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  1. The 6000 is really hot on meteorites the 7000 too, but I find more with the 6000 so for covering a lot of ground the ergonomics and sensitivity of the 6000 is a good package. Now, would a radio shack detector have hit on this one… probably.
  2. Steve thanks and thank you for building a place where we can access the information we need from the experts like Lunk and yourself teaching us green horns what to do.
  3. This is good size I think, but Lunk wins that contest His is bigger than mine,lol. I’d guess the latter, my first thought was “where’s the can” and there wasn’t one, so I kept looking. I was hunting up in the Sierra’s on a WSPA club claim, “Hot Patch” I’d just joined and was new at this hmmm don’t remember the year I had the 7000 I was preorder and it was newly released or within a year of that anyway, I was working my way down from the clearing everyone used as a parking spot parallel to the dual track I drove in on and inside the trees just a little bit I hit a tin can signal that I ignored, later regretting. In this area there was a small surface quartz breakout and a shallow prospect hole with some cans and timber debris left by the old timers that I recall, the entire area was heavily mined this spot nestled in the tree line was missed I think amongst the ground sluicing probably covered by overburden and later mostly exposed by years of run off, some nugget I read was found in the area and I always wondered if I should have at least looked for the can?
  4. I’ve read 10,000 to 15,000 years ago was the impact, this was in an area of low rolling hills centered in the strew field not in a wash. I’d have to guess how it was covered up probably a combination of impact and environmental mechanisms involved, it was exciting removing the first inch and finding it had not moved.
  5. The 6000 coaxed another meteorite out of Gold Basin, this is the largest I’ve found and reminds me of a chocolate brownie. It was baked and left at the edge of a shrub the two pieces that fit like a puzzle to the meteoritic brownie found near by. this was an aluminum can loud signal a 1” boot scrape made it even louder, a couple quick scrapes with my pick pulled a dense heavy rock out from about 4 inches down.
  6. Lol, as long as it’s one of these... trust me, I’m still learning and I’ve a large pile of rocks to prove it, ha ha.
  7. Yep, put the 6000’s coil over one of these babies and your gonna hear it!
  8. Thinking about your question a little more I wonder if the effect of the geo sense really only makes it appear to the user that the detector is not reacting to ground balancing because the geo sense software is compensating for the GB being off by adjusting gain and other settings maintaining relatively steady ground noise while in the background ground balancing is directly affecting performance?
  9. Never thought about a nugget nft, lol… and why not. Now I just need a camera and somebody famous to promote the images, hmmm… Hay Steve there’s this thing; https://cryptoarticles.com/gold-nugget-nft/
  10. Yes, I believe the geo sense is part of the magic optimizing the settings in all modes?
  11. I ground balance religiously at start up and occasionally while detecting and don’t notice much if any difference, I kind of assume the auto ground balance is simply very fast and the 6000 acquires a ground balance immediately on start up or is something else going on?
  12. I have been pretty consistent finding a few meteorites hunting the gold basin placers lately, nice finding something in between finding a nugget. I’m averaging at least a tiny piece of gold maybe about 75% of the time most of these have been shallow 3” down or less and ring strong out on the 6000 like a large caliber bullet on the surface, they are a great motivator to dig all the trash sounding targets because they sound just the same.
  13. The stock 14” 7000 coil was the easiest to pinpoint, the nugget finder z search is not bad and as mentioned on small targets the edge sensitivity on the 6000 coils is not the best on small targets. I do the same thing basically taking it a step farther sometimes if the signal is sounding really sweet or if I think it’s deeper. Coming off 90* swings I let the edge of the coil trace a line in the dirt just as the signal disappears, on shallow targets just two lines with the target in one of the corners and on deeper sounding signals I’ll go all the way around drawing a box in the dirt with the sweet spot in the center. After the target is out of the hole I use the Deus wiggle pulling the coil back slowly side to side until the signal disappears, the target is usually one or two passes away from my scoop. If the ground is to hard for the coil edge to make a mark I’ll use my boot or digging tool to draw a line instead, sometimes this saves time it just depends if I’m in the mood.
  14. this is the link I used and fit is done by actually measuring your noggin with a piece of string or flexible sewing measuring tape. I used string and a carpenters tape and I measured just into the large size the fit was just right. https://www.etsy.com/shop/InsideOutSafety?campaign_label=proteus_transaction_guest_buyer_notification_q4_treatment_v2&utm_source=transactional&utm_campaign=proteus_transaction_guest_buyer_notification_q4_treatment_v2_010170_688909163015_0_0&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&email_sent=1634900871&euid=VjMtCyQavk3gUohBTfL6xc67JXdm&eaid=390637348272&x_eaid=0faa6437aa
  15. My Newcastle hat arrived and I couldn’t be happier, what a great fitting comfortable nice looking well made cover for me head and the 6000’s headphones fit perfectly…makes me look a little like a copper vase, or that could just be too many hours in the sun with my old ball cap, lol.
  16. Any 12v charger that is the same amperage or greater with the same connector and polarity will work just fine, I’m using and old Netgear router one got my second 6000 battery it works just like the Minelab charger.
  17. I want one!!! A little pricy, but this would go pretty good with the 6000!!!
  18. These are available gold backs or foil notes and fractional Valcombie bars, the gold notes are some type of polymer with actual measured amounts of gold deposited onto them and the silver and gold bars are made to break off smaller individually marked pieces.
  19. I’m in line at chic filet in Vegas and to the southwest about an hour ago a very bright fireball appears in the sky and disappears behind the mountains landing I’d guess somewhere in the California Desert, no dark flight so pretty far off so must have had some size to it. South west of Vegas someplace in the desert if you find any other reports.
  20. This won’t be much help answering about charging with your vehicle, I use a Honda generator to charge out in the field. The 6000 batteries take forever to charge and if you have two batteries as I would assume most will eventually have, well be prepared to wait. I did a little digging into my electronics parts box and found an old netgear power supply that was 12v and this ones output was 3.5 amps (the factory one is 1.0amp the battery will only use what is needed) with both the plugs size and polarity matching the factory 6000 battery charger. Doing a little research the important points are that the voltage matches, the plug is the same size and type, the polarity +/- are the same and that the output amps are equal to or greater than the original power supply/charger, more amps is fine as long as the voltage is the same. Using the old netgear power supply to charge my second battery works exactly like the one supplied with the 6000 and takes the same time with no issues.
  21. Chuck, that is pretty much my exact experience with the 17” coil, I couldn’t believe how stable it was and then it got touchy. I wonder if something in the windings has come loose allowing some movement? I was planning to do some coil comparison at the training we can switch coils around and see what happens. ’
  22. I don’t know yet if it’s a problem or not my 17” coil is very touch sensitive pressing it to the ground and also bump sensitive sets it off sounding loudly, it operates very well other than that. I’ve tried different ways wrapping the cable around the 6000’s shaft playing with the loop, also using 3 Velcro ties around and along the detectors shaft but have yet to find a way to quiet it down consistently, sometimes…rarely it doesn’t sound off. Forget shoving it into bushes between the coil false and cable snagging branches it challenges hearing targets. I think my 6000 works like it should but like you said “who knows” mine finds really tiny stuff but again like you said other than that how can you tell really if your detector is actually putting out it’s rated HP, what’s the bench test?
  23. I ran the 6000 first for a while with the SP01 mostly because I prefer hunting with ear buds and I’ve always liked the sound output with using the SP01. It livens and amplifies while filtering as it is designed to do, the downside I think the 6000 was more difficult to settle down causing the chatter to mask faint signals I think. While a slight difference that and the simplicity and really excellent wireless headphones supplied with the 6000 after trying them I haven’t looked back. in the picture is how my setup is with the SP01
  24. I was using a aptx ll receiver with Bose ear buds but have switch to the minelab wireless for their superior sound quality I think mostly due to the 6000 running smoother.
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