.
  9. Cool bone, my wife’s opinion would differ thou. What’s it s story?
  10. Klunker, I can’t remember a time I haven’t enjoyed reading your opinion right or wrong… I also can’t remember a time i thunk it was wrong looking back, your eloquence could as they say sell ice cubes to those living in climates requiring warm clothing and polar bear protection. I hope no polar bears are offended.
  11. Mostly my wife was happy it wasn’t something scary like a bone, lol.
  12. Looking at the limb casts it sure does, I think you nailed it. Jasong thank you
  13. Thank Jasong, I confess seeing your Dino bone and it made me remember this whatever it is, for no good reason the shape always reminded me of a section of ulna bone. Could have been any animal too, tree palm antler root, UNLV’s a good idea if it’s anything worth their time I’d get an answer, if it’s not …that I’ll be my answer.
  14. I’m not sure where this came from, I think we were in China visiting friends in a carving studio I don’t remember where exactly? but it sits a a windowsill with other rocks and to me it looks like bone but just a guess? Anyone have a guess?
  15. So I sent my 17’ coil in to have it checked and after it was connected to the coil test in a few minutes the coil became very unstable and extremely touch sensitive the coil was declared defective and a new 17” replacement coil is shipped and on its way.
  16. Yep, nothing to be afraid of I’ve seen them eating their natural food on an air boat tour in Florida, marshmallows… cuz, well they live in the marsh, lol.
  17. I hesitate posting this because sound quality is so poor I only recorded two short clips both with the 1g nugget. The dirt was too loose to allow slipping the tube all the way in this test adjusted for that is around 8” to 9” deep, I couldn’t pick up the audio from this on my phone even holding the ear buds next to the microphone. the sp01 is clipped to the back of the 6000 connected with a 3” cable and plugging/unplugging the cable toggled between it being just 6000 on speaker or 6000 with sp01 and ear buds, I have a speaker on order for a better test. The 6000 settings are auto+, normal, full volume, 11”mono. Sp01 settings in this clip mode 1, filter1 volume 50%, mode 2 filter 3 produces the loudest targets response. 6000 on speaker 6000 sp01
  18. I did try and take some video the wind was a big problem and I couldn’t really pick up the sound off the ear buds on my phone I’ll order a cheep speaker on Amazon.
  19. I gave this a try just a little way outside Las Vegas south of the city and the EMI was just about impossible using the speaker I could hear both nuggets the 1g and .3g at the same depth, the SP01 ran a little smoother and edged out the speaker alone by a 1/2” roughly on the .3,. the differences under these conditions were small but noticeable I could still hear both targets knowing that they were there but to me this was inconclusive due to the conditions. I’ll try this again one day next week taking a ride out to the Johnnie district where the results are more meaningful, but I think the SP01 will have an edge. I did hang the filter off the back of the 6000, it didn’t make any difference on or off so OK, but again just the background EMI would mask any differences.
  20. I was stuck waiting for the UPS truck all day so no chance to test the 6000 with the SP01, but I have everything ready for tomorrow and sinking this section of pvc at a 45* will allow me to go as deep as 14” and I have a .3 and 1 gram nugget unless there is some other size you want me to test?
  21. Northeast, I’ve never done any comparative testing with the 6000 and the filter, I already had one and after a couple days with it I think target signals were a little tighter. I’d hang the SP01 on my belt and run my ear bud cord (wired Bose sport) inside my shirt and use the 6000’s headphone cord with an adaptor to connect the SP01. The 6000 cord for the headphones is long enough I didn’t have a problem and direct connected signal seemed clean without lag? When I get a chance I’ll drive a little way out in the desert and test a nugget, I’ve got a long masonry bit I think will work to drill a diagonal hole for some 1/2” pvc deep enough to see a difference. Not promising any great video, but I’ll give it a shot with and without on a couple small nuggets. I got out of the habit of using it though, couple times I’d accidentally left it on packing and found a dead battery starting my day… no big deal I just didn’t have it. The 6000 is so light and easy I’ve gotten lazy I’ll probably start using it again, my last couple hunts have been fruitless.
  22. I’ve hung the SP01 connected with a 3” cable to the side of the aftermarket fabric cover and directly connected the 6000’s headphones hardwired into the SP01 that actually worked with no lag or interference from the SP01.
  23. I’ve run the sp1 a couple different ways, first with a ll blue tooth feeding the SP1 and the ll Bluetooth I was using I think made the 6000 a little more noisy. The setup I like the best except I’m tethered to a cord is using the supplied 6000’s headphone cord into the SP1 hooked to my belt and Bose sport ear buds. The hardwire Bose earbuds are out of production and last time I checked going for a couple hundred used the apple version works but the android jack configuration I think is better? This cord arrangement really isn’t that bad, plenty of room to set the detector down and recover targets and the cords don’t hang up hunting in the desert anyway, forested areas might be different. Charging devices is a even trade off SP1 instead of the 6000’s headphones, but more control of the audio output with the signal enhancer.
  24. The polished window has more the look from a fairly high amount of iron rather than iron nickel flakes (veins/threads) like found in meteorites, I don’t see any chondrites or evidence of fusion crust. I don’t think they hit the ground hot enough to fuse sand to the outside atmospheric action called ram pressure briefly melts the crust the interior remains cool the meteorites terminal velocity reduces the approach speed to a period of dark flight prior to impacting earth.
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