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  1. Well done and good on Rob ,glad hear someone is using the 7k as that is what i will be using when i head south, just have not made up my mind about a 6k yet .
  2. well done on all of it as for crystals i like that one draw out there where there are thousands of limonite cubes
  3. Well done Rick swinging in adverse weather is always a chore .
  4. I had to pepper spray a mama moose a few years back while releasing water at our reservoir she got within 10 feet of me.
  5. yes sir i don't mind the cold so much but the wind is brutal so that is why i head south to sunny yuma come january
  6. steve i thought that is what you bought the toy hauler for
  7. maybe you will have a full arsenal of coils with you in sunny yuma this winter ?
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