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  1. Some gold hunters found this one. Makes a day trip worthwhile. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-18/qld-gold-fossickers-sell-meteorite-to-geoscience-australia/100015142
  2. I started off in the late '70s with Whites detectors and they would be as good as any modern detector for finding coins and rings. I even found very deep gold nuggets with a Whites 6DB, but the nuggets were plentiful in those days. I would still have that machine but it died on me. I didn't really start finding nuggets in mineralized ground until I got a PI machine. Then I found hundreds. I had a GoldBug 2 which was brilliant for small stuff on or close to the surface. Because it was high frequency it had no depth as such. I sold it as I got sick of digging tiny stuff and a mate wanted it. It sounds like you are primarily a coin hunter so as Jim suggests, go with the 800, You can find a lot of gold (rings, bracelets, chains etc) on the beaches too. Probably easier to find gold there than in the hills. Good luck to you and your wife Walt. Have fun.
  3. It appears to be pretty sensitive. Ideal for beaches. Good luck with it.
  4. LOL I see you are a comedian as well as a hopeful prospector. :) That 1800 is the Australian phone number for Minelab. If I lose my keys in the bush, then that member number identifies me so they can be returned. Not sure if they still have them anymore. I haven't been detecting for a while as I have chronic back problems that I hope can be resolved eventually and I have my eyes on a 6000 and a 7000. Other farm is up for sale so when that happens all heck will break loose on the goldfields. I previously owned a Extreme, a 3000 and a 4000. Wouldn't go past Minelab. Don't spill coffee on your T Shirt....
  5. Next thing he will want one of these. I've had it for many years now.
  6. Well I have been lucky enough to detect in several states in Australia and also the South Island in New Zealand. I have done quite well in all places but research is a must. Australia is very flat country mostly and New Zealand very hilly/mountainous but very little bush or rubbish to deal with. Luckily I used to live on a gold bearing property in NZ so I knew exactly where the gold areas were. Still a lot of gold to be found. I have goldfields about an hour from where I live now but some of the better ones can be an 8 - 10 hour drive so not just a weekend drive.
  7. LOL Interesting. I can now tell him Arkansas is full of flysh*t gold! Reason I asked was he was looking for a hobby and I suggested a metal detector. Maybe he should look at coin hunting.
  8. I have a friend in Shirley, Arkansas that says there is no gold over there. Anyone know different?
  9. Reminds me. I had a Minelab cap once. My wife took it and wore it sometimes but I haven't a clue where it is now. She has a drawer full of caps. Maybe it's in there. I might buy a new one if I ever get back to it...
  10. Several times I have found sunbakers. While swinging the coil I have spotted several nuggets lying on the surface before the coil reaches them. It's great to see them and then swing the coil over them and hear that lovely beep. Western Australia was the best place for finding sunbakers.
  11. I started detecting in the late 70s. I had a Whites 5000D and then a Whites 6DB that I found first gold with. Then went to Garrett. Big mistake I did find gold but not as much as with the Whites. I have had Fishers, and many more but nothing compared to when I got my GP Extreme. I found gold left right and centre. It was finickity and noisy but it worked. I sent it for stability repairs once and then traded on a 3000 and later on a 4000. Lovely machines in their time. Sadly my back has let me down and after a couple of ops I'm not sure I will be able to hunt again. Sold my machines but I have a couple of cheapies still. Another possible op coming up so I will see how that pans out. I have some good spots I want to go over with a 7000 as I know there is deeper gold there. I found some nice ones. Hope nobody finds my spots meantime LOL This lighter new 6000 has perked my interest. Maybe just what I need.
  12. Ah Kiwi JW, that ground looks so familiar to me LOL. That schist rock brings back so many memories. Maybe one day in the future (if there is a future) we can at last have a trip together.
  13. Bricks are not soil, let alone anything like mineralized aussie soil. Only 1 post. Are you a salesman? Those videos prove nothing, in fact I just found them inconclusive and the beeping annoying.
  14. I have a 1890 (approx) Bayonet I found buried in the bush along with a few other items. It took me ages to clean it up but fortunately the blade was in great condition due to it being in a sheath. From memory when I researched it, it is Polish. Amazing condition considering where it was buried. It is beyond me how they could restore that old dagger to such great condition.
  15. Is there supposed to be more? I get a few seconds of someone paddling a canoe?
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