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  1. Thanks everyone for the likes and comments, I stuck it out for one more small piece and called it quits waiting for the extreme heat to pass. Have you noticed pinpointing the sweet spot is an inch or two inside the coil, the effective detecting diameter seems a bit smaller than the 12” the coil is specified at? It’s the worst when the target is really tiny chasing it around with the scoop trying to use the front edge of the coil, I notice if I scoop an inch or two (under) ahead of where the signal ends backing the coil up I’m closer finding the target.
  2. It was almost to hot out to detect in Arizona, Meadview was listed at 106 and it felt every bit of that and more swinging the 7000 out at Gold Basin working my way down a breezeless wash in the scorching hot sun. It was hot but tolerable at sunrise by 10AM I was keenly aware the potential for heat stroke. constantly sipping from the camel back I was feeling dehydrated, at 11AM I was getting a headache and decided to retreat to my air conditioned trailer luckily the new coil had come thru and I had 2 in the poke. After a snack of this tasty little container of tuna in lemon and thyme I’d picked up at the market with crackers a couple bottles of water and an air conditioned nap until 2 PM, I headed out to explore for new ground in my air conditioned Jeep and hunting a few places briefly as much as I could tolerate but despite good looking ground nothing to show for my effort, I was thankful at least everything went without a hitch a flat tire or breakdown would have been brutal. getting back to camp the sun was beginning to set and while hot without the sun beating down doable for another swing with zed, I managed to pick up one more from the location hunted in the morning and a second from a spot on an opposite hill side before giving up. today I ran the full set of ornaments, wm12 into the SP01 with Bose ear buds and the 12” Z Search coil, I ran hot sen 18, vol 14, smoothing off, normal, thresh 26, semi auto gb and I had no difficulty telling targets from hot rocks for the most part and the target signals were clearly targets running with and without the SP01 I much prefer the audio with the SP01 the signals seem tighter and the coil runs a bit smoother. all in all, 4 little nuggets and two meteorites one a tiny tiny iron nickel in a few hours time behind the coil, I’m happy.
  3. I don’t know what to say except sorry for posting the bad advise, I completely missed it only being LL in transmit, truth is I didn’t even imagine they would have advertised this wide range of compatibility and limit the functionality like that? At least it was cheep, except now I’ve got to find a replacement and the peat is out of stock here. I edited the earlier post rather than deleting it as a warning.
  4. Ha, I missed that completely my forum name has lost it’s relevance I need a new AKA, 1515 was the street address of my old art studio I moved shutting everything down in 2019 I should have posted more often I hit the mark to late, but maybe there was something to the timing that day, lol. Still I hope it was the coil. persistence, one of the few variables I can control, sometimes…
  5. Thanks Rob, I’m looking forward to getting out again too see if I can repeat, good luck working that gullie.
  6. I’ve never been in it so bad constant for 15-20 seconds no amount of noise cancel helped at all wee-ooo then 5-10 second brake then you think you had a signal and wham wee-ooo, Wait, target gone, or try and find me… I’d hiked in a mile or more into a remote wash only to give up. On the plus side overcast skies and gale force wind kept temperatures in check. Thanks Chuck, it’s and improvement over the stock 14” I can say without question, lighter for sure and I had no trouble hearing the 6 nuggets so I guess I’m not complaining. I want to say the coil made the difference but probably if I’d put the 14” over the same spots with the same care? I did run the 12” nf coil over and area I’d searched carefully before with the 7000 and only found a few pieces of trash… still trash missed by the 7000. A few more days and hunts with similar results and I’ll say it’s the coil, it did run great flat out hot with; sen-18, vol-20, tresh-26, normal, high yield, no smoothing, no filters, semi auto and even at that the hot rocks were tolerable. it is taking me a little adjustment pinpointing I actually find the stock 14 a little easier most of the time unless I’m fishing around inside a deep hole then I’d give the nod to the 12” coil.
  7. Got out for a hunt today in some of the worst conditions I’ve ever detected in, the wind was howling and the EMI was in machine gun mode so bad until afternoon when the atmosphere finally settled down it was impossible to detect. Then in the late afternoon the sky cleared a bit and my coil found itself over 6 little nuggets all found within an hour inside a 25 yard by 25 yard area, not a virgin patch but a patch!
  8. No, I don’t have any of those detectors to try them out that’s the only reason I tried it on my television, just to see if it paired easy or not. I bought a set of reconditioned Bose IE2 ear buds for $79, both the IE2 and soundsport in wired (both discontinued) are an outer ear design that don’t jam the bud into your ear canal. You have to search Amazon and EBay the asking prices are stupid high. It came off Amazon, it is listed as out of stock now. this is available but 4” longer.
  9. TOTAL BUMMER THIS IS NOT LL IN RECEIVE MODE WILL NOT WORK ON THE 6000 I posted this device I bought off Amazon on another thread, but I mistakenly dinged it for sounding a bit off with the Bose ear buds that was a mistake it is not the fault this little Bluetooth transmitter receiver but using IOS earbuds on an android connection. using a 2 bar 3.5mm plug the sound quality is great. it is tiny and lightweight the battery should have no problem lasting for a full day rated at 24hrs use. It both transmits or receives via a switch, paired easily with my tv is aptx ll Bluetooth 5.0 with a wide range of compatibility.
  10. It was on the warm side so we cut our day short and the nuggets were elusive, the only detecting I managed to get in was making my son dig half a dozen trash targets I was sure were gold and showing my grandson how to use the detector. the heat didn’t faze him a bit he was all about the gold... planting that nugget I think we might have started him on a long path of addiction with no cure in sight, lol. the video is uploading to YouTube it is going kind of slow but in the video there is one excited 6 year old, I’ll post the link when it is done.
  11. The new nf coil only found a skunk today and the only gold found by my son was the tiny nuggy I planted for him to find with his new 2300 so he’d begin to get an idea what to listen for. It was planted alongside the edge of a small bush, I had him fire up his detector and started him swinging on another bush nearby. When he made it to the right bush as expected a little hi lo sounded out and he missed it, I had him go back and he ran the coil over it a couple times and then asked what’s that?, lol. So now he knows, he dug tiny trash no doubt if he’s lucky enough tomorrow when we take the grandson out he’ll find one then? the grandson (6) wants to go find treasure so I’ve got a flat shiny just under a gram we’ll hide for him to find, I think he can probably swing the Deus OK, video to follow.
  12. A little relic from ww2, with an interesting story for Memorial Day weekend.
  13. A thank you to all who serve and have served. Our weekend of bar-b-q in celebration and a hot desert hunt or two.
  14. That’s the one, will be in my hot little hands tomorrow according to the ups tracking number, should be anyway. Then I can send off my 14” and get a patch lead made so I can x-coil away.
  15. I’ve been watching it in action and it’s going to be fun running it now before the 6000 dominates most of my attention. Bring some new life into the 7000 and maybe put a few in the poke before the 6000 swarm of 2021 overwhelms our shores, lol.
  16. Ha, my new 12” z search coil arrives tomorrow so now I guess I don’t care... in fact ship the 6000’s out In a couple months, naaa I don’t really mean that I want everyone happy swinging their new toy, if the past purchases is any indication they will probably arrive later today or tomorrow since I went ahead and got the 12” anyway although I’m just sticking to my original plan.
  17. Well, the cover for my new 6000 is here all the way from Australia it made the trip in a little over a week from when it was ordered. I’d received a notice it was in customs a few days ago and was expecting it to be delayed assuming the backlog must be extensive since the new 6000’s are trapped in limbo? hmmm, couldn’t be the 6000 shipment has been held up a little to give the new nugget finder 12” coil a better chance getting out here in the good ol USA ? A bit of a stretch probably but in all fairness to Nugget Finder and the dealers who have to make orders on projections this could play a little part in the delayed rollout? anyway the double D control box cover is real nice, lightweight and has a neat little zipper pocket on the one side.
  18. Thanks, I will Doc always has stuff that works, 👍.
  19. I ordered 3 sunblock long sleeve shirts off Amazon all just generic brands the two cheaper ones have been delivered they were under $20, I love them. They are cool and lightweight the fabric is soft and breathable perfect for the hot Las Vegas summer heat. On another note the Stingray hat was delivered somehow they wound up charging me $90 not sure how that happened, but no matter because it’s a really nice $10 hat that was sent folded in half scrunched up in a plastic baggie so the brim has a strange bend you can’t correct... needless to say the hats being returned for a refund.
  20. Thanks Steve, good news they are going to sell a lot of 17” coils.
  21. Good point Steve, I think the only reason I’m giving the cover a shot is, I’m in the habit now after dropping the 7000 and poking a hole in the bottom of the case and no other reason really after that one time and 5 1/2 years later never dropped it again. I even took the display cover off the GPZ a while back because it was getting difficult to read the display with the dirty plastic cover. One thing I will do is try trimming a cell phone screen protector to fit the display on the 6000 and change it occasionally just to keep most of the scratches off as long as I can.
  22. I know Steve has already posted a direct link to purchase a 6000 protective cover directly from Australia, I just ordered this one off of eBay that claims to be made down under and sold directly from Double D fulfilled by eBay. If you are looking for said metal detector cover here is the eBay link to the Dbl D cover. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174749279148?hash=item28afde63ac:g:5jQAAOSwi61giRPe
  23. If it’s OK I’ll just add this to the Avantree thread, I doubt their are enough members interested in boosters and filters with the new 6000 to warrant a separate Bluetooth device thread and ear bud users would be better served I think with the built in Avantree earbuds anyway. I've no idea if I’ll even want to use anything other than the supplied ML BT supplied headphones but I’m curious if the SP01 can add anything to what and how my hearing responds to the signals. Not having a 6000 yet I connected the Bluetooth with just the earbuds to my TV the sound was good but a little muddy, adding the SP01 gave from a soft warm filter effect on mode 1 filter 3 to a very crisp tight sound over to setting mode 2 filter 1... Party Rock was tight clean crisp music, almost too much so but nice tight, and sharp retaining a full spectrum. I wonder also if anything can be gained by maxing out the output volume on the 6000 and limiting it to my ear with the sp01 or vice versa with the volume? so this is what I wound up with, the blue tooth, 2” cord (3” would have been better), right angle adaptor 3.5mm to 1/4, Bose ear buds.
  24. The issue I think is we don’t have our new toy yet, as soon as they are in our hot little hands all will be good and we’ll be to busy digging holes to speculate on anything. Going on here, all the banter more post (pre) incident stress debriefing than questioning any advice from anyone of our trusted experts, I can’t think of one single instance when anyone respected here has ever intentionally advocated here based on personal gain or ever acted in any way other that to do their best to help others and to support the activity of metal detecting and none more so that our host here Steve H. We’re just relieving a bit of stress impatiently waiting, hmmm nervously awaiting the new arrival. I know the list I’m on is long, my fingers are crossed the shipment is large enough I get one in the first batch, I put my trust and money in one of our resident experts a regular here and based on the number of preorders a lot of others trust the advice they get here too. Steve, the toughest part of being at the top is how seldom you get told what a great job you are doing, mostly people just are not in a position to evaluate the guy at the top this way and although universally everyone holds none higher than you, it gets unsaid. Trust too in the fact if circumstance ever changed and you were to find yourself the one in need the outpouring here would be widespread and generous. Thank you for all you do.
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