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  1. I have made two searches uphill of the patch nothing so far save for some sweet sounding hot rocks
  2. No Paul , found out where you lost your keys .
  3. Last week i found a small patch of nuggets here in the far south west of Arizona the area was around 100 foot long by around 30 foot wide up on a flat area at the base of a slope above a fairly large wash, total weight of 7.47 grams , they range in size of .10 to 2.25 grams and were found with the 7000 using the nugget finder Zsearch coil . Now i just need to get Condor to run his 6000 over the spot to see if i left anything .
  4. now that would make your day digging that puppy out of the ground
  5. yes sir Gerry i now how much time and effort goes into finding pieces like that ,uncounted hours and miles of walking to match .
  6. man Steve you always have the most interesting time down south of the boarder
  7. good on you , mid to high 70s here in northern wyoming no nugget hunting but getting a lot of ditch repair work done .
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